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Laura Vandervoort turns evil as Supergirl's newest foe Indigo

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March 01, 2016 at 05:26 AM EST

So what exactly is Indigo planning? Kara and James have Lucy to thank for that discovery. After Kara attempts to quell Lucy’s anger over James standing her up, Lucy still helps the dwindling team out with a huge discovery. Turns out one of the members of Diamond Discretion is a high-ranking general who has access to a nuclear missile base that is un-hackable thanks to its lack of Internet access. Indigo is attempting to launch nuclear missiles at National City and wipe out all humans as only Kyrptonians and other aliens will be able to survive the blast and radiation. 

As both the DEO and makeshift Supergirl team figure out the truth, it looks like their findings might have come a little too late, as Indigo has already wormed her way into the general’s phone and resurfaced at the base. She kicks a little ass, grabs both keys for the missiles and then extends her arms out to turn both keys at once, activating access to the missiles. Kara flies in and attempts to stop the destruction, but during the fight, the launch sequence for missile No. 1 is accidentally activated. 

Kara realizes that her anger at Hank is actually about to destroy all of civilization, so she reaches out a hand in need of help. After some extreme tension leading up to the very last possible second, Kara is able to input a kill code to the missile after it has launched, leaving it a dud in the water. And thankfully for the DEO and Supergirl’s team, Winn has somehow miraculously learned alien code and is able to input a strong virus while also being choked out by Indigo to destroy the Brainiac villain.

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Winn gets to celebrate with a little makeout session with Siobhan after the two bond over their messed up families. Apparently Siobhan’s father was a major cheater, and Winn reveals his father’s Toyman identity, telling Siobhan that despite knowing that terrible feeling when someone close to you lets you down, for the most part people want to be there for each other. 

Kara on the other hand, learns right before Indigo’s defeat that she was the reason behind Kara’s pod activating in the Phantom Zone and linking it to the ship, meaning Indigo is the reason Kara even made it to the Earth in the first place. James asks Kara how she’s doing after the whole mess, and she’s clearly still affected but also allows James to tell Lucy about her identity. Unfortunately Lucy’s not ready to have any conversations with James. She tells him their relationship is over because she realizes that James and Kara are in love with each other, even if they can’t admit it to each other just yet. 

Kara gets another gut punch when she returns to the DEO to reluctantly come back to work with Hank when Alex’s guilt finally breaks through and she reveals to Kara through teary eyes that she was indeed the one who killed Astra. Kara forgives both Alex and Hank, but there’s bound to be a little tension between the adopted sisters…right? 

In the end, we’re left with Non, and it turns out the villainous alien isn’t quite over his ex. He reveals his ability to bring Indigo back from extinction, though in pieces. We end the episode with him asking, “Now are you ready to do things my way?” So…Indigo + Non + Myriad = Definite Destruction?

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