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Guys, the Supergirl/The Flash crossover was fantastic! I loved the episode so much. If I could write this recap in all caps with the occasional gif, I would, but alas I can’t. It wasn’t a surprise that The Flash/Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) blended seamlessly with the CBS superhero show. Supergirl and The Flash are very similar in tone; they’re incredibly earnest, and, that shone through in “World’s Finest,” a fast-paced episode that was overflowing with heart and hilarious one-liners.

However, before we get to The Flash’s characteristically speedy arrival, there’s a bit of plot stuff we have to go through. So, let’s get right to it.

“Worlds Finest” picks up where we left off last week. After Siobhan survived her fall, Winn takes her to the DEO to find out what’s wrong with her. Unfortunately, the DEO is unable to find any answers, except for the fact that she’s definitely human and not an alien. This lack of answers leaves Siobhan very frustrated and scared, but Winn’s there to let her know she isn’t alone. As she’s about to leave the DEO, she hears this high-pitched sound that puts her into a brief trance. Before leaving, she passes by Livewire’s cell, and hears Livewire being the worst.

At the office, Kara receives some love advice from Cat Grant. Borrowing from an essay she wrote called “The Lighthouse Technique: Shine Your Light and Let Him Come To You and Before You Know It He Will Be Docked in Your Port,” Cat tells Kara that she needs to stop trying so hard to get James’ attention and to instead make him come to her by making him jealous. “Try less, shine more,” she says. There’s something in Cat’s advice that may be more applicable to Kara’s other life. In the past few days, Kara has been trying very hard to win back the people of National City, going as far as helping a family assemble IKEA furniture.

Unfortunately, Siobhan shows up after hearing that high-pitched noise and disturbs the peace at the Cat Co office. Before Kara has a chance to call security, Siobhan unleashes her bitterness with a high-pitched scream that sends Kara flying out of the window. Don’t worry about Kara’s secret identity. A bright red streak comes shooting out of a hole in the air and saves Kara before it’s revealed she’s Supergirl. The Flash definitely knows how to make an entrance.

The Flash, who has been training to increase his speed, accidentally carries Kara way out of town and into the desert. In their first meeting, Kara quickly lets The Flash know she doesn’t need saving and flies off, dropping her clothes on his head in the process. “That’s a new one,” says the Flash. “I thought I was the impossible.” Supergirl is similarly impressed and intrigued by his powers. And, they’re natural instinct isn’t to fight, but to figure out what’s going on. When it’s clear she doesn’t know who the Flash or Green Arrow or Black Canary is, Barry realizes he accidentally traveled to another Earth and now he needs help getting back to his Earth.

Gustin and Melissa Benoist have so much chemistry together —which is apparent instantly. Both the actors and character have this shared joy that’s infectious and hard to resist. She’s excited to meet another superhero, and he’s enthusiastic about her being alien. (Too bad, J’onn J’onzz isn’t around, because Barry would’ve lost his mind.)

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While Barry and Winn hit it off really quickly over their shared geekiness, James remains aloof because he picks up on Barry and Kara’s chemistry (read: he’s jealous). And, he does a very bad job of hiding it. Everyone, including Winn, Cat Grant, and Lucy, notice how much jealous he is.

Meanwhile, Siobhan pays her witchy aunt a visit and finds out her screaming powers come from a curse a banshee placed on her family before they left Ireland many years ago. It manifests itself when someone wrongs a Smythe woman, and the only way to remove it is to murder that person. So Siobhan decides to step to the bad side and free Livewire, who can help her take out Supergirl, so that Siobhan can take out Kara herself… or so she thinks. Livewire agrees to team-up with Silver Banshee “like an evil Taylor Swift squad.”

When news of Livewire’s escape breaks, Kara tells Barry she’ll need his help stopping Livewire. So, Barry agrees and works with Winn to track her down while James watches and marinades in his jealousy. The Flash is eventually able to find her. Supergirl — eager to save the day and prove herself again — decides they should just rush into the fight without a plan. No surprise this is a bad idea; they almost get defeated when they’re surprised by Silver Banshee, a.k.a. Siobhan in skull make-up and an outfit that kind of makes her look like an extra in Michael Jackson’s “Ghost.” But thanks to some freeze breath and Flash arms, they’re able flee before the bad guys win.

