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S7 E10
September 13, 2017 at 10:01 PM EDT

Worried about how her father will handle coming face to face with the predatory CEO, Rachel makes Robert promise to let her handle the deposition. Unfortunately, when Robert finally encounters the man who ruined his sister’s life, he loses it, especially once Predatory CEO starts making inappropriate comments about Rachel. Alas, Robert’s reaction is exactly what Predatory CEO wanted because Robert accidentally reveals that he’s only pursuing this case out of revenge. Oops!

Meanwhile, Mike and Harvey realize that Malik tricked them into being the ones who admitted the newspaper into evidence, which means whatever shady stuff he pulled is still admissible since he wasn’t the one who actually did it. Donna deduces that Holly Cromwell is the one who probably tipped him off about Coastal Motors, since knowing that kind of info is kind of what she does. So Donna approaches Holly about flipping to their side, but Holly, who admits to being the source, says she can’t help them, even after Donna apologizes for the way she treated her earlier in the season. Although Holly refuses to testify, the info she gives Donna will still help Mike and Harvey win the case.

When Donna returns to her offices, she finds Mike waiting there to talk about Darvey. Paula asked Mike for advice on a gift to get Harvey, and when Mike told Rachel about it, Rachel said she thinks Donna regrets never telling Harvey how he feels. So Mike takes it upon himself to tell Donna that the time is now because Harvey and Paula are getting serious. Honestly, matchmaker isn’t the worst look on Mike.

With everyone making new plans, it’s time for Team PSL to start winning. First up, we have Rachel and Robert, who convince the bank’s board that it’s in their best interest to accept their offer and fire the CEO, or else the next time he sexually harasses someone, they’ll be liable since they’ve bee notified about his past behavior. Rachel, who has been off in her own world most of this season, needed this win, and I’m glad she got it. Meanwhile, Alex emerges victorious in his battle with Gould, whom he records admitting that he orchestrated that takeover in order to break the agreement Bratton Gould signed to not go after any of PSL’s clients.

While Harvey and Mike are able to convince Malik to drop his case against their client by threatening to put him on the stand and question him about the shady ish he pulled with that news article, their victory is more bitter than sweet. In a final act of retaliation, Malik whipped up a motion to have Jessica Pearson disbarred, citing as cause her admission in Mike’s bar hearing last season, which officially makes him the worst. For some unexplained reason, Jessica is already in New York, and she pays Harvey a visit to tell him it’s time to remove her name from the firm. She’s accepted that she can’t practice law in New York because no one in Chicago will care. Harvey says he isn’t ready to do it, but Jessica tells him he is. It’s a beautiful scene that reminds me how much I miss having Jessica on the show full time.

Back at the firm, Louis, who went through a lot in this episode, apologizes to Donna for the mock trial nonsense and uses that as an opportunity to open up about the Sheila stuff, too. In short: He regrets not telling her how he felt. Naturally, something clicks in Donna’s head, and when Harvey shows up at her office to talk about Jessica, she plants one on him. “I’m sorry, Harvey. I just had to know,” says Donna, leaving Harvey speechless for once. (For Gabriel Macht’s thoughts on this scene, head here.) Look, I could go either way on the whole Darvey of it all, but I will say I liked that it was Donna who made the first move, because of course it would be her. (ASIDE: The whole situation reminded me of Booth’s speech to Bones in Bones’ 100th episode, except here it’s the non-gambler who took a huge chance on romance.)

Overall, the first half of Suits‘ seventh season has been an interesting if uneven one. DulĂ© Hill made a great addition to the season, which isn’t surprising because he’s so charismatic he could have chemistry with piece of cardboard if he had to. Furthermore, the show gave Wendell Pierce some great material this season that revealed more about Robert apart from the fact that, like everyone else on this show, he loves power and winning; there’s a soul in there, too. However, if there’s one thing I had problems with, it’s what has happened to Louis. I get that he’s hurting right now, but the show hasn’t done much with that pain. We keep hitting the same beats without any development, and what little development we do get makes Louis seem inexplicably off his rocker. (Has that phone call at the end of “Mudmare” been explained?) My hope for 7B is that the show remembers what made Louis such an interesting and sympathetic character, because right now it’s making it hard to root for him when he keeps lashing out at people.

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