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The mystery bullet is the clue Lena needs, and at L-Corp, she rifles through a confidential R&D packet on a dissolving bullet prototype made at Thundercorp Labs. When she arrives there, Lillian Luthor’s waiting to congratulate her daughter on following the breadcrumbs. Lillian’s back,  y’all!

Lillian’s there because “that man has picked on the wrong family.” Lena tells her that she’ll handle it herself, but Lillian believes Lena’s unwillingness to own her cunning mind is stopping her from greatness. “Why would you want to be Cat Grant when you could be Lena Luthor?” She’s…she’s got a point, honestly.

Lena says she’s actually pretty great already, although she’d never act on her murderous instincts, so Lillian offers to prove her love by killing Edge that night. Lena says okay, but scopes out the equipment her mother has assembled.

Then Lena returns to CatCo to confess to Kara that she did try to kill Edge after the lead poisoning incident, but he outsmarted her. Lillian’s return has encouraged her to stop repressing her strategic mind and, with a little help from Kara, she’ll keep Lillian from killing Edge. Then she sees Edge on TV at the National City Gala being handed an admission badge that matches the ones her mother had at the warehouse

At the gala, Kara uses her “professional craftiness” to allow Lena to sneak in. (“Professional craftiness” in this case means waiting until Lena’s inside before slugging the security guard who was just doing his job, KARA.)

Lena corners Edge and tells him about her mother’s plans. He’s flattered that the world’s most wanted terrorist came out of hiding to kill him, and Lena warns him that the only way he’ll survive the night is if she gets his recorded confession.

She brandishes a mini-recorder as a drone drops out of the sky to draw a bead on the target Lillian slipped into his badge. Edge, ever the Boy Scout, uses one of his security guards as a human shield when the drones start firing, then gets knocked off his feet by Kara’s super breath when he tries to run. Panicked now, he blurts his confession about the poisoning and attempted murder into Lena’s recorder.

And then Lillian dramatically ups the awesome by donning a Lexosuit. (Think Iron Man, but green and cuter.) Suddenly, Supergirl is there, joined by Mon-El and Guardian. Guardian and Lena whale on Edge while the aliens take on Lillian.

Supergirl and Mon-El make a fab team, with Supergirl engaging Lillian while Mon-El, with a big assist from Winn, takes control of a drone, ultimately blasting the Lexosuit off of Lillian.

In the end, Edge is hauled away in cuffs spitting threats at Lena, who coolly says, “You know where to find me. My name’s on the building.” YESSSS, I LOVE SWAGGERING BOSS-LADY LENA! Lena then tells Kara that she’s not a killer because of her friends, breaks the news to Kara that Mon-El is back, and tells James that he missed all the fun. Poor Lena! All of your friends are secret-keepers.

Then she says goodbye to Lillian, who’s strapped to a stretcher and under arrest. Lena announces that she can embrace the Luthor parts of herself without resorting to evil, which is good because her mother’s reappearance has jump-started her dormant ambitions, and she’ll need her strategic mind to accomplish everything she wants to do. As she’s wheeled away, Lillian hints that she’ll be escaping from prison really soon, which I would certainly welcome.

And the episode ends with progress on the Worldkiller front. Winn’s been tracking meteor impact sites following the destruction of Krypton, thinking that the Worldkiller pods may have landed then, too. In cross-referencing the sites with news reports, he discovered four possible candidates who survived catastrophes that should’ve killed them.

Kara’s able to pick one out of the lineup thanks to a dream she had of Reign and two other Worldkillers flying across a burning landscape. Julia Freeman, the woman we saw survive being pinned by a car last week, is their target, and Kara’s plan is simple: “We go get her.”

Snaps of the cape

  • Winn’s pleased that his heat-signature tracking programing allows him to know where Superman is at all times, but, like, where is he?? There’s a rogue Krypton-adjacent villain on the loose who put Supergirl in a coma! Make an excuse for why Superman isn’t lending a hand at the DEO, or at least picking up the phone to say, “Sorry, never heard of any Worldkillers.” Sorry to keep harping on this, but it bothers me!
  • Yes, yes, Superman killed Zod in The Movie That Shall Not Be Named, but does Supergirl really expect us to believe that the nerdy, sunny Tyler Hoechlin version of the Man of Steel did that deed?
  • Apparently, Mon-El and Brainy used a similar attack drone approach in a fight against Computo, who is exactly as goofily delightful as you’d imagine.
  • Did you squeal at the return of Lillian Luthor and her twisted maternal affections this week? And are you all in for watching Lena exercise her newly renewed ambitions? Let me know in the comments!
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