What makes this crossover work so well is that the Flash and Supergirl are two people who love being superheroes, and that’s what brings them together. It’s the antithesis of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (where it’s less about being a superhero and more about punching people and brooding). I’m glad that the show found other ways to create conflict and bring emotional weight to the episode apart from having them fight. Both Kara and Barry love saving people, so Barry is able to be there for Kara when she needs someone to talk to about how she’s struggling to win back the city’s trust after her Red Kryptonite rampage. Barry’s been in her place before (see the first Flash/Arrow crossover) and tells her that she can’t force it. It takes time to win back their trust. In other words, “Try less, shine more.”

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That lesson also primes us for the episode’s final battle between the Flash and Supergirl and Livewire and Silver Banshee, which ends up being about what happens when humanity comes into contact with the extraordinary. Livewire and Silver Banshee kidnap Cat Grant, so The Flash and Supergirl back head out to fight them, except this time they’re prepared with ear pieces to protect them from Banshee’s scream. Midway through the fight, Livewire attacks a helicopter because she hates helicopters, and Supergirl flies in front and takes the brunt of the blast, which leaves her very weak. The people in the park see this and are inspired to stand-up for her when Livewire tries to kill her. They surround her and protect her while the firemen use their fire hose to short circuit Livewire, and Banshee is electrocuted in the process. It’s an amazing and inspiring twist on the usual superhero fight that reveals the show’s unabashed optimism.

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With the day saved, it’s time for Barry Allen to head back to his Earth. But, before he leaves, he gives Kara some advice: It’s time for her to speed things up with James because it’s clear they both have feelings for each other. Then, the episode gives the race we’ve been waiting for as Kara will use her superspeed to throw Barry forward so that he’ll go faster and open a hole back to his world. The shot of Kara running is reminiscent of Clark Kent running in Smallville, and watching two streaks run together may be the best thing we’ve seen… until Team Flash, Team Supergirl, and Team Arrow are all in the same room together that is.

Kara takes Barry’s advice and kisses James when he shows up at her apartment later that night. However, James doesn’t say anything after the kiss and walks out of the apartment like he’s in a trance. Kara looks out her window and sees National City’s residence walking through the streets like they’re in a comatose version of “One Day More.” Non activated Myriad—and now we know what it does: mind control.

Wall of Weird:

  • As fun as the episode was, I found Livewire very grating and kind of wish we could’ve had Silver Banshee team up with another villain, though, I’m not sure who that would’ve been.
  • Of course Cat Grant figures out the Flash is Barry Allen. He arrived in town the same time as The Flash and was upset she wanted to call the Flash the Blur (a nod to Smallville).
  • Another great moment: Barry being excited when he finds out Kara has a sister.
  • “Kiera, call security. I haven’t seen eyes that crazy since I had fondue with Ramona Singer,” Cat, when Siobhan returns to the office
  • “All four of you standing there doing nothing, you look like the attractive, yet non-threatening, racially diverse cast of a CW show,” Cat, when Barry accompanies Kara, James, and Winn to her office. Supergirl took its meta pills this week.
  • “The Flash? Sounds like someone whose only superpower is jumping out of an alley in a trench coat,” Cat’s reaction to The Flash’s name
  • “Jealousy, your name is Olsen,” Winn, pointing out James’ jealousy
  • Barry wants a picture with Kara’s spaceship. It’s funny and endearing.
  • Composer Blake Neely also deserves a shout-out for seamlessly blending the scores of Supergirl and The Flash.
  • #FACTS: I’m ‘shipping Barry and Kara with all my life right now.

What did you think of the episode? Was the crossover everything you wanted? Did I miss any other great lines? Share your thoughts in the comments or find me on Twitter @chancelloragard.

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