S2 E2
October 27, 2017 at 08:04 AM EDT

Eleven’s not the only one having a s—ty night. Will is out on the town, trick-or-treating with his buds, when a group of rude teens jump out at him and call him “Zombie Boy” and “freak.” It triggers one of his episodes, and this time, the spider-like monster is even bigger and more alive than before. He runs down some stairs and crouches against a wall, his eyes closed, until a concerned Mike shakes him out of it. It’s heartbreaking, and Noah Schnapp does a beautiful job of relaying Will’s terror without coming off as theatrical. The young actor shined last season despite not having as much screen time as the others, and it’s nice to see him flourish in a more present way this time around.

Mike and Will then go home and talk about what just happened. Will admits he’s been having these visions, and Mike admits he sometimes still sees Eleven. They both feel crazy, and they bond over that. Nothing like hallucinations to bring you and a pal closer together! But really, it’s heartwarming to see these two boys get candid with each other about all the weird crap they’re going through.

Back on the streets of Hawkins, Lucas and Dustin are still trick-or-treating with their new friend Max. She’s coming out of her shell, though we still don’t know much about her — except that her brother, Billy (Dacre Montgomery), who’s basically a teenage boy playing Jared Leto playing Bret Michaels, is a jerk. He gets mad at her earlier in the episode and threatens that if she’s late one more time, she’ll have to skateboard home. In the car, he complains about how the town is a s—hole and implies the only reason they’re there is because of her. Then he almost runs over Lucas, Dustin, and Mike for fun. Cool guy.

Later that night, he’s at the same Halloween party as Steve and Nancy. She’s still freaking out about the whole Barb thing and has even hinted that she wants to tell Barb’s parents about what really happened, a suggestion Steve quickly shot down. His idea was to instead go to the party that night, get drunk, and act like stupid teenagers. It’s not a bad idea. Just kidding, it’s a horrible idea: Feeling upset and lost, Nancy drinks too much, gets mad at Steve for trying to stop her from drinking more, then slurs at him about how he’s “bulls—.” He’s bulls—, their love is bulls—, everything is bulls—. Out of all the drunk scenes in the world, this might be my new favorite.

Steve does not enjoy Nancy’s bluntness the way I do, and he leaves her at the party. He’s obviously not the most thoughtful dude, but leaving your wasted girlfriend at a party seems like an extremely bad move no matter how many times she drunkenly called you on your bulls—. Thankfully, Jonathan is there, and he takes her home and tucks her into bed. Jonathan is not bulls—.

Most ’80s Moment: The boys go all in on their Ghostbusters costumes — proton packs and all.

Best Quotes

“You are such a nerd. No wonder you only hang out with boys.” —Erica to her brother Lucas

Each version of “you’re bulls—” Drunk Nancy says to Steve

“If we’re both going crazy, then we’ll go crazy together, right?” —Mike to Will

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