Harvey crosses an ethical line, and Mike gets Kevin to open up to him

By Chancellor Agard
August 17, 2016 at 11:57 PM EDT
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S6 E6

Season 6 of Suits is starting to get interesting. “Spain” completely forgets about the Frank drama in favor of focusing on dangerous game Harvey’s playing as he tries to juggle Sutter’s case with working to get Mike out of prison. Tonight, we see him cross one more ethical line — but thankfully, he’s not alone.

“Spain” opens with Mike being escorted into the main visitor’s room at Danbury prison to meet with Harvey (our first clue something weird is up). Seated at a table in the middle of the room, Harvey tells Mike he no longer has to inform on Kevin because he killed Rachel in a car accident. And that’s when Kevin shakes Mike awake, revealing it was all a dream.

It really doesn’t take an expert to understand the meaning of Mike’s sleep-induced fantasy. Superficially, Mike is still shaken and upset about finding out Kevin’s in jail for drunk driving because of his parents. As Julius points out, the first part of the dream clearly reveals how Mike is feeling guilty about informing on his friends and wishes he didn’t have to do it. Mike is too stubborn to listen, so he storms out of his session and continues to avoid his roommate — he can’t be around him after learning about his crime.

As Sean Cahill promised, William Sutter is indicted that morning. Sutter is especially worried because Sean wants to take a look at the trading software Kevin made for the company. Thankfully, Harvey successfully argues in court to squash Sean’s request.

In the wake of the in court victory, Sutter orders Harvey to submit a motion to dismiss. Obviously, Harvey doesn’t want to do this, because Mike will lose his chance at getting out of prison if the judge grants the motion (which she probably will). He tries (and fails) to convince Sutter this is a bad idea, but Sutter reveals he has the upper hand. Earlier that morning, Jessica signed him as a client. So if Harvey isn’t willing to push for a dismissal, Jessica will do it.

Actually, let’s take a second to chat about Jessica. I’m really enjoying what the show is doing with her this season. Every week, the show takes time to briefly check in with her to see how she’s working her butt off to bring the firm back from the brink. She’s pounding the pavement trying to sign clients, and she’s clearly doing it all on her own; Harvey is busy with this Sutter business and Louis is busy wooing his architect. When Harvey confronts her about signing Sutter as a client, she finally lets him (and us) know how stressed she is, and it’s thoroughly engaging stuff. But I digress.

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Feeling backed into a corner, Harvey crosses the line and tries to surreptitiously slip Sean a copy of Sutter’s software to prolong the case — because, if you’re colluding with opposing counsel, you might as well go all the way, right? But Sean refuses to take the bait, as this is more conspiring than he signed up for. However, he does Harvey a solid by issuing deposition subpoenas for Sutter and Kevin.

NEXT: Someone else crosses the line

Meanwhile in prison, Julius tries to get Mike to open up by doing the same about his own past. It turns out Julius’ father was a criminal and was arrested when he was 15. That turned Julius’ life upside down, so he started acting out and would’ve ended up someplace worse than Danbury if it weren’t for a counselor who helped him clean up his act. That’s why he decided to become a counselor himself. Nice try, but it doesn’t really get Mike to open up. It just makes him turn to Julius for another favor involving files.

Harvey asks Mike to pretend to be Sean Cahill in deposition practice with Sutter and Kevin, as a way to stir the pot and hopefully get Kevin to divulge what he knows about his father-in-law. That doesn’t take much effort on Mike’s part, and soon Kevin and Sutter are screaming back and forth at each other. The practice session ends with Kevin declaring he’s done with Sutter and storming out of the room.

Seeing an opportunity, Mike chases after Kevin and pushes him to tell the whole story. SPOILER ALERT: Sutter doesn’t use the program Kevin developed and makes his money through insider trading. But that’s not the worst part: Kevin’s wife knew about it and didn’t tell him. Kevin found that particular discovery hurtful because Sutter never liked Kevin, but he was so proud of him when Kevin made that program. His wife knew how much that recognition meant to him and still kept this big secret.

When Kevin was arrested, they offered him a deal if he flipped, but he turned it down — it was either spend three years in jail, or take the deal and have his wife serve an even longer sentence. Mike tells Kevin he should ask for the deal again and stipulate that his wife receive immunity, but Kevin can’t take the risk and forces Mike to give his word he won’t say anything.

Unfortunately for Mike, Harvey, and Sean, the judge approves Harvey’s motion for dismissal. That night, Sean pays Harvey a visit and tells a sad story: His mother was never able to retire from teaching and visit Spain with her retirement money because the state teachers’ fund invested its money in Sutter. That’s why Sean is doggedly going after Sutter, why he was willing to break Mike out of jail for a night, and why he’s here to see Harvey now… He wants Harvey to give him the trading program.

We Bought a Mansion

Louis finds himself in a pickle when Tara asks to see the mansion before it has a chance to clear escrow. Donna uses her magic powers to convince the couple to be out of the mansion for two hours. Then, she and Louis head up early to stage the home and make it look like Louis has lived there forever.

Unfortunately, the couple returns to the mansion while Louis is there with Tara, exposing his lie. Tara storms out, thinking he was trying to get free redesign work from her to help him decide whether to buy the mansion. However, he reveals he bought the house just to spend more time with her, which she finds incredibly romantic. Louis asks her out and she says yes.

Best Suit of the Night: Louis’ casual, no-tie Hamptons look.

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  • In other news, Rachel makes some progress on Leonard Bailey’s case. She learns about an alibi witness who wasn’t questioned during the original trial. Unfortunately, at the end of the episode, she finds herself racing against the clock — the state finally set Bailey’s execution date.
  • “Making Tara love my wood is the first step to making her love me,” says Louis to Donna, as he talks about the wood he plans on using to make a model of the mansion for her to look at. It’s a typical accidental innuendo from Louis.

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