Mike and Louis must face the consequences of their frustrating actions
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Actions have consequences. That’s basically the lesson of tonight’s Suits episode, which, as the titles suggests, finds several chickens coming home to roost for Mike and Louis. Harvey is also forced to address the elephant in the room in his relationship with Paula: Donna.

“Home to Roost” opens with Rachel waking to find Mike brooding in the kitchen. He heard what Rachel said the night before and clearly took away the wrong message: He’s decided to keep his promise to Oscar Reyes and not to Harvey, because this case is important. That’s the last thing Rachel wanted to hear. She points out that this basically means he’s going back to living a lie. Mike says this is different than when he was working as a fraud, but to that I say: Is it really?

The comparison to Mike’s early days as a fraud raises an interesting question: Is this case worth lying to Harvey? It seems worth it to Mike because the lives of so many inmates are on the line — so worth it, in fact, that Mike not only lies to Harvey but is also willing to make a deal with the man who tried to kill him. But while Mike’s reasoning is understandable, it’s not entirely clear what the show wants us to feel. There hasn’t been a point-of-view character on Suits in a while. The best metric we have to evaluate this decision is Harvey’s; his strict conception of loyalty is probably the closest thing this show has to moral code. When thought about from that perspective, then, Mike’s actions don’t seem entirely worth it because he’s damaging his relationship with Harvey by breaking his word. In fact, this makes Mike’s decision to lie even more frustrating. Honestly, I’ve never understood Rachel more than I do now.

Unfortunately for Mike and Oliver, the prison has filed a lawsuit to dismiss the case. They need more evidence, but Frank is refusing to give up his source until he gets the full amount he was promised. Mike and Oliver decide to go after the D.A. Frank tried informing all those years ago, wearing her down until she willingly hands over her files containing the notes she took on Frank’s accusations.

Oh, speaking of lawsuits and accusations: Stephanie, the associate Donna fired, is suing Louis for sexual harassment. And while I love Louis as a character and often find myself frustrated by how he’s written, this lawsuit is definitely deserved. Louis went too far when he chewed off Stephanie’s head in the premiere. He recognizes that he screwed up, but he’s unwilling to do anything about it because he’s been sued for sexual harassment before (#TBT to season 2) and he’s worried this makes it look like a pattern.

Thankfully, Katrina comes to his rescue (sort of). She convinces Stephanie — with whom she was apparently friends, which is news to us — to offer Louis a fair settlement, but Louis refuses to sign it because it would require admitting his guilt. Instead, Louis makes things worse by saying more mean things to Stephanie, which pushes her to subpoena Rachel, Donna, Associate Bryan, and several others who witnessed his tirade.

Meanwhile, Harvey, at Paula’s slight urging, tries to tell Donna that he’s been dating Paula. He can’t seem to find the right time, however, because he gets distracted when he catches wind of what Mike’s been doing. After Harvey gets a hint that something’s up, Rachel lies for Mike, but that only delays the inevitable. Harvey puts the pieces together on his own and confronts Mike with his options: Either Mike will drop the case now, or Harvey will tell the judge at the dismissal hearing that Mike broke the Chinese wall, and the judge will have no other option but to dismiss the case.
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Harvey isn’t the only person who is pissed off with Mike. Rachel is angry as hell because his actions forced to her lie to Harvey. She values her word and hates being put in that position. (Again, I’ve never felt closer to Rachel than I do now). Rachel storms off and leaves Mike to think about what he did. Thankfully, he comes to his senses and tells Oliver that he’s going to man up and handle this on his own.

In a nice of parallelism, Harvey is also experiencing relationship problems. The Mike drama put him a bad mood, so when Paula brings up the fact that he didn’t tell Donna, he gets very snippy with her. A fight ensues, and Paula points out the obvious: Harvey has feelings for Donna (which Paula understands and is fine with), Donna has feelings for him, and what Harvey is doing right now is very unfair to Donna. Harvey actually takes in those words, does what he needs to do, and tells Donna, who says she knew already. After Harvey leaves her office, though, it’s clear that she didn’t see it and is now sort of heartbroken. Harvey shows up at Paula’s front door with Chinese food and apologizes for being unfair to her as well.

The next day, Mike goes to court to watch Oliver argue against the dismissal, which shouldn’t be hard since they have the D.A.’s files on Frank. By the grace of God (and some tough love from Mike), Oliver doesn’t succumb to his stage fright, and he successfully argues against the judge dismissing the case — but the entire thing is ruined by Alex, who storms into the courtroom and forces Mike to admit that he kept working on the case, which in turn forces the judge to dismiss it.

Cut to Mike and Alex arguing in the middle of Harvey’s office. Mike says Alex had no reason to embarrass him in court like that, destroying the case, but Alex stands by what he did, and Harvey takes his side. Harvey then scolds both childish men and tells them that this is last time he wants to hear about any of this. At the end of the episode, however, Harvey realizes there’s something Alex isn’t telling him — Alex put a stop to this case because he has some personal involvement.

Meanwhile, Associate Bryan suggests that Louis simply apologize to Stephanie. Louis takes his advice, and it actually works once Louis opens up about what happened with Tara. Stephanie admits that the real reason she was suing him is because it actually hurt her feelings since she’s 35 and unsure if she will ever have a family, something Louis can definitely relate to. And so this comes to an end. Does this feel like a cop out? Yeah, sexual harassment is inexcusable no matter what’s going on in your personal life.

Rachel, who knows something’s up with Donna, checks in with her, and Donna admits that she was kind of hurt when she found out about Harvey’s personal life. I often forget how close these two are, so it was nice seeing them open up to each other. Later, Louis drops by to tell Donna that her advice pushed him to acknowledge how he was feeling about the breakup, and now he feels ready to move forward. That’s the win Donna needs to push her to return Harvey’s keys, a symbol of part of her holding onto him, and admit that she lied earlier. Both she and Harvey acknowledge their lingering feelings for each other without saying much, and they recognize that they’ll be fine. It’s actually kind of sweet.

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