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Also necessary on the journey to murder a bad guy is a pit stop for snacks and Tampons. As Kali makes the convenience store employee think his bathroom is flooding, the crew does its own version of Supermarket Sweep. Predictably, Eleven stocks up on Eggos. You can take the girl out of Hawkins, but you can’t take the love of waffles out of her. The worker eventually snaps out of it and pulls a gun. And with Kali’s negotiating skills not as polished as her make-people-see-what-you-want skills, Eleven steps in to send the poor guy flying. “Damn, Shirley,” Axel approvingly exclaims. Watch out, Steve, she may have found a new favorite hair guy.

Finally arriving at Ray’s place, Eleven continues to be a huge pick-up for the squad as she locates him and confirms he seems to be alone, which means it’s time to put the masks on (Future’s ’80s remix). Once inside, Kali and Eleven take theirs off. “Do you remember us?” asks Kali, before making Ray see them as their younger selves. As Eleven throws him against the wall, he tries to bargain for his life by offering to help them find Brenner, who he insists is alive. Eleven isn’t buying what Ray’s selling and begins to choke him, but she changes her mind after noticing a picture of Ray with two young girls, whom Axel has just stumbled upon hiding in another room, calling the police. This changes nothing for Kali, contending, “Did he show your mother mercy?” With Eleven relenting, Kali points a gun at Ray, only for her sister to knock it away. No time to argue about it though, since the police are en route.

Back at the warehouse, Kali checks in on Eleven. Insisting she’s hard on Eleven because of her own past mistakes, Kali reveals more of her own backstory: Following Eleven’s disappearance from the rainbow room, Kali used her gifts to escape; she eventually found a home, but lost them, too. Now, she hopes the sisters can team up to find Brenner, whom Kali makes visible to Eleven. “All this time and you haven’t looked for me,” the creepy-as-ever doctor says to his “daughter.” “You have to confront your pain.”

Later, Eleven is left alone with only her old shirt and fond memories of her friends and Hopper. Back in her dream circle, she can see Hopper and Mike at Hawkins Lab, where they’re in a bit of trouble. When they disappear, she awakens to cops entering the warehouse. After Kali temporarily makes the crew invisible, they make a run for it. Her powers continue to be helpful when she gives the illusion of a huge barrier between them and the police. But as they all hop in the van, Eleven says she isn’t going. “We belong together,” pleads Kali. “There’s nothing back there — they cannot save you, Jane.” Eleven responds, “No, but I can save them.” She heads off the opposite way, clearly leaving Kali hurt.

Eleven’s back on the bus. What a short but eventful trip. A nice old lady checks in on her, asking if she’s headed to see her parents. “I’m going to my friends,” Eleven proclaims. “I’m going home.” About time! Cue Diddy and Skylar Grey.

Most ’80s Moment: Everything. Like the rest of the series, “The Lost Sister” was pure ’80s, but a very different version of the ’80s we’ve become accustomed to on the show. Out were Dungeons & Dragons and Ghostbusters and in was the punkest hour yet.

Best Quotes

“She’s in pain, she needs this,” Kali says of Eleven to her team of misfits.

“Bitchin,” Eleven adorably repeats.

“I’m going home,” Eleven declares to the nice old bus lady.

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