Harvey and Mike argue about Sean Cahill's deal, and Louis finds love

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August 04, 2016 at 12:29 AM EDT
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Will Mike take Sean Cahill’s deal? That’s the question in tonight’s episode; however, it definitely isn’t the most interesting part of the hour. “Turn” also sees Louis and Jessica develop connections with people outside of the law firm, which is always fun and exciting to see. Shall we jump right into the episode?

Picking up literally where we left off last week, “Turn” opens with Harvey and Jessica discussing Sean’s deal for Mike. Harvey is eager to rush to the prison in the middle of the night to see Mike, but Jessica warns him not to, because it would tip off his roommate that something is up.

So, Harvey waits and heads to the prison first thing in the morning. His visit actually interrupts a Mike-Kevin bonding session in which the cellmates opened up to each other. Kevin spoke about why he doesn’t want his kids visiting and Mike opened up about his parents dying. Mike goes into his meeting with Harvey with this conversation on his mind, and we know he’s going to say no to Harvey the moment the guard fetches him from his room. As we’ve seen over the years, Mike is loyal to a fault. It’s what put him in prison, and right now it’s the thing that’s keeping him there.  

After work in the kitchen, Mike decides to call Rachel, who has started working on her case with the Innocence Project. This is his chance to tell Rachel about the deal, but he doesn’t. Instead, he asks her to transfer him to Donna, so he can tell her to tell Harvey he won’t see him if Harvey tries to visit again to talk about the deal.

Back at the office, the Lesser Suits (the traders, a.k.a. the firm’s new tenants) are causing everyone a whole lot of stress. First, Stu starts selling the shares in Nathan Burns’ company that he bought for Harvey last week, much to Jessica’s annoyance. (There’s a reason I called them Lesser Suits. They can’t even act in good faith). Jessica confronts Stu and demands he unwind the stock sale. Stu says he’ll do it if she gets dinner with him. She says no, and thus, their conversation ends in a stalemate. The upside? Queen Jessica has a new suitor.

Stu and his boys are still messing with Louis, too. They used his special mugs for a urine test, confirming — yet again — that they’re the Lesser Suits when it comes to normal, sociable behavior. Louis is more determined than ever to get them out, but he can’t because of Harvey’s deal. Thankfully, Donna comes to the rescue and suggests Louis hires an architect to create a stronger barrier between the firm and the traders. Enter Carly Pope as architect Tara Messer.

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Tara ends up being the solution to not one, but two of Louis’ problems when he falls for her immediately: She loves opera and the ballet; she’s pretty; she meets his standards of punctuality; and she understands Louis’ vision for the office without him having to explain it to her. In fact, Tara says she wishes Louis didn’t already have a tenant because she’d love to sublet the offices.

With a passion growing in his chest, Louis rushes to Jessica to ask if they can kick out the traders because of this architect. She says no and also forbids him from hiring Tara to remake the space. This might force Louis to man up and ask her out like a normal person.

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Sean is annoyed to learn Harvey wasn’t able to get a yes from Mike and gives Harvey a day to get it done before he moves on to another case. Harvey thinks telling Rachel is the best move, but Donna says it’s a bad idea because that’ll ruin Mike and Rachel’s relationship, as this is another instance of him choosing prison over her. Harvey has to come up with another plan.

Meanwhile, Jessica settles their little disagreement by having one of her clients release a press release that forces the price of another stock Stu’s working on to drop. It’s clear Jessica is having fun fighting with Stu, and I’m interested in seeing if this becomes something. It was nice having her in a low-stakes-ish plot for once.

Back in prison, Mike makes some headway with Frank Gallo and files the motion to get him out earlier. To celebrate (kind of), he joins Kevin in the yard for a game of basketball. However, he suddenly starts to feel dizzy and passes out.

Naturally, Harvey is notified and rushes to the prison to see what’s up. There, he accuses Frank of having something to do with it. However, as the warden escorts Harvey out of the prison, it’s revealed this was all part of a plan to get Mike out of prison for a few hours to convince him to take the deal. Sean Cahill pulled some strings to make it happen and thinks Harvey is bringing an ankle-bracelet-wearing Mike to meet with him. But he’s wrong.

Instead of taking Mike to Sean’s office, Harvey takes Mike home to see Rachel. Harvey thinks a conjugal visit seeing Rachel will remind Mike of what he’s missing and convince him to take the deal. At first, Mike lies to Rachel about how he got out, but lying in bed with her is enough to convince him he’s being an idiot. He decides to take Sean’s deal.

Relationships continue to take shape as the episode starts winding to a close. Stu asks Jessica to become his lawyer and she says yes, under the condition he stops messing with Louis. Then, Louis pays Tara a visit with the bad news that he won’t be able to hire her. However, once he sees what she envisioned for the firm and creepily smells her, he asks her to renovate his summerhouse in the Hamptons and turn it into a satellite office for the firm. (#FACTS: A “satellite office in the Hamptons” is something the firm doesn’t need right now.) Once you get past how ridiculous this is, you kind of understand why Louis is doing it. He’s lonely and trying to finally move on from Sheila.

After tonight’s episode, I’m particularly interested in seeing where the show goes with Louis and Jessica. Last season, the show introduced Jessica to the idea there might be more to life than the firm, and we saw some of that in the premiere as well. There’s this sense the firm’s current troubles have forced Louis and Jessica to reconsider what’s important, and I really hope the show continues to explore this.

Best Suit of the Night: Gretchen’s amazing blazer we didn’t see enough of because she was stuck behind the reception desk for the entire episode.


  • Suits is still struggling to let Rachel do things that unrelated to Mike. This week, she impresses her professor with the awesome progress she makes on her case with the Innocence Project. She took it on to distract herself from thinking about Mike (yay!), but then spends half of the episode feeling guilty about it until Donna tells her to snap out of it.
  • Related: I’m willing to bet Columbia Law School’s faculty lounge — where Rachel meets with her professor — isn’t nearly that nice.
  • Suits was renewed for season 7. How do we feel about this? Am I the only one who kind of felt like season 6 was going to be (probably should be) the end? Where does the show really go from here? Does Suits become White Collar (Without the Fedora)? Would we want that?
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