Harvey and Mike take care of Frank once and for all, and Louis' relationship with Tara takes a turn
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Wow, Suits was really testing our patience tonight by dragging out Mike’s release until the very end of the episode. Look, I get that the show had stories it had to tie up like Frank Gallo and Kevin, but, if I’m being honest, those were things I didn’t really care about. Throughout the episode, I found myself thinking “Can Mike be released already so we can get back to sexy, fashionable lawyer time?” because we knew it was coming. But, let’s make like Louis when he goes mudding and dive right into tonight’s episode.

That’s right, the episode opens with Louis mudding with Donna to take his mind off of Tara, who is spending time with her boyfriend, Joshua. Louis knows that if he doesn’t find a way to occupy himself, he’ll do something stupid to ruin everything he has going with Tara. It’s important for him to realize that, at this moment, there’s still a chance things could go his way and there’s no point in stressing out about it.

Louis isn’t alone in feeling stressed about things out of his control. Mike’s release papers still haven’t gone through and each minute he remains in prison puts his life in jeopardy because someone can find out he informed on his roommate — which, in case you’ve forgotten, would lead to Mike getting a one-way ticket to Shiv City in prison. All Mike needs to do is keep his head down until the paperwork is filed… but, we all know Mike, and that’s something he cannot do.

Kevin tells Mike that Sean Cahill is coming after everything Jill has earned, which wasn’t part of the deal. So, Mike takes it upon himself to solve this problem and starts working on a plan to get Kevin out with him. Having a bleeding heart like Mike’s is all well and good until you start doing stuff that jeopardizes your own deal like. You know, like, threatening to sue Sean (a.k.a. the man who holds your fate in his hand) for abusing his power unless he backs off of Kevin. Instead, Sean threatens to pull Mike’s deal.

Meanwhile, Harvey is preparing for Frank’s upcoming parole hearing, which he’s half-heartedly working on to keep Mike safe while he’s still locked up. However, his old boss Cameron Dennis (guest-star extraordinaire Gary Cole) catches wind of the the hearing and does everything in his power to stop it from going through. He refuses to let a monster like Frank back out onto the streets. Harvey finds himself in a bit of a bind because the parole board wants him, as the man who put Frank away all those years ago, to take the stand and swear under oath that he believes Frank has been rehabilitated. So, his options are perjury or telling the truth and condemning Mike.

Lest we not forget, Jessica and Rachel are also fighting for a man’s freedom. They manage to convince the judge to reopen the case after Jessica, ever the badass that she is, strong arms Leonard Bailey’s public defender into admitting negligence during the first case. Not wishing to have another retrial, the prosecutor presents Leonard with a deal of only serving five more years.

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Now, Jessica is forced to decide whether or not to advise Leonard to take the deal or risk a jury finding him guilty on retrial and him being executed. Here is where Rachel and Jessica butt heads. Obviously, Rachel thinks Leonard needs to fight this, but Jessica has been through this situation before and doesn’t want to make the same mistake again. Experience vs. youthful passion for justice; it’s a similar dynamic to Harvey and Mike.

The day comes for Harvey to testify in front of the board, but a last-minute save from Mike protects him from perjuring himself. Cameron Dennis calls Mike to the stand and Mike tells the board about all of the crap Frank has been pulling since he got to prison. Obviously, the parole board is horrified by the details and denies his parole. In return for Mike’s testimony at the hearing, Cameron agrees to commute Kevin’s sentence.

Meanwhile, Leonard decides to go to retrial rather than take the deal because he wants to be able to tell his daughter he’s innocent. Moved by Rachel’s passion, Jessica tracks down Leonard’s daughter and brings her to visit her father before he goes to trial. It’s a rare moment of benevolence from Jessica.


The episode ends with two couples reuniting. Tara pays Louis a visit at the office and tells him that she turned down Joshua’s marriage proposal because her feelings for Louis were too strong. That’s music to Louis’ ears. Then, there’s Mike and Rachel. Mike is released from Danbury in the same suit he wore when he checked in, and he finds Rachel waiting for him outside of the gate.

How did you guys feel about Mike’s time in prison? At times, it was interesting, but it shook the show up a bit too much, so it’s good it’s ending where it did. I’m looking forward to seeing how Mike readjusts to his post-lawyer life.

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