It was a shocking episode. Literally.
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The Station 19 cast does an incredible job acting with their eyes. There is so much drama in the focused stares, long lingers, and sweet gazes. I’d give Warren and Marshall each an Emmy for their performance on the street.

Who’s Marshall? He’s the guy who ran into an electrical pole with his car. We’re not sure how it happened, but here we are with Marshal stuck behind the wheel with live wires flinging about above his head.

Let’s save him for later. We should talk about Jack and Andy and how her dad is making them divulge their on again/off again relationship to the team. Trust can be an issue when people put their lives in your hands. Buck up. Face the music.

Naturally the alarm rings at that exact moment. It’s an Aid Car call which means Herrera is stuck in an ambulance with Maya during an actual police raid. You know what that means: HELLO RYAN!

Here’s the quick version: Bad drug people are in the building. The SWAT team is going in with police backup. The ambulance has been called just in case there are shots fired. Under no circumstances is Andy to come rushing in unless she gets the call from the police. Therefore, she and the woman who is currently mad at her will be sitting in an ambulance all the livelong day.

The Aid Car turns into an impromptu therapy session. One of them needs to go in the back and lay down on the bed. Andy is mad that Maya is acting weird. Maya is secretly mad that her best friend never told her she was hooking up with Jack. Hottie Ryan knocks on the window and hands them a digital tablet so they can see what’s going on, yet they’re not supposed to do anything with anyone at anytime. Got it?

This seems like a mistake, Ryan, but I’ll forgive you because no one wears a bullet proof vest like you do, my friend.

Maya can see Andy’s thoughts churning in her head and she shouts for her to just let it all out. Because she already knows about Jack and she thinks Andy’s behavior has been nothing but sloppy. Harsh, but true.

Meanwhile, Captain Herrera is running around like a big old grump. He’s irritated at Jack for obvious reasons, but everyone else thinks it’s because he has chosen a side for his replacement. Clearly he wants Andy to get the job.

He barks at Jack for the smallest things, including not being able to install three car seats for the very pregnant lady who is having triples. The only person who can make him sit still is Dr. Miranda Bailey. Yay for crossovers!

She is mad, mad, mad that Captain Herrera is at the station. As his doctor, she makes it very clear that she is concerned about his well-being and does not condone his actions. He is playing with fire, which works out in a figurative and literal way.

The alarm rings at the perfect time. Everyone scatters to the trucks and Travis takes this time to let Jack know that he’s figured out why Captain Herrera is acting so mean. Jack is happy to finally talk to someone about his hook-up with Andy and processes through all the emotions. Travis keeps on driving. Can open. Worms everywhere. (Recap continues on next page)

The trucks pull up to the site of a crash and this is when we meet Marshall. For some reason, the city is taking their sweet time to turn the power off, and as a result, Marshall is a sitting duck ready to be sizzled. The only thing keeping him safe from the live wires are his car tires. Warren instructs him to just stay in the car until the power is turned off. He must not touch the ground.

Suddenly things get dicey. Victoria notices gas leaking from the car. If a wire comes in contact, we now have a possible explosion on our hands. It’s imperative that they get Marshall out of the car, to which Marshall laughs. Wasn’t he just told to stay in the car?

Jack explains that the situation has changed. He must open the door, stand on the door frame, and hop off landing with both feet firmly on the ground. Like a bunny. He actually used the word bunny.

Marshall says, “No thank you” and Warren steps in. He tells Marshall about how birds are always on power lines but they are never shocked. Why? Because they have both feet grounded. It’s the same thing. Both feet on the ground. Like a bird.

So is it bird or bunny? Marshall is confused but he’d rather not explode today, so he goes for it. He hops like a bunny and all is well. Warren begs him to go slow because he still has to make it all the way over to the grass. Another hop. Another victory. I think you see where I’m going with this.

The last hop, sparks fly and Marshall loses his balance. He falls and is immediately shocked. Warren and Travis grab their medical gear and wait for the all clear sign. Seriously, the Seattle Electric Company needs to get their act together.

Victoria finally gives the all clear that the power is off and the guys go to work. Marshall is unresponsive. Ironically, they shock him and his eyes flutter. He laughs that he didn’t stick the landing. Then he tells Warren that his arms won’t move.

Travis concludes that a shock that bad would result in severe internal bleeding. His organs are shutting down. Marshall asks if he’s dying, because if he is, he wants to call his wife. Warren won’t let him. It’s too soon. Travis gives him a look and then Warren gives the kindest, gentlest, saddest look ever as he reaches for Travis’ phone.

Travis calls his wife. The pregnant lady having triplets. I am SLAYED.

I can’t even talk about the conversation. It was normal. He didn’t tell her he was dying. He just wanted to hear her say that she loved him. And of course she did. And so do the babies.

I AM DYING. (Recap continues on next page)

Meanwhile, Andy and Maya hear shots from the warehouse and notice major activity on their tablet. Andy cranks the engine and Maya makes her wait. Both have this look that we are all thinking. What if Ryan has been shot? A call comes in for the Aid Car to move and they are there within seconds only to learn that an officer is down.

So help me if this show kills off Ryan, I will boycott. I will write a letter to Shonda myself. With all the surprise dying going on in this episode, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Thankfully, it’s not Ryan. It’s another cop. Sorry, dude. I’m glad you had a bullet proof vest on, too, but Ryan is my boy.

Andy acts all weird and Maya notices. When they get back into the cab of the ambulance, Maya shares that Ryan has been helping her with her brother. Andy kicks herself for blabbing about a boy the entire therapy session and both promise to be each other’s person from here on out.

Back at the station, Travis spills the beans and tells Victoria and Miller that Jack and Andy have been hooking up. While Miller tries to put words together, confused by his friend’s secret keeping, Victoria ticks off a list of places that they maybe had sex. Did they bump it in the hose room?

Why yes, Victoria. They did.

Jack and Andy tell the group and no one is surprised but Warren. Miller pretends to be fine with it. Victoria wants to know if Jack would save her in a fire before Andy. And Travis is curious if the person who doesn’t make captain will leave the station.

That would be a big fat no from Andy. Jack just stands there. Interesting.

Miller decides to process his feelings by going on a date with JJ. They never make it to the Thai place. Warren hugs Miranda a little closer and keeps this horrible day to himself so he won’t worry her. That’s going to come back to bite him, I’m sure.

And then there’s Andy who runs across the street to knock on Ryan’s door and then sneaks away like a junior high kid with a roll of toilet paper. I thought Maya was going to be in the house. She wasn’t.

But you can’t tell me that a new triangle isn’t forming. And Ryan is totally going to pick Maya now that Andy is technically available.

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