Harvey presents Mike with an offer he can't refuse in "Teeth, Nose, Teeth"
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Suits‘ dynamic duo is back together! After two episodes apart, Mike and Harvey finally reunite in tonight’s episode to repeat some old mistakes, because things never change. I’ll admit, it’s nice to have the show’s central pair together again; however, it’s kind of frustrating because they’re reunited by yet another shady deal that can’t possibly end well.

Mike and Harvey’s reunion begins at the top of the hour when Mike shows up at Harvey’s apartment to apologize for flipping out on him in the midseason premiere. Harvey accepts Mike’s apology and invites him inside to have a drink and hear about his new job at the legal clinic. Said drink leads to Harvey agreeing to host Mike and Rachel’s wedding at his apartment, because the writers decided against having art imitate real life by making Mike and Rachel’s second stab at a wedding a “rustic” glamp wedding. Meanwhile, Rachel asks Donna to be her maid of honor, which I assumed had already been settled but apparently wasn’t. Short story shorter: Mike and Rachel’s wedding is back on!

When Mike goes into work the next day, he learns that Sofia Price, the woman he spent the last episode helping, was unable to give her landlord the rent check he gave her because she spent the night in the hospital with her son. Mike rushes the check over to the landlord’s lawyer, Linda, but she refuses to accept the check because Mike arrived 18 minutes late, and she moves forward with Sofia’s eviction.

Determined to save the Prices’ home, Mike and his coworkers countersue since the building’s owners started work on demolition while the tenants were still there, which is illegal. Oliver, who bombed in court last week, promises he can handle the lawsuit, so Mike decides to give him a chance. However, Mike changes his mind once the stakes rise: Linda was willing to settle the suit for $25,000, but Sofia wants to take the landlord to court in the hopes of winning more money she can use to pay for her son’s medical bills.

Mike’s better half isn’t having the easiest day either. Rachel received a letter from the bar saying she wouldn’t be granted an interview. She thinks it’s because of Mike, but Louis tells her it isn’t. But it is. In a nice sign of maturity, Louis immediately consults with Harvey instead of running off and making things worse. Louis know Harvey is better at this kind of thing, which is correct. Harvey says he’ll take care of Rachel’s interview.

It turns out some members of the bar’s ethics board aren’t totally ethical themselves, because the unnamed lawyer who sent Rachel’s letter wants to use her interview as leverage. He grants Rachel an interview and says he’ll make sure the review board votes in Rachel’s favor if Harvey sues his company’s biggest competitor in order to make their stock prices drop. Obviously, this is totally illegal, but Harvey definitely considers it because he does have a “history of ethical ambiguity.” Before agreeing to anything, Harvey instructs Louis, who is better when it comes to money, to look into the company’s finances to understand why the bar lawyer is willing to fabricate a lawsuit.

NEXT: Harvey gives Mike an offer he can’t (and doesn’t) refuse

Worried that Oliver isn’t up to the task of handling Sofia’s suit, Mike asks Nathan to allow him to submit a motion for Marissa, a third year law student, to first chair the case. Nathan isn’t the biggest fan of the idea, but he gives Mike the green light anyway. Mike breaks the bad news to Oliver, whose feelings are definitely hurt by Mike’s lack of faith in him; however, he agrees to go along with the plan.

Harvey meets Louis at a restaurant to go over what he found out about the company: The bar lawyer wants the stock price to drop because he’s planning a corporate takeover. With that information in hand, Harvey gets up to go confront this unethical lawyer, but Louis asks him to stay for a heart-to-heart. See, Louis is getting anxious because Tara’s ex-boyfriend Joshua wants to be in the room with them for Tara’s first sonogram. Harvey bluntly tells Louis he has nothing to worry about because Tara picked him and reminds him it’s in his best interest to have a good relationship with his child’s biological father.

Having sufficiently calmed Louis’ nerves, Harvey heads off to meet with the bar lawyer, who reveals that he needs to stage a corporate takeover because his competitor stole his designs. It turns out he had an affair with a woman who accessed his laptop and stole his data, but he can’t go to the FBI because his wife would find out about the affair. Harvey isn’t moved by the story at all and instead presents another offer: The bar guy must agree to help Rachel out in her interview for no other reason than that it’s the right thing to do. However, Harvey says he’ll try to find a legitimate lawsuit in exchange for another favor, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Mike’s plan to use Marissa in court falls through because she already requested to take time off to visit her father, who is having surgery. Mike asks Nathan to first chair the suit instead, but Nathan says no, so Mike follows it up with another stupid question: Will Nathan petition the court to let him first chair? Obviously, Nathan says no because that’ll damage the clinic’s reputation.

A despondent Mike returns to his office, where Harvey is waiting with an offer: If Harvey can find a legitimate reason to sue that guy’s competitor, said guy will help Mike join the bar. Yes, this is offer is appealing, but Mike refuses because he just got out of prison and doesn’t want to risk his freedom by doing anything else shady. Mike changes his mind, however, after watching Oliver, whom he spent all night prepping, bomb in court after Linda surprises him with new evidence.

That night, Mike shows up at Pearson Specter Litt and tells Harvey that he’s in. Does this sound like a good idea? No, because we already know this will result in the boys digging themselves into a deeper hole, but alas, I’m not Aaron Korsh, so I can’t make Mike change his mind.


  • Donna had a very weird and random C-plot this week: Benjamin, a.k.a. B.J. Novak lookalike office tech guy, created an A.I. called The Donna that’s filled with all of her witticisms. It’s basically what would happen if Siri were a bit more responsive and openly sassy. Donna agrees to pursue this business opportunity after Benjamin agrees to work on giving the device her intuition and empathy. Benjamin is clearly playing God/ hasn’t learned anything from Avengers: Age of Ultron or any other sci-fi movie.
  • Louis and Tara have a bit of a falling-out after Louis flips out when Joshua ends up not showing up for the sonogram. They realize they don’t know anything about each other. However, Louis quickly makes up for his overreaction and Tara accepts his apology.
  • When I interviewed Gabriel Macht, he said we’d see a less angst-ridden Harvey after last week’s episode, and that’s definitely the case here. I loved seeing his camaraderie with Louis this week. It seems like co-managing partner might not be the worst thing.

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