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The DEO decide to lure Reign to them with a bank robbery, but she fights off their attempts to subdue her with Kryptonite, escaping and snapping Alex’s tibia in the process. Alex suggests that they concentrate the Kryptonite and inject it into her jugular next time, if they can find somebody strong enough to do it. Unfortunately, their best bet is still asleep.

In Kara’s mind palace, she wonders if there’s something among her belongings that her subconscious wants her to see, which Brainy thinks is worth pursuing. She finds a photo of her cat Streaky, who suddenly appears on a chair. Kara settles him onto her lap, explaining that she found him right after she came to Earth. He was a stray, too, and she was scared to touch him for fear of hurting him with her strength. So she practiced being gentle, and then one day she petted him and he purred, and it helped her feel like a human. Supercat for the win!

Also winning the day is Imra, who reminds Mon-El that, like Tommy and Gina, “You live for that fight when it’s all that you’ve got.” Their job is to help people, and these people need help. So when the DEO learns that Reign’s tearing through the prison, they strap on their super-suits and Legion flight rings.

As Reign stalks through the prison, she overhears Coville praying to Rao, and he quickly offers to serve her. Then “Living on a Prayer” kicks in as the Legion ship rises from the water with Brainiac 5 at the helm, while Mon-El and Imra face Reign down in the prison yard. (To the person choosing music for Supergirl this season: Marry me.)

Their Legion flight rings glow red, and Mon-El and Imra take to the sky while Brainy opens fire on Reign.

In Kara’s mind palace, she realizes Brainy’s multitasking, talking to her and engaging in a battle. “A little tiny baby battle,” he assures her. He juggles oranges and works a crossword to show just how capable he is, but when he shouts, “Mon-El, evade!” Kara’s had enough and tells him to focus on the fight.

Before he leaves, he reminds her that Kara Danvers is Alex’s favorite person. Kara pensively picks up her glasses, which she hasn’t worn all episode, and spots a key on the table, which finally opens the apartment door. She wakes up in the real world and immediately rushes into battle. (Also, was she wearing her super-suit the whole time she was asleep? If I’m beaten into a coma by a rogue Kryptonian, please put me in something with an elastic waist.)

At the prison, Imra whips free weights at Reign and creates a protective shell around Mon-El when Reign turns her freeze breath on him. She’s fantastic in battle, in other words. Then Kara shows up and jams the Kryptonite needle into Reign’s neck, making herself vulnerable in order to stop her enemy.

Back at the DEO, Mon-El chases Kara down to tell her that he still cares about her, and they agree it was great fighting together again. Seriously, these private declarations have got to make it harder for all three of them to work together, no? Afterward, Kara’s excited to meet Brainy in the real world. “Hey, it’s you! Are you shorter?”

Yep, he augmented his height in her mind palace to make himself seem more stable and trustworthy. You know, the images of Brainiac 5 that made their way around the internet leading up to this episode looked a little…goofy. This worried me because Brainiac 5 is Supergirl’s main love interest in the comics, and I’m shallow. But so far, I’m digging his whole chatty, calm, confident demeanor so much that I can overlook his purple contour streaks.

At CatCo, Lena tells James that she’s used to people reflexively hating her because of her family name. He’s pleased that she figured out that he’s not one of them, and they kiss some more.

At Kara’s real apartment, she signs Alex’s cast (Brainy signed in binary), and they laugh over J’onn talking with Lena about kissing James. Then Kara tells Alex that she had to remember who she was in order to wake up, which made her think differently about the whole Mon-El situation. It still hurts, but “I’ll be stronger for it, whatever happens.” They toast to avoiding comas in the future.

Finally, Reign’s in her Fortress, waiting for the Kryptonite to wear off. When it does, her dark guide announces that there are others like Reign, and now that she’s proven herself, Coville, freshly sprung from prison and hanging out in the Fortress, can help her find them. “Stronger together,” Coville says, translating the words that Reign’s dark mentor hisses.

Snaps of the cape

  • What an excellent episode for fans of the comic! You’ve got the introduction of Brainiac 5, a Streaky cameo, a mention of the Blight, and, of course, that hero shot of the Legion flight rings. Gotta say, though, Mon-El’s Legion costume has sleeves puffy enough to bring a happy tear to Anne Shirley’s eye.
  • I’m glad we got a better sense of Imra this week. Not only did she encourage Mon-El to join the fight, but she displayed some impressive telepathic abilities. If Supergirl’s smart, they’ll keep developing her so she’s less third-leg-of-the-love-triangle and more super-awesome Saturn Girl.
  • Okay, where’s Superman? Did I miss an explanation for why he’s not helping out? Because once you introduce Clark Kent to the show, it makes zero sense that he wouldn’t be in National City to neutralize this rogue Kryptonian, particularly with Kara out of commission. Sure, in-show plot reasons, real-world budget reasons, blah blah blah. But somebody needs to drop a line about Superman being in the Phantom Zone or something to close this plot hole.
  • Would you recognize a photo of yourself in supervillain getup on the front page? Let me know in the comments!
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