Frank Gallo continues to target Mike in prison as Harvey makes a personal sacrifice to save the firm

By Chancellor Agard
July 21, 2016 at 12:23 AM EDT
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S6 E2

In tonight’s episode, both Harvey and Jessica are forced to make personal sacrifices. One gives up something to save the firm, while the other sacrifices something because it’s the right thing to do. Even though the prison stuff involving Mike isn’t working for me, watching Harvey and Jessica forced to make such tough decisions made for quite an interesting episode.

As we expected, using the partners’ buy-ins to settle the lawsuit wouldn’t be easy. When Harvey and Jessica arrive at the office, they discover that Louis has populated the firm with movie extras to make it look like they’re a functioning firm, (classic Louis). But Jessica quickly points out that they plan on using the threat of bankruptcy to settle, so this probably wasn’t the best plan. So, Louis fires everyone in a very Louis way.

The team sits down to meet with class-action lawyer Arlene Rosen, who initially rejects their offer to settle the suit with $10 million. She changes her mind when she finds out they’re using the partner’s buy-ins — which is the only money they have — and realizes this is the only chance she’ll have to get anything for them, so she signs on the dotted line.

Unfortunately, several people try to throw a wrench into the deal. First, there’s Jack Soloff, who recently accepted a job at Robert Zane’s firm. He finds out about them using the partner buy-ins and sues Jessica on behalf of the other partners for using the money. At first, Jessica scoffs at his threat because he has no backing, but then she learns that Robert Zane is backing the suit.

Jessica pays Zane a visit and begs him to withdraw his support. “Robert, I need this,” she says. “I know it’s not your style to tell partners what to do, but if you don’t make it your style, I’m dead in the water.” It’s a remarkable moment of vulnerability for her, further confirming Jessica as the most nuanced and interesting character on this show. Personally, I’ve loved seeing how the firm’s current trials are testing her in ways we haven’t seen before.

When Jessica returns home that night, she finds Jack waiting for her. He reveals he’s actually coming after his buy-in because he’s broke and can’t pay the buy-in at Zane’s firm without it. He expects Jessica to give him the money out of her pocket, but she can’t because it would pierce the corporate shield. (Honestly, I’m not sure what that means, but it’s not too essential to understanding the plot).

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The other threat to the settlement comes from A. Elliot Stemple, the shady lawyer from season 3 who used to always beat Harvey (until Mike came along). Right as the judge is about to sign off on the settlement, Stemple interrupts the court with evidence his client should be part of the suit. The judge agrees to hear evidence, which would force the firm to admit in court that they hired a fraud. Stemple tells Louis he better run back to his partners and come up with an offer that will change Stemple’s mind about coming after them.

Things aren’t going particularly well for Mike in prison. Frank reveals to Mike that he continued texting Rachel after their little meeting and says he convinced her to send him some photos, which he plans on distributing in the prison. For some reason, Mike believes him (Frank can’t have access to a computer and printer) and attacks him in the middle of the cafeteria. His visitation rights are revoked, which sucks for him because Rachel had just been granted access to see him.

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Rachel runs back to Harvey to tell him what happened, and Harvey deduces that Mike must have started a fight. He rushes over to the prison to see Mike and finds out about the Frank of it all. It turns out Harvey put Frank away for racketeering, but that’s just because he didn’t have the evidence to put him away for his real crime: conspiracy to commit murder. Harvey wants to tell the warden, but Mike refuses to let him because Frank obviously has some of the guards on his side and he doesn’t want to grow the target on his back.

On Harvey’s way out of the prison, he runs into Frank, who threatens Mike’s life again. We all know the one thing you never do is threaten someone Harvey cares about. Harvey grabs and twists Frank’s finger and lets him know he’ll kill him if he does anything to Mike. This definitely won’t make Mike’s life any easier.

The situation with Frank becomes worse and Mike refuses help from his actual roommate, whom he’s pissed at for letting Frank into their cell in the first place. Realizing he needs find ways to protect himself, Mike asks his prison counselor, Julius Rowe, to get him a job in a public place. It just so happens Julius already found one for him in the cafeteria. One of the more enjoyable parts of Mike’s story line in this episode was watching a rapport develop between him and his counselor.

When Harvey finds out about Stemple’s involvement in the suit, he realizes he needs to make a personal sacrifice to stop him. He meets with Stemple and offers him a large sum of money to back off. But Stemple, ever the weasel, doesn’t want money. He wants Harvey to give him the ugly duck painting hanging in the office — he can tell it means a lot to him since it’s terrible. Harvey tries to resist, but ends up agreeing because he knows he’s the one who got them into this mess. We later find out Harvey’s mother is the painting’s artist, and it’s one of the few good memories he has of her.

Back in prison, Mike’s roommate comes up to him while he’s sitting alone in the main area to warn him that Frank’s coming. Mike isn’t worried because the guards are there, but then he turns around and sees they’ve left right as Frank arrives with two goons in tow. He’s about to use a shank on Mike, but his roommate saves the day and brings back one guard who isn’t crooked. The guard asks if anything’s going and Mike wisely says no.

Later that night, Mike thanks his roommate for bringing the guard and realizes he doesn’t even know his roomie’s name. The guy introduces himself as Kevin Miller, and it seems like Mike has found another friend.

Inspired by Harvey’s sacrifice, Jessica calls a meeting with Jack and Robert to make a deal. She agrees to loan Robert money to loan to Jack for his buy-in. She then makes them agree that none of them will care if the loan is never paid back. “The older I get, the more I’d rather have friends out there than enemies,” she says with a knowing look at Robert.

Best Suit of the Night: A. Elliot Stemple, who gives a bad name to people who wear bow ties.

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  • One of the great things about having an empty firm is that we get to see Jessica have scenes with Donna and Gretchen. At one point, they all share a moment in the executive kitchen that ends with Donna saying “I’m black on the inside.” It made me cringe, and the scene where she explains what meant (she once dated a famous black singer for seven months in 1996) only made me shudder more. “You black all over,” says Gretchen after seeing a pic of Donna and said singer.
  • Harvey pays Sean Cahil a visit and asks him to use his power to have Frank transferred. He says he’ll try, but this probably won’t work out.
  • “I didn’t come here to put my hands on your precious balls,” Stemple says to Harvey as he plays with the basketballs in his office.

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