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November 05, 2018 at 12:15 AM EST

There’s self-blame aplenty tonight as our Super-friends struggle to settle into their new roles for the season. J’onn, especially, blames himself for Fiona’s disappearance and for sticking to his pacifism when Kara asked for his help.

How convenient, then, that he arrives home to find Fiona’s fiancé waiting for him. Manchester Black (David Ajala, equal parts charm and menace) wants to know where she’s gone, and J’onn points him in the direction of the corrupt cop he investigated two weeks ago.

While Manchester cozies up to the cop by complaining about “roaches,” J’onn tries to pray the way his father taught him, only to be blocked by his anger and an image of Fiona.

He tracks Manchester down telepathically and learns that the cop gave up the location of the next Mercy/Otis/Agent Liberty attack: a police precinct overrun by a mind-controlled replicating alien.

Alex, too, is blaming herself for the defections from the DEO and the string of high-profile setbacks they’ve suffered at the hands of the Graveses. And then there’s the fact that the only thing keeping her sister alive is a Daft Punk suit. On the upside, this means we get both Iron Man-esque shots of Kara speaking inside her protective helmet and Hardcore Henry-esque shots of her POV as she interacts with the outside world, both of which are delightful.

When J’onn calls the DEO about the station invasion, Alex orders Kara to stay put, as every bit of the suit’s energy needs to go toward filtering out the Kryptonite. But Kara, who can’t abide sitting by while people are in danger even if the tiniest bit of suit damage could kill her — disobeys Alex’s direct orders and crashes in to assist. Naturally, her suit is almost immediately compromised, and she becomes a super-liability.

J’onn and Manchester capture one of the replicant aliens, who tells Manchester, “Ahimsa.” Manchester explains that he used to run with a violent gang until Fiona taught him about ahimsa, or non-violence, and he vows to save her. Good news, then, that J’onn notices Manchester’s ring and realizes he can use it to make a telepathic link with her.

When the media report about a possibly injured Supergirl, the new president calls Alex to rail at her and insist that Supergirl now only leaves the DEO on his orders. Yiiiikes, it didn’t take him long to escalate into a shouty, angry man. Alex, in turn, berates Kara and, as the director of the DEO, gives her one last chance to straighten up.

Brainy’s also having a bad day, venting to Lena over his frustration with not being able to help Supergirl. When she points out that he’s crying, he says, “What? I’m not a robot. I’m techno-organic. I have feelings. These are tears of logic.” Awww! I love a techno-organic who’s in touch with his feelings!

Lena, though? She’s just feeling rage at her technologies once again being stolen and misused, so she teaches him how to stuff his feelings into imaginary boxes and shove them deep, deep down so they can do the science necessary to purify the air. Although the box technique doesn’t sound healthy in the long term, it works for now, and they’re soon making plans for Kryptonite-eating nanite.

Good thing Lena’s boxes are in place because James is itching to get out there as Guardian, especially with Supergirl incapacitated. Nia, who’s getting a lot of boss time for an incredibly junior reporter, reminds him of the possible legal ramifications should he do so. And I’ve gotta agree with Nia here; use your media empire to be a hero, James. As we covered two weeks ago, you’ve got power and influence enjoyed by an elite few. No need for masks when you buy ink by the barrel, my dude.

The week’s mystery is unraveled when J’onn holds off his anger long enough to allow Manchester to get through to Fiona, who says the Graves siblings and Agent Liberty are using her telepathy to control the aliens via parasites and that she’s being held somewhere crowded that smells like a pick ‘n’ mix.

J’onn arrives at the DEO to brainstorm with Alex, and they both confess that they’re struggling mightily under the weight of their self-flagellation. They decide that forgiveness is the way to reconcile who they are with who they want to be. So J’onn needs to learn to fight without raising a sword, while Alex needs to own her HBIC-ness. (Next page: Kara destroys pies)

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