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Laura Vandervoort turns evil as Supergirl's newest foe Indigo

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March 01, 2016 at 05:26 AM EST

Apparently the former Supergirl isn’t so good anymore. Laura Vandervoort appeared on CBS’ Supergirl Monday night and became one of the toughest villains Kara and her friends have faced so far. But her formidable nature wasn’t solely due to her immense power; Kara’s dwindling team made things even more difficult for the good guys to get their eventual win. Your regular, much more capable recapper is out for the week, but I can’t even begin to contain my excitement for the appearance of Smallville’s Supergirl-turned-evil, especially with the reveal of her true identity and tease/promise of a future reappearance. 

Tonight’s episode begins in the Phantom Zone, 13 years prior, as Kara wakes up when her pod is mysteriously activated and linked to the prison. Kara wakes up in the present, clearly not in a great mood (the music of Twenty One Pilots’ “Stressed Out” is a nice touch here). Alex arrives with the wrong kind of donut and a request to have Kara return to work as part of the DEO, but she refuses as she still cannot bring herself to work with Hank/J’onn after his supposed killing of Astra. As the camera pans to Alex, we see the guilt is real, and as she reveals to Hank during routine training, Alex can barely keep her secret from Kara any longer. 

Kara arrives at work to see Siobhan continuing to be a thorn in her side, but Siobhan’s desire to be on top has her fumbling when she does not open a package sent to Cat, which turns out to be a thumb drive and a letter that reads: “Make the liars pay for their lies. Make the cheaters feel the pain of their betrayal.” Lucy reveals that the phrase is linked to the Ashley Madison-esque website Diamond Discretion that was hacked the night before despite proclaiming itself to be “unhackable,” unlike its counterpart. Cat realizes that someone hoped she would cover this story and reveal to the world the people on the file, but instead she tells Siobhan to throw the drive in the microwave. Siobhan hesitantly leaves the offices, and we instantly realize there’s more to her and this story than we are aware. 

Meanwhile James, continues to ask for permission from Kara to tell Lucy the truth about her identity, but she refuses. They are interrupted by an anonymous hacker who lectures and criticizes Cat for failing to act on the story of a lifetime. She tells the staff at CatCo that everyone will now suffer and that the “age of chaos has begun.” With that, the traffic lights throughout the city are instantly turned to green and all over National City we see collisions on the cameras that Winn as pulled up on his screen. 

Cat divides her team into groups to find the true identity of the hacker in order to stop her as the Pentagon and other government officials are scrambling to do the same. Lucy and James get into a tiff when James makes it clear that he will be working the case with Supergirl rather than her; James tells her he’ll make it up to her with dinner that night, but instead he goes to Kara’s house with Winn as he attempts to write code to find our mysterious evil woman. Indigo pops up on screen and reveals her identity when she jumps out of the computer in her full-blue avatar (pun not intended). Indigo instantly recognizes Kara as Supergirl, and the fight begins quickly as Indigo proves herself as a force to be reckoned with until Alex and Hank burst in to help Kara out. 

Indigo escapes back into the computer as Hank and Alex attempt once again to get Kara back to the DEO. She refuses, and the following day, Alex recruits Winn instead, much to Kara’s chagrin. But despite Kara’s fear that she and James will never be able to learn Indigo’s identity and how to defeat her, James isn’t worried, especially since his plan B should have been used so much sooner. James directs Kara to Kal-El’s Fortress of Solitude, where Kara learns the truth about Brainiac 8, but she’s not quite ready to tell Hank and the DEO about their findings. 

In the meantime, Indigo reappears to find Non. The two clearly had a connection and history (apparently enough to suggest that Non broke Indigo’s heart), and here we finally get the truth: Indigo is actually another name for Brainiac 8, and she hated Astra because Astra desired to live on Earth with humans. Indigo/Brainiac 8 has a different plan, one that doesn’t involve Myriad and will wipe the human race from existence in mere seconds. Non asks her what she’s done, and she reveals very little, though she does tell Non that she’ll see him after the apocalypse. 

NEXT: Non and Indigo, together at least

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