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Last week’s episode ended with Harvey telling Dr. Agard he was finally ready to open up about his mother, and “Hitting Home” delivers on this promise right from the start. How Harvey’s mother betrayed his trust is actually a good place to start tonight’s episode, which is all about the power of trust. Not only the power we get when someone trusts us, but also the power we lose when we say, “Jesus, take the wheel,” and put our trust in someone. Everyone in tonight’s episode of Suits is definitely aware of that last part.

(Sidebar: Jessica has some great one-liners in “Hitting Home,” which we’ll get to later).

We pick up in Dr. Agard’s office, where Harvey is talking about the time he was young and accidentally walked in on his mother getting dressed after doing the deed with someone she creepily refers to as “Cousin Scott.” In the flashback, Harvey is too young to fully understand what’s going on, so he believes her when she says nothing was up, but orders him not to tell his father about what he saw. Back in the present, Dr. Agard is proud of Harvey for opening up and notes that it feels good to end a session on a positive note. Which lets us know that “Hitting Home” will not end on a positive note.

What’s interesting about tonight’s episode is that Harvey actually doesn’t have a case this week. He almost gets one when Esther (Amy Acker) asks him to represent her in a suit filed against her in which a man claims he suffered from anaphylactic shock after eating her nut-free muffins. However, Harvey tells Esther to consult her brother because he knows Louis will be upset that she went to Harvey and not him. Who has time for legal jousting when there are emotional issues to work through?

While Harvey may have the luxury of lounging around eating bagels, the same can’t be said of everyone else at Pearson Specter Litt, who are all hard at work—especially, Jessica. Suits’ Queen is trying to get her law firm/kingdom/house in order. She commands Soloft to start making nice with her people and to partner with Mike on a case. Mike’s initially resistant because he doesn’t work with people he can’t trust, but after she reminds him who’s in charge, he gets on board. Jessica is always scheming on the low, so it’s no surprise that there’s more to Jessica’s plan; she’s using Mike to find out how involved Soloft and Daniel Hardman are.

Oh wait, did I forget to mention Daniel Hardman (David Costabile) is back? Well, he is—the Hardman has returned to New York. He and Jessica have a quick meeting on the street where she warns him to stay away from her firm. Hardman advises her to focus on her firm because her decision to drop Fletcher Motors last week proved to the rest of the lawyers in her firm that she cares more about Harvey than them. I’m not sure why Suits chose to bring Hardman back now, but it’s a worrisome sign and just reminds us of when Suits was at the top of its game in season two.

Eventually, Esther takes Harvey’s advice and turns to her brother for help. She was initially reluctant because she wants this lawsuit to be handled quietly, but Louis doesn’t do anything quietly. However, Louis agrees to do things her way and to make the matter go away quickly by settling.

Soloft and Mike are working on some pension case involving New York teachers, the details of which I stopped caring about the moment someone said “portfolio” and “derivatives.” What’s more important is how Mike and Soloft’s relationship changes over the course of the episode. Because of the events of the first six episodes of the season, they don’t trust each other and withhold pertinent case strategy from each other. By the end of the case, however, both men prove their trustworthiness to each other and some mutual respect starts to develop between them. As we’ve seen in the cases of Louis and Travis Tanner, Suits thinks people can change and it applied this philosophy to Jack tonight, who refuses to accept any more of Hardman’s help. 

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