Harvey fights to save Mike's deal and Jessica runs into an old flame
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S6 E8
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The window to get Mike out of prison is closing quickly. The Feds pulled his deal, and now Harvey and Mike are working on borrowed time to get it back by any means necessary — even if it means crossing a few more ethical lines.

In the wake of Sean Cahill cancelling the arrangement, Jessica tells Harvey he has no other option but to win Sutter’s case, because there’s no point in losing if nothing good will come of it. So, Harvey takes the fight to Sean in court the next day and accuses him of violating the rules of discovery after failing to notify him of a new witness named Philip Allen. The judge — who is clearly not a Sean Cahill fan (maybe she’s still mad he tried to nuke world a few months ago) — agrees and gives Harvey three more days to depose Philip.

Sutter isn’t worried, though: Philip can only tie his daughter, Jill, to the insider trading, since that’s who he gave the information to. Although that sucks for Jill, it gives Harvey an idea for how to get Mike’s deal back. During the depositions, Harvey grills Philip until he breaks and reveals to Sean he actually doesn’t have a paper trail linking Sutter to the crime. Obviously, Sean is rather pissed Harvey just ruined his star witness, but Harvey doesn’t care because now Mike has another opportunity to get his deal back.


Spending time in solitary confinement and finding out Jill was indicted helps Kevin calm down, and he agrees to cooperate with Mike. But Kevin doesn’t think Jill will flip on her father; she’s had the opportunity to do it before and didn’t, because her father has her convinced he’d run into a burning building for her. Now it’s up to Harvey, Mike and Donna to prove her wrong.

Harvey meets with Sutter and recommends he and Jill take a deal to reduce their sentences. Sutter, being the stone-cold jerk he is, declines — Jill’s the only one looking at jail time, and he thinks she can handle spending three years behind bars. As always, Harvey has a plan; he records the entire conversation and plays it for Jill, which convinces her it’s time to flip on her father and save herself. She asks Mike to help secure her an immunity deal.

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While Mike is fighting for his freedom, Jessica and Rachel are fighting to free Leonard Bailey. The only way for them to delay his execution another month is for one of his relatives to sign something that says they’re too ill to come now and need time to recover. As (bad?) luck would have it, Leonard’s aunt has MS; however, Leonard doesn’t think she’ll want to be there for the execution anyway. She hasn’t spoken to him since his trial because she thinks he’s guilty.

Rachel thinks she can convince his aunt to sign the form and show up for the execution, so she drives out to see her. Although his aunt agrees to sign the letter, she refuses to come see her nephew die. This encounter shakes Rachel’s confidence in the case. She’s worried she won’t be able to convince a jury Leonard is innocent if she can’t even persuade the woman who raised him. But Jessica isn’t worried about that at all — they’re trying to set him free, not orchestrate a family reunion.

Unfortunately, Leonard was counting on that family reunion more than he was looking forward to being freed. At this point, he’s accepted his fate. So he’s rather upset when they tell him they failed to get his aunt to show up; he blames Jessica for not bothering to go with Rachel, something he took as a sign of her apathy. Normally, this wouldn’t bother Jessica — she’s used to being called cold — but this hurts because her firm’s current problems have already shaken her confidence. She’s questioning how she runs her business and she’s forced to question how she is as a lawyer. Gina Torres does a lot to sell her character’s internal struggle with relatively little screen time.

Coincidentally, Jessica runs into her ex, Jeff, and the two have dinner together. She asks him out because she needs someone to reassure her she’s not an ice queen. It’s a very cute scene that exemplifies the great work the show has been doing with the Jessica character this season. Again, she remains the most compelling character on Suits. Jessica hopes this little dinner will lead to something more, but her hopes are dashed when she finds out Jeff is moving to Chicago. Jeff thought about asking her to go with him, but he knows and respects the fact that she can’t leave her firm.

Louis isn’t having a ton of luck in the dating department, either. He’s definitely not cool with being the other man in Tara’s life, which he makes clear to her. After a night of passion, Louis thinks Tara has agreed to break things off with her long-term boyfriend, but later finds out it’s quite the opposite: The boyfriend is coming to New York to see her. Who will Tara choose?!

Meanwhile, Mike meets with Sean to cement Jill’s new immunity deal, which also includes a statement affirming that Mike is the responsible for her coming forward. That’s enough to get him his deal. The episode ends with Mike calling Rachel to let her know he’s coming home. At least there’s hope for this young couple.

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