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How satisfying is it to watch Lena embrace her Luthorness without sacrificing her humanity? About as satisfying as watching Morgan Edge snivel right up to the end. Let’s recap.

First to L-Corp, where we’re reminded of Alex’s science background as she runs an MRI on Sam, looking for possible culprits for her memory loss. Alex’s bedside manner is soothing yet encouraging as she assures Sam that they’ll figure it out.

The scans yield nothing unusual, so Alex draws blood to send to a specialist. The needle, which I assume is just a run-of-the-mill medical instrument, punctures Sam’s skin just fine. At first this seems like another way Worldkillers are different than Kryptonians, along with not needing Earth’s yellow sun and being immune to Kryptonite. But Sam shrugged off the bullets in the season premiere, so does her impenetrable skin only kick in when she’s Reign or when her body goes into instinctive protective mode? And could Worldkillers be Kryptonian genetic hybrids, as the DEO hypothesizes?

No answers tonight, but Alex does convince Sam to come clean with Lena and Kara, to whom she’s been lying about her missing time. Making herself vulnerable to others is tough for her because she’s been handling her own business since she was 16, but with Alex’s gentle reminder about how important friends are, Sam finally comes clean.

Kara and Lena are warm and supportive, although Sam still frets about what will happen if she’s not around to protect Ruby. (Foreshadowing, perhaps?) Kara assures her that they’re all her family, and Odette Annable reminds all of us that she’s the best dainty crier around. Still, at the end of the episode, Sam’s tests come back clean for tumors and blood disorders, leaving her with no idea of what’s wrong with her.

Now, to the A-plot, where Lena’s chance encounter with Morgan Edge quickly escalates to the usual unpleasantness, with Lena accusing him of being terrified of powerful women and Edge replying that she’s just a wannabe Cat Grant.

After verbally abusing the valet, Edge hops in his car and speeds off, but its brakes cut out and it autopilots itself straight toward the water. He’s able to vault into the backseat and escape through the trunk moments before it crashes through the railing and explodes in a hail of mediocre CGI.

The next thing you know, a distraught Edge bursts into the CatCo newsroom to accuse Lena of attempting to kill him via car hack, then slams out. James calls down to security to chide them for letting Edge in, but why would they wave an obviously distressed, injured business mogul on through in the first place? Truly, I’ve seen tougher security at county fair beer tents.

Anyway, Kara reports that the NCPD found no evidence of tampering, which means it was a sophisticated hack. Lena says that she wants to stop the cycle of threats and attacks before it ruins her life the way it ruined her mother’s and brother’s. Then assistant Eve enters with Lena’s coffee, and the first sip drops her to the ground, frothing at the mouth.

James races to the coffee cart and pursues the poisoner, who inexplicably hung around the scene of the crime long after selling Eve the coffee. But when James catches him, a mystery bullet drops the poisoner before he can answer any questions.

That night, Guardian suits up to dangle Edge from the top of a parking garage and threaten his life if anything happens to Lena. Edge denies trying to poison her, although he’s bummed that she didn’t die. Guardian tosses Edge into the windshield of a nearby car and departs.

Meanwhile, Kara flies an unconscious Lena to the DEO, where Alex jumps into action, detects the scent of almonds, and diagnoses cyanide poisoning. I’m a little foggy about the precise medical details, but Kara’s freeze breath cools Lena down and saves her life.

On the DEO balcony, which is quickly becoming the site of my favorite conversations this season, J’onn congratulates Kara on her quick action to save Lena, even at the risk of her secret identity. But Kara beats herself up over not being proactive in tracking down the other Worldkillers. J’onn assures her that she needs to be there for her friends, and in a world of civilians and lawmakers acting, reacting, and escalating bad behaviors — reminiscent of Mars before the Civil War, he says — Supergirl is a beacon for humanity, the calm in the storm. It may be cheesy, but I’m always here for characters reminding Kara of what Supergirl means to the world.

At J’onn’s suggestion, Kara returns Lena to CatCo so she won’t come to in a super-secret government facility. Lena wakes up and shares the strange dream she had about flying while Kara carried her. “Like Supergirl? I wish!” Kara scoffs. Aww, bless!

James and Kara tell Lena that Edge hired the poisoner, who’s since been killed by an untraceable bullet manufactured with some kind of future tech. But they don’t have any actual evidence of Edge’s involvement, so their assurances feel a wee bit rushed and sloppy. (Next page: Those lady Luthors are lionesses)

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