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As one would expect, the loss of such an important character is very destabilizing, and the winter premiere swerves into that. All of the characters on the show seem rather lost and desperate to find their place in “She’s Gone,” which was directed by Patrick J. Adams. Overall, the hour does a fairly good job of indicating where we’re heading in the back half of season 6.

Suits‘ midseason finale ended with Harvey assuring Donna that he’ll be okay in the wake of Jessica’s departure; however, the opening scene of “She’s Gone” — which shamelessly teases the audience — makes it very clear it’ll take a while for him to actually be okay with it all. The episode opens with Harvey having a morning after dream about himself and Donna that ends with Donna forcefully reminding him Jessica is gone and never coming back. (For the record, it’s clear from the moment it happens that this is all a dream because Suits — one would hope — would not have rushed through such an important development.)

Despite that opening scene being such a tease, it does give a fairly good idea of where Harvey’s mind is during the episode. Jessica’s departure has thrown Harvey for a loop to the point that he spends half his time in this episode brooding outside of her office. It makes sense for Harvey to feel so distraught after this because Jessica was basically his surrogate mother. His real mother let him down, and now his new mother has also left him. To make matters worse, Mike still refuses to come back to the firm despite Harvey begging him to (more on this later). Obviously, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Harvey deal with loss (see season 5), so it’s not the most revelatory story line, but it’s still fairly compelling to watch thanks to Gabriel Macht’s performance.

However, Harvey does receive some good news when he gets to work: The firm is flushed with cash. Louis wants to hire new associates, but Harvey says no — that is, until Robert Zane shows up at their firm with the same merger offer he gave to Jessica. They say no, obviously. Louis loses his chill after Robert’s visit and wants to decide who will be managing partner, but Harvey wants to delay dealing with that and tells him to just hire associates.

Instead of picking the best candidates from the best law schools, he decides to poach Robert Zane’s associates. Much to my surprise, Louis does present a rational argument for Katrina Bennett and the other associates to jump ship, so Katrina agrees. Then, Louis takes things too far and tries to poach Robert’s biggest client, too, which is a dick move because it turns out Robert actually tries to help Specter Litt out by allowing Katrina and the other associates to leave. Robert genuinely wants the firm to succeed since Rachel is determined to stay there.

NEXT: Donna gets real with Harvey

Meanwhile, Mike dives back into the job pool and applies to several legal clinics, which is his way of following through on the promise he made to no longer work for the 1 percent in his closing argument. With each application, however, he grows a bit more disheartened because he has to admit to being a felon. Thankfully, Father Walker is there to lend him a hand: He offers Mike a substitute-teaching job at his old high school. It’s not the law, but it’s not the 1 percent, so Mike takes it.

On his first day in class, Mike tries to break the ice with some film jokes (you can’t take the film nerd out of the boy). But, his high school students aren’t having it and taunt him with his mug shot. I can’t believe Mike is that surprised his students found out about his not-so-glamorous past. Anyway, it’s fair to say Mike’s first day in the classroom doesn’t go well. So, the next day, Mike tries another tactic: getting the boys to open up by revealing that their regular teacher is dying off cancer. And, it works! They all end up sharing their favorite memories of the teacher, who was there when Mike was a student, too. But, this is the last we’ll see of Mike The Teacher because Father Walker is forced to fire him after a student’s parent finds out he was a prison. Honestly, I’m glad this didn’t last long because having Mike so isolated definitely wouldn’t have worked.

Unbeknownst to Mike, Harvey — looking for a way to distract himself from the firm — throws himself into finding a way for Mike to pass the bar because he knows that’s Mike’s dream. First, he asks Professor Henry Gerard to act as a character witness for Mike, but Gerard reminds Harvey that having a Massachusetts lawyer appear before the New York bar won’t help Mike at all. So, Harvey asks Anita Gibbs for the same favor, but she says no. She knows Mike and Harvey did something shady to get him out, and she doesn’t want Mike going anywhere near the law again.

It’s fair to say that Mike was having a bad day, so finding Anita Gibbs waiting for him on his doorstep that night doesn’t make things any better. Anita tells Mike she received calls from several legal clinics inquiring about him; she promises to make it her life’s mission to prevent Mike from getting a job at any of them. Mike knows Harvey is the reason for Anita’s visit and heads over to Specter Litt to tell Harvey to leave him the hell alone. “If by some miracle I’m somehow able to practice law again, this is the last place I’m ever coming back to. Stop messing with my life,” yells Mike.

This encounter with Mike happened right as Harvey was on his way to confront Louis about going after Robert Zane’s top client, which means Louis becomes the victim of Harvey’s pent-up frustrations. Harvey tells Louis he’ll never be partner and doesn’t stop yelling at Louis until Donna interrupts him. It’s a shame, too, because Louis was just on his way to tell Harvey he messed up. After Harvey leaves, Gretchen comforts Louis, who says he’s not ready to be managing partner, and reminds him of the good he did that day; he got 10 associates to leave Robert and join Specter Litt.

Donna finds Harvey brooding in Jessica’s office and decides to point out the obvious: First, Harvey might not be ready to be managing partner either after that blow-up. Secondly, it might be time for Harvey to fix things with his mother because he needs to remember that Pearson Specter Litt isn’t his only family and, furthermore, it can’t replace his real one. This has been a long time coming, and I’m interested in seeing where things go with Harvey and his mother.


  • My favorite scene: Louis and Tara talking about baby names, and Tara reassuring him that both her and the baby’s last names will definitely be Litt. It was a very tender scene.
  • Robert offers Rachel a job, but Rachel is determined to stay at Specter Litt. Louis offers Rachel a second-year associate position for when she graduates as a sign of gratitude for her loyalty.
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