Harvey takes on Louis' sister's case, and Mike and Robert butt heads on their class action (again).

By Chancellor Agard
July 16, 2015 at 09:20 AM EDT
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S5 E4

“No Puedo Hacerlo” definitely felt like a step down from last week’s episode—albeit, a small one. For an episode that introduced Louis’ sister Esther, played by the lovely Amy Acker (Person of Interest, Angel), it wasn’t as fun and nimble as it could’ve been. (Then again, USA hourlongs, no matter how great they are, just aren’t that “fun” anymore either). Suits‘ patented swagger was lacking in energy tonight. But, with Amy Acker and Wendell Pierce, who plays Robert Zane, it’s impossible to completely dislike it.

Tonight’s episode opens with some sports metaphor heavy banter between Harvey and Mike, which is interrupted when Harvey spots an attractive woman (Acker) in the building lobby. The security guard won’t allow her upstairs because the last time he sent someone up without an appointment, a certain lawyer threatened to have him executed (Gosh, who ever could she possibly be there to see?). Swooping in like an arrogant knight in shining armor, Harvey helps her out and the two start flirting. Unfortunately, she has to turn down his offer to skip breakfast and get breakfast tomorrow because she has a prior engagement. (ASIDE: Is anyone else upset to see Amy Acker flirting with someone who isn’t Sarah Shahi?)

If you guessed she was there to see Louis, you were right. Meet Esther Litt, Louis’ very pretty younger sister. The Litt’s don’t even bother with pleasantries or hugs, because natch, and get right down to business. Esther’s there because she’s getting a divorce and wants Louis to convince Harvey, who she doesn’t realize she’s already met, to be her lawyer. She doesn’t want her big brother because she knows that he’ll take the fight personally. Big Bro thinks he’s going to have a hard time delivering on this request given the tension between him and Harvey, but Donna assures him that if there’s one thing Harvey understands, it’s family.

And, that he does. Harvey agrees to take the case, but on two conditions. The first is that Louis stays away from the case, and the second condition is TBD. Before leaving Harvey’s office, Louis asks him to promise that he won’t sleep with her. Harvey, also not realizing he’s met her already, says that won’t even be a issue. (Jokes!)

Meanwhile, Mike heads to Robert Zane’s law firm to discuss the insurance settlement. There, he runs into Katrina, who works for Robert now, but it’s like she never left because they quickly fall back into quoting The Wire. The insurance’s offer ends up being lower than Mike expected, so he wants to either ask for more or go to trial, but Robert refuses. There’s yelling, which leads to Mike sulkily staring out the window and lamenting that Robert only cares about his money and doesn’t care about his clients. Katrina convinces him otherwise. So, Mike marches into Robert’s office, without knocking mind you, and convinces him to schedule another meeting with the insurance to ask for more money.

Back at the office, Rachel and Harvey have their first meeting with Esther, who we find out runs a Martha Stewart-level muffin and lifestyle company. (Hopefully, it’s in better shape than Martha’s company.) They recognize each other and the sexual tension makes everyone in the meeting who isn’t them, a.k.a. Rachel, slightly uncomfortable. Fast-forwarding through the meeting where we learn that Jeffrey, the husband is demanding half of her company. We arrive back in Harvey’s office, where Jessica is waiting for him. He assures her that he took Esther’s case as a way to mend things with Louis and get things back on track. Jessica’s impressed by his maturity.

The meeting with the insurance company doesn’t go well, and Mike becomes even more determined to take them to trial. (Do-Gooder Mike is such a pain.) But, Robert shuts that idea down because the client and Jessica have both agreed to accept the settlement. Pissed off, Mike storms into Jessica’s office to confront her. Jessica doesn’t tolerate his inappropriate tone and reminds him of how the world works—it’s always about money—and invites him to get out. Was anyone else surprised that she didn’t actually slap the taste out of his mouth?

NEXT: What’s more important than the money?

There’s an unimportant twist in Esther’s case that leads to her admitting that Jeffrey cheated on her. This is where Suits unsubtly starts drawing parallels between the case and Harvey and Donna, who were basically a married couple. The parallelism works about as well as cliché like this can, but it does lead to Donna telling Harvey after he refuses to reassure a worried Louis about the case, “I spent 12 years putting you first and the day I finally decided to do something for myself, you didn’t just stop treating like family. You started treating me like a stranger. And for your information, that’s a thousand times worse than you treating me like your enemy.”

(ASIDE: Also, the firm keeps being described as a family, and it’s not clear who fulfills what role. Is Jessica the mom and Harvey the dad because their names are on the door? Does that make Louis the creepy uncle who is always around? Also does that mean Donna is the mistress? Or is Jessica both the mom and dad? And I’m thinking way too much about this simple metaphor?)

With Rachel’s help, Harvey is able to undercut Jeffrey’s verbal contract argument in the next meeting because Rachel discovered that he was never admitted to law school. Using that leverage, Harvey is able to talk him down to 25 percent. In case the parallels weren’t clear already, Jeffrey implores her to reconsider because he gave up everything (i.e. reapplying to medical school) for her, and the entire time Harvey’s staring at Donna. Having reached some kind of enlightenment during the meeting and remembering his own childhood, Harvey advises Esther to just give Jeffrey the 25 percent because they are forgetting there are kids in the middle of it all and there are some things that are more important than money. Then, Harvey takes Esther home.

Mike’s sulking is brought to an end when Katrina facilitates an epiphany and he realizes that the hedge fund financing the case, and who is one of Robert’s clients, bought shares in the company. He accuses Robert of manipulating the case for his client’s own gain, but Robert maintains his innocence. Then, he undercuts it by ordering Mike not to disclose the conflict of interest. Like any good child, Mike goes to tattle to Mommy Jessica, but unfortunately, Rachel overhears his accusations and, well, you can imagine what happens.

Louis finds out about Esther’s divorce settlement and is pissed off. Donna tells him that if he does anything to ruin it, he’ll lose her as a secretary. He confronts Harvey, who taunts him into doing what he always does—screw things up, but in the end he lets it go and has Esther tell Harvey how grateful he was for his help.

After making up with Rachel and admitting he was wrong to accuse her father of dishonesty, Mike heads to work and finds Robert waiting for him. He accuses Mike of sabotaging the deal, but we quickly find out that it was actually Jessica. There was insider trading or something going on and Jessica saved Robert from being unintentionally implicated. She also lost him a client, but makes it up to him by taking him out for a drink where they’ll also bitch about how much of pain Mike is.

Now, it’s time to celebrate some much needed maturity. Harvey and Louis have their first non-confrontational conversation all season, and Louis apologizes for screwing Harvey over and says he’ll fix the compensation thing. Harvey walks over to Donna’s desk and thanks her for 12 years of service, and it’s cute as hell.


  • This episode didn’t reveal nearly enough about Louis and Esther’s sibling dynamic. They shared only like two or three scenes together. Also, all the talk about Louis’ high school years was kind of boring.
  • Fun fact: Louis called Esther’s husband “deadweight” in his wedding toast. Never change, Louis.
  • “You know it would be easier for both of us if you were wrong once in a while,” Louis says to Donna after she scolds him for eavesdropping on Esther’s meeting with Harvey.
  • “Well, you should reconsider [fighting Harvery for Esther] because she’s lovely,” Rachel says, trying to start some banter and failing, to Jessica, who shuts her up with a look.

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