Kara deals with dating Cat Grant's son while facing off against Bizarro

By Chancellor Agard
February 02, 2016 at 04:53 AM EST
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S1 E12

This week, Supergirl asks if Kara can be Supergirl and still have a life. If you’ve seen any other superhero show, particularly ones in the Berlanti-verse, then you probably know where this episode goes. There are several frustrating parts of the episode, particularly Kara’s answer to the “can she have it all question,” but there are also moments where the show redeems itself and makes you fall in love with it, its heroine, and what she stands for even more.

In the wake of the news clip that ended last week’s episode — the one of Not-Supergirl throwing a car into a mountain — everyone is wondering what is up with Supergirl. Cat, who is in a unusually good mood (she picks up a fancy latte for Kara on the way to work), holds a meeting to figure out how to cover this story. As Cat brainstorms headlines, Kara suggests under her breath that maybe the woman on TV wasn’t Supergirl, and everyone in the room hears her and Cat is immediately in love with that idea.

Following the meeting, the Superfriends — Kara, Winn, and James — meet up at their secret hideout, and Kara, believing Faux-Supergirl is connected to the comatose girl Hank found in Maxwell Lord’s secret lab, asks Winn to check local hospitals for Jane Does who resemble her. During the powwow, Kara lets the guys know about her date with Adam, and they get really awkward, especially James, who says he’s happy for her but clearly doesn’t mean it.

Kara and Adam’s date gets off to a pretty good start as Adam expresses his amazement at how much Kara cares about people. Unfortunately, the date is interrupted when the National City Tramway has a mechanical failure and is left dangling above the bay. Kara gives some lame excuse about her grandmother being hospitalized before flying off. Her doppelgänger shows up at the scene of the accident and instigates a fight. “We kill Supergirl,” says the lookalike, whom Cat will later name Bizarro. Kara breaks off from the fight to save the trolley when it starts plummeting toward the ocean, and Bizarro just hovers there and watches.

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Bizarro’s encounter with Supergirl leaves the former rather confused. See, Maxwell Lord, her maker, has taught her that Supergirl is bad and needs to be killed. However, witnessing Supergirl save all those people has Bizarro reconsidering what’s she been told. But, Max manages to convince her that Supergirl just seems good but is really bad. (Obviously, that’s an apt description of Maxwell Lord.) The way Maxwell treats his Bizarro is very creepy; like why does he keep caressing her hair?

After leaving the secret chamber where he’s keeping his creation, Max returns to his office and finds Alex waiting for him behind his desk. Winn found out that seven comatose girls matching Kara’s description were snatched up by Prometheus, one of Maxwell’s companies, and haven’t been seen since. Without explicitly admitting to anything, Max explains that if he had created this clone, he would’ve done so by finding some of Supergirl’s stray DNA on the Red Tornado body parts, which Alex lent him, and pumping one of the girls full of Supergirl’s DNA.

Alex leaves her meeting with Max worried that he knows she’s related to Supergirl because of a thinly veiled comment he made. But, Kara isn’t too worried about it and is confident Max was just bluffing. Moving on to to the topic of Bizarro, Hank and Alex plan to take Bizarro down using Kryptonite because if it shares her DNA, it will also have her weaknesses. Kara isn’t too comfortable with this approach because, well, she’s Supergirl and realizes that even though Bizarro is a science experiment, she was once a human.

Back at the CatCo offices, Winn and James share a drink and have some quality boys’ time. However, Winn & James Happy Hour quickly becomes Real Talk with Winn when Winn calls James out on his feelings for Kara. Their conversation is fairly awkward and uncomfortable as they both end up objectifying Kara and the word “friend zone” is used. Winn tells James that he should tell Kara how he feels because he has a real chance with her.

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As the boys brood, Kara, at her sister’s behest, goes on her rescheduled date with Adam. As they stroll through a park, Kara opens up about losing her parents (she remains pretty vague about this) and about how she’s never felt normal. “No one ever feels normal,” Adam whispers in her ear before they kiss. The moment is ruined, however, by Bizarro, who swoops in and kidnaps Kara.

