The team must band together to save Andy, Jack, and Maya.
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When a call goes bad on Station 19, it really goes bad.

Andy’s having a great morning, going on cute runs with Ryan that end in make out sessions (Do all runs end in make out sessions? Should I be running?), and getting pumped up for the captain race to finally come to end. Her dad, who has been acting strange toward Andy since he told Ripley that he didn’t support Andy or Jack for the position, tries to keep Andy’s expectations low. They are not low. This job is hers. She is excited.

Before she starts singing from the top of the fire truck ladder (hey, Shondaland loves a good musical episode), the crew is sent on a call. They arrive at the home of Audrey and Oliver, a couple in the midst of a divorce that is definitely not amicable. Audrey’s been burning their things in the fireplace and now the whole house is going up in smoke. Oliver called the police because he thinks Audrey is stealing from him. Since there seems to be only one cop in all of Seattle, when Andy and Co. pull up outside of the house, Ryan is already on the scene. BECAUSE OF COURSE HE IS.

Andy and Jack quickly determine that the best way to tackle this fire is with a little move called “Stuffing the Turkey.” Sounds delicious, right? Like all Thanksgiving dinners, it’s also complicated and dangerous. Basically, it means, they’ll “baste” the outside of the house to seal the flame inside, and then hit it from the inside. But if it’s not done correctly, people inside the house could overheat and get cooked alive. Cool, cool, cool. Not scary at all.

The firefighters need access through the garage. Audrey works in cyber securities and has outfitted her entire home with biometric locks and reinforced steel — the house is a fortress. She has a blister on her thumb from the aforementioned burning of her memories, so she is unable to open the door that goes from the garage into the house.

There is an override system though! Jack sends Dean inside with the code to override all the locks in the house. It seems like a relatively easy job but there’s a problem. Dean has been living it up with JJ and is working on zero sleep. He forgets the code and is unable to radio Jack and the rest of the team (later, he discovers that in his exhaustion, his radio was on the wrong channel). Why he doesn’t run back into the garage to ask for the code, or why Jack doesn’t send someone else to check on him, we shall never know.

Instead, Dean inputs the incorrect code twice, just as Audrey is informing everyone that if the code is entered incorrectly more than once, the system will go on lockdown. And since she designed everything herself, it’s not like there is a company to call and override anything — they’ll be trapped for a few hours until the system resets. Really great system you’ve got going there, Audrey.

And so, the garage goes on lockdown, trapping Andy, Jack, Maya, Ryan, his partner Karen (she is hilarious, by the way), and Audrey inside. The fire in the house is getting out of control, and with no breakable windows (it’s a fortress, remember?) and just the chimney to vent, the garage is overheating. They are trapped inside an oven with no way to get out. Who’s the turkey now?! Too soon?

On the outside, Travis is attempting to stay calm and problem solve. He really is a great leader, isn’t he? The chainsaws don’t do anything against the reinforced garage door and they’re waiting on a battering ram from the police. Not so calm? Dean. He is beside himself with guilt. This is his fault! He needs to do something! He takes a sledgehammer to the unbreakable glass windows in an attempt to make some kind of vent for the fire. Ben has to calm him down. Thinking a bit more clearly, he smashes into the wall under the window. A vent! It doesn’t solve the problem, but it is a step in the right direction. Travis buys them all a little more time by rerouting hoses in an attempt to cool off the garage. It won’t save them, but it’s something. Anyone else just super proud of Travis in this episode? (Recap continues on next page)

Inside the garage, things are deteriorating. Temperatures are climbing (112 degrees!), people are getting angry, and morale is low. What started out with nervous chatter about why Ryan and Jack are suddenly in a buddy comedy quickly turns to bickering. There’s no way out from the inside, and any ideas someone has — Ryan wants to use the car in the garage as a battering ram, Jack wants Audrey to hot wire one of the doors — are quickly shut down. The group ends up down on the floor — the coolest place in the hellish room — fighting for their lives.

Pruitt Herrera arrives right on time. As much as Vic is trying to keep hope alive, they need the big guy. In an emotional scene, Pruitt talks to Andy through the door, pleading with his daughter to not give up, to find a way out. Thanks to a little group brainstorm, the team comes up with one last idea. They’re going to turn the water heater into a projectile by igniting its pilot light with gasoline from the car — the explosion will blast open the door. The team thinks it’s as crazy as you do, but as Andy points out, “There are no sane options here. [Their] choices are crazy or death.”

The plan works! Of course it works! Sure, there is one moment when Maya runs toward the impending explosion to prevent a loose release valve from flying off and killing someone, but she miraculously is fine and so is everyone else. Pruitt rushes in and he and his daughter embrace. It’s all fine and well, but who will be hugging us? We’re the ones who need it!

In the aftermath of the tough call, Travis goes to see Grant. Earlier, he had warned Grant that he needed to take this relationship slow, “like, glacially slow.” But after the reminder that his job is dangerous and life is short (out of anyone, does Travis really need that reminder?), he doesn’t want to take things slow. Not at all. Oh, you guys, things get very steamy.

Things don’t work out so well for Andy. She’s at Joe’s Bar (Grey’s Anatomy fans rejoice!) celebrating with the team and Ryan, when Jack walks in getting his brood on. His first stop is Dean. He wants to know what happened with the alarm and the code. Before Dean can confess that it was his mistake, Vic covers for him. It was an electrical malfunction, she tells Jack. Everyone is covering for Vic as she tries to deal with her fear of fire; this is the least she can do for Dean. Seems like a lot of lying and cover ups going on at Station 19 — how long before something blows up in their faces?

Jack has moved on to Andy. He can sense something is going on between her and Ryan, and he confronts her. He wants to know when they started hooking up — and as much as Andy doesn’t want to talk about this here and now, the truth comes out. Jack and Ryan have words, but it is Jack who huffs out of the bar, broken-hearted.

Before Andy can really process that little drama, her dad walks in. She thanks him for everything — for helping her through that call and for having her back throughout the race for the captain position. Again, Pruitt tries to manage Andy’s expectations, but this time Andy catches on. Pruitt has no choice but to tell her he didn’t recommend Andy or Jack for the job. He thinks it will ruin the Station 19 family if they have to choose sides. Not cool, dad! Andy is livid. If Pruitt wanted the team to unite together against someone else, consider it done.

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