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January 22, 2018 at 11:19 PM EST


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We gave it an A-

Women front and center. Supergirl’s true strengths on display. A sacrifice and a little old-fashioned Winn-genuity.

Yep, this episode was hotter than a blue star.

The DEO have located the Kryptonian priestess that Coville mentioned last week: Jindah Kol Rozz, for whom Fort Rozz was named. But remember, Kara threw Fort Rozz into space, and it now orbits a blue star.

This presents two problems. First, without a yellow sun, Kara will be powerless. And second, thanks to science reasons, blue stars are lethal to anyone with a Y chromosome. Since Rozz houses the worst of the worst, Imra immediately volunteers to accompany Kara to seek out Jindah, but they need more firepower.

So we cut to a diner where the world’s worst waitress is alternately insulting and ignoring customers. It’s Leslie Willis, a.k.a. Livewire! Kara’s been keeping tabs on her and guesses that Livewire only went straight after Reign started killing criminals.

Livewire says some of those criminals were her friends, and they didn’t deserve to die. Kara reluctantly requests her help, saying she needs someone she knows to have her back while she’s powerless. Livewire laughs but eventually agrees to help stop Reign.

But Kara’s not done recruiting, and the next thing you know, Psi’s being escorted into the DEO in chains. J’onn’s not thrilled to have her out of her cell, but Kara argues it’s a risk they need to take. Plus, Kara will control the key to the psychic dampener Psi wears.

Mon-El nervously gives Imra last-minute spaceship-flying instructions (which she doesn’t need, thank you very much) and the women slow-mo power walk on out of there. YESSS, SUPERGIRL, THANK YOU FOR THIS LINEUP OF STRONG, COMPLEX WOMEN!

Psi and Livewire toss insults back and forth on the flight (“illiterate mean girl,” “Regina George”) and before you know it, they’re roughly docking at Kryptonian Alcatraz.

Kara unlocks Psi and takes a deep breath as she approaches the door, which Imra telepathically opens. The body of a male alien greets them when they enter the mostly abandoned prison, and Livewire sniffs, “The lesser sex.”

Back on Earth, Alex agrees to step in when Ruby’s babysitter bails just before Sam’s headed out of town for work. But as she’s preparing to leave, whispers drive her to her Fortress, where she blames her tardiness on the strength of the human inside of her.

Her dark guide informs Reign that Supergirl’s entered Fort Rozz. This is a problem because Jindah knows all about Reign’s mission, which means Supergirl could learn enough to thwart them. Reign boards her spaceship and makes for the blue star.

Livewire describes Fort Rozz as the Mall of America: You can wander around for days and not find a thing. Then a ferocious woman drops from the ceiling and attacks Supergirl for bearing the mark of the House of El. All of the women leap into the fight, and Psi gets knocked in the head. When Imra helps her up, Psi hits her with telepathic mojo, sending Imra reeling.

Psi claims it was an accident, and unsure whether that’s the case or they simply can’t trust her, Kara puts the psychic dampener back on. Then they question their prisoner, who warns against trying to find Jindah; apparently the last inmate who tried it died screaming.

Then the prison shakes, and a garbled message comes through from the DEO. Thankfully, Imra’s fluent in garbled space transmissions and announces that thanks to a solar flare, they’ve been knocked out of orbit, the docking port’s jammed, and they have an hour before they’re incinerated on the surface of the blue star.

Kara decides to make the most of the 60 minutes they have left, leaving Psi (and Psi’s inhibitor key) with Imra, who’s trying to unjam the mechanics, while she and Livewire seek out Jindah.

Livewire engages in awkward chitchat with Kara as they walk the empty halls and is amused by the Real Housewives-level drama between Kara, Imra, and Mon-El. She’s also shocked that Kara doesn’t plan to kill Reign and calls her a sucker for hoping to appeal to Reign’s better nature. “I got through to you,” Kara points out. Livewire’s unconvinced, arguing that somebody as evil as Reign deserves to die.

Then they walk into an ominous cold fog where some creepy henchwomen lurk. The henchwomen end up sucked into space alongside Livewire, who zaps herself back onto the ship to find Kara gone.

Okay, over to Alex and Ruby, who are playing Trivial Pursuit and anticipating tater tot casserole (WHO WOULDN’T??) when Alex gets an out-of-the-blue text from Maggie wondering if she left her passport there.

Ruby, who looks up to Alex as one of the toughest people she knows, offers a sympathetic ear as Alex explains that she’s still horribly sad about the breakup and the loss of the future she’d planned. Ruby takes her hand and admits that she’s being cyberbullied by a classmate.

Energized by a battle she can fight, Alex rolls up to the classmate’s front door, flashes her credentials, and says the FBI has been monitoring her digital communications. She says the mean girl’s violated a number of federal statutes and threatens her with juvie — or worse, talking to her parents. The bully’s petrified and readily agrees to apologize to Ruby lest the full weight of the federal government crash down upon her. HA! I’m not sure how ethical this is, but you know what? It’s deeply satisfying.  (Next: Livewire flames out)

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