Bizarro flies Kara to a cliff, and in the ensuing tussle, we find out that Bizarro’s powers are the opposite of Kara’s. For example, Bizarro has fire breath, like she’s Charizard or something, and freeze vision. Kara believes Bizarro can be saved, so she holds back during the fight. Eventually, the DEO shows up and starts shooting Bizarro with Kryptonite. Unfortunately, the Kryptonite doesn’t have the desired effect, and it actually enhances Bizarro’s strength. It also causes her skin to lose most of its color and to crack.

Bizarro’s attack on Kara when she was out of uniform means that Max knows Kara’s secret identity. So, Alex storms into Lord Technologies and arrests Maxwell, even though the DEO doesn’t have that kind of authority because it technically doesn’t exist. But, Alex doesn’t care about any of that because her mind is set on protecting her family. Hank isn’t pleased when Alex brings Maxwell back to the DEO with a hood over his head like she’s Jack Bauer carting a terrorist back to CTU.

Meanwhile, Kara decides to end things with Adam before they even start. I haven’t seen By the Sea, but I imagine this scene (and episode) is real life married couple Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner’s version of that movie. Like any good superhero on TV, Kara believes that her responsibilities as Supergirl mean there isn’t room in her life for anything else. I was never really impressed by Jenner when he was on Glee, but he acquits himself quite nicely in a lame role and makes you feel at least somewhat sorry for him.

Later, James, still thinking about what Winn said, finds Kara feeling feelz on the balcony. Still upset over what she did to Adam, Kara tells James to leave her alone. After she leaves, Bizarro kidnaps James because she knows Kara cares about him and takes him to one of National City’s many abandoned warehouses. James tries appealing to Bizarro’s humanity and Supergirl-ness to let him go and ends up admitting that he loves her. When that doesn’t work, he’s able to alert Kara using his watch.

When Supergirl arrives, she and Bizarro go at it again, and there’s more freeze breath vs.flamethrower action. Like before, Alex shows up midway through, except this time she has Blue Kryptonite, a version of Kryptonite with the opposite qualities of the green stuff. The Blue K works, and the DEO takes Bizarro into custody. Hank decides to shut down Bizarro’s brain while he and the DEO try to find a way to reverse what Max did to her. Before Bizarro goes night-night, Kara comforts her and reaches Peak Supergirl in the process. She’s Supergirling so hard that it’s no wonder Max is trying to find her. Even though Bizarro attacked her and went after her friend, Supergirl still finds it in herself to care for Bizarro. It’s scenes like this that make it hard to watch this show with any kind of cynicism.

After a tense meeting with Max, who is being held in a DEO cell, Kara returns to work and decides it’s a good idea to talk to Cat about what happened with Adam. Cat is very disappointed in Kara because it’s clear Kara hasn’t learned anything from Cat and is repeating her mistakes. She’s putting work ahead of cultivating a life filled with meaningful relationships. Kara tries to explain herself, but Cat says she doesn’t want to hear to know why she broke her son’s heart and would like their relationship to remain strictly professional. Not helping matters, Kara tries to go to happy hour with James, but he can’t because he has to pick Lucy up from the airport.

Then things get worse: When Kara gets home, she’s attacked by some organism with tendrils

Wall of Weird

  • “People don’t love her because of what she looks like on the outside. I love her because of who she is,” James says to Bizarro. Aww.
  • Fun fact: Kara’s favorite drink is a spiced pumpkin latte with extra foam and cinnamon on top.
  • Do we think Cat is even the slightest bit curious as to why Bizarro targeted Kara? I have a feeling she hasn’t completely abandoned her Kara-is-Supergirl theory.
  • Based on the episode’s cliffhanger, it’s clear the next installment will be the episode that’s inspired by Alan Moore’s Superman story “For the Man Who Has Everything.”

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