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Is Lena's ex a murderer?


S2 E18
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April 24, 2017 at 11:01 PM EDT

After three weeks away, Supergirl is back — and with a Lena Luthor-centric episode to boot, which is always enjoyable. Directed by visual effects supervisor Armen V. Kevorkian, “Ace Reporter” focuses on Kara’s journalism side as she pursues a story involving Lena Luthor’s ex-boyfriend Jack Spheer (iZombie‘s Rahul Kohli), a scientist who may or may not be killing people. Shall we dive in?

When the episode opens, we find out that Kara is very bored and is no longer enjoying her funemployment. Thankfully, her bestie Lena shows up and lures her away from grief baking with an invitation to a press conference hosted by her ex-boyfriend, who is set to unveil some breakthrough technology. Kara, who is clearly not concerned by Lena’s inconsistent accent, agrees to accompany her.

When they arrive at the conference, Kara runs into Snapper and exchanges some barbs with him. Both of them are still bitter about the whole Cadmus blog post thing. Eventually, Jack takes the stage and presents his new product: bee-like nanobots that have the ability to heal wounds and cure diseases. Lena is thoroughly impressed because this is the project she and Jack were working on before she left Metropolis for National City. After the press conference, Lena reconnects with Jack, who clearly still has feelings for her, too, while a nervous bespectacled gentleman approaches Kara and asks her to meet him later because he has information on Jack Spheer to share with her.

That night, Kara meets with her source, who reveals that he used to work for Jack and knows that the company faked its human trial results because it knows the technology isn’t safe yet. The meeting is cut short when a swarm of nanobots attack the car, causing it to explode. The source dies in the blast. For the record: The promo definitely lied, because Lena doesn’t see Kara survive the fire and doesn’t find out she’s Supergirl.

In the wake of her source’s murder, Kara digs even deeper into investigating Jack’s new technology and decides to follow Snapper, who is also meeting with a source who has some dirt on the technology. The source, who was supposed to be a subject in the human trials, claims that there weren’t any trials. Thank god she decided to follow him, because the nanotechnology swarm attacks Snapper and his source, too. Supergirl is able to save Snapper, but the source dies in the process in a very cool VFX moment, which shouldn’t be surprising given who directed the episode.

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