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So, I guess we’re going to ignore Louis’ mental breakdown at the end of last week’s episode?

Somehow, “Divide and Conquer” manages to not explain what the hell was going on with Louis’ intense phone call with his therapist. Sure, the hour features a particularly angry Louis, but it doesn’t really dive into what we all witnessed. Instead, it’s more focused on the latest attack on the firm, which is fine, I guess. If there’s one thing I haven’t enjoyed this season, it’s all of the internal turmoil at PSL. Thankfully, a new enemy emerges, which forces everyone to band together to save the firm and leads to the return of some familiar faces.

Another episode, another Louis tirade…After a funny and enjoyable opening scene involving Rachel and her father Robert visiting Harvey’s apartment, a.k.a. the venue for Rachel and Mike’s wedding (Robert says no to having it at Harvey’s Bachelor pad), the action jumps to Louis stomping around the associates’ bullpen. He’s looking for Stephanie, who was helping manage his client Delta Securities. Donna informs him that she fired Stephanie. Cue Louis yelling about how that was a bad idea and everyone’s pissed at Harvey and he’s running the firm into the ground, etc. By the way, the associates overhear all of this, which can’t be good for morale. But let’s be honest: When’s the last time morale was high at Pearson Specter Litt?

Donna warns Harvey that his honeymoon period is over and that he needs to get his house in order, so Harvey jumps on a plane to see Jessica for advice. He updates her on the fact that Mike, Donna, and Louis aren’t his biggest fans at the moment. Jessica, who is loving her hiatus from law, suggests he turn to Robert Zane, who can give him a big client he can use to get back into Louis’ good graces. Before the scene ends, Harvey wonders when he’ll stop seeking her counsel, which leads to some meta dialogue: “The truth is you don’t need to anymore. You just do it because you miss me.” Suits doesn’t need to keep featuring Jessica cameos, and yet it does because it misses the queen.

Harvey heads to the golf course to ask Robert for a favor, but Robert isn’t in a giving mood. It’s been a thin quarter. However, Harvey doesn’t walk away empty handed. Zane alerts him that Bratton Gould, Alex’s old firm, is coming after PSL for stealing their lawyer and top client. DRAMA!

It doesn’t take long for Bratton Gould to launch its first attack on PSL. Bratton Gould tries to poach Louis’ client, Delta Securities, and sues one of Harvey’s clients for copyright infringement. Obviously, Bratton Gould is trying to the ol’ divide and conquer move. Harvey tells Louis they need to work together, but Louis wants none of it; he’s still pissed about what Harvey said, which is very fair.

This leads to a relatively inventive sequence that jumps between Harvey arguing for a dismissal in court and Louis meeting with Delta Securities. Unfortunately, neither man is capable of handling his issues on his own, and some last-minute help arrives right when they need it the most. Mike shows up in court with evidence that convinces the judge to dismiss the case, and Alex, despite the fact that Louis rudely turned down his help earlier, swoops in and uses what he knows about his old firm to convince Delta Securities not to leave PSL. Isn’t it nice when these lawyers have each other’s backs? We need less infighting, more banding together to fight a common enemy. In other words: more Avengers, less Captain America: Civil War.

Louis thanks Alex for saving his butt with a free dinner. There, Alex opens up about how Bratton Gould made him feel underappreciated and overlooked, which is definitely something Louis has felt, too. Louis makes Alex promise that he’ll come to him if he ever feels that way at PSL. Did Louis just lock down this friendship? I hope so. Louis needs a win. We need Louis to win. The firm needs Louis to win. (Recap continues on page 2)

When Mike isn’t busy saving Harvey’s butt, he has his hands full dealing with Oliver, who insists on asking for help with that prison pro-bono. Mike tries his hardest not to get involved since he promised Harvey he wouldn’t, but then the prison company offers Oliver and Oscar a huge settlement, which tips Mike off that they’re trying to hide something. So Mike convinces Oscar not take the settlement because he wants to make sure the prison doesn’t deny another person their release date.

Oliver’s research turns up many victims of the prison’s shady shenanigans. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the resources to handle them all. He begs Mike to come off the sidelines, but Mike says no. But this is Mike we’re dealing with, so it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Mike ends up breaking his word to Harvey and agreeing to work on the case. This will definitely go well, right?

Harvey and Louis’ victory in the war against Bratton Gould is short lived because Bratton threatens to keep coming after them until he gets his clients — and $30 million in billable hours — back. Bratton knows PSL can’t handle a long, drawn-out war; it doesn’t have the numbers. So Harvey tells Donna she needs to double down on her efforts of finding whoever is leaking information to Bratton Gould.

Donna is worried that Stephanie, who now works for Bratton Gould, is the one behind the leak and sends Rachel off to confront her. The last thing Donna needs is for her first big action as COO to threaten the firm’s survival. But it turns out Stephanie isn’t responsible for feeding Bratton Gould information, which, at least, is good news for Donna.

In the firm’s hour of need, Harvey turns to Robert yet again and asks if he’d consider merging or at least pretending to merge to boost PSL’s numbers and scare off Bratton Gould. While Robert can’t stand Bratton Gould, he says no because it will make his firm, which isn’t doing too well at the moment, look bad as well. Thankfully, Alex isn’t done saving the day yet.

Tonight, Alex proves that he might be the best person on this show and at this firm. He offers to leave the firm to stop the attack. Louis, Donna, and Harvey won’t hear of it. But Alex still finds a way to fall on his sword for his new company. Apparently, he and Bratton did a bad thing in the past, so Alex offers to sign something taking full responsibility for his shady deed, if Bratton signs something saying he won’t come after PSL’s clients. Bratton accepts the deal, and thus The New Guy saves the day. What a stand-up guy Alex is turning out to be!

With this crisis handled, Harvey finally has time to confront the leak, whose identity he figured out on his own: It’s Jessica Pearson. I’ll be honest — that revelation definitely surprised me. When Harvey phones Jessica, she says she saw an opportunity when Bratton called her looking for information on PSL, because nothing unites a divided house like an attack from the outside. So she let slip that the best attack plan was to pit Louis and Harvey against each other. Honestly, this type reasoning only makes sense on a TV show. This gamble could’ve easily spun out of control, and PSL could’ve been gone. But I guess it’s nice to see someone other than Harvey playing the role of reckless gambler.

Side bar:

  • In other news, Rachel and Mike make some big wedding decisions. The wedding is now being held at the Plaza, and they will sit down and pick a date soon.
  • Dulé Hill says motherf—er in this episode, which somehow made me smile and roll my eyes at the same time.
  • Donna feels like she let Harvey down by not being able to find the turncoat, but Harvey lets her know she could never fail him. Awww.
  • Honestly, I don’t blame Robert for wanting to go through Harvey’s apartment when he visits it. I would, too!

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