Can Andi and Jack stand the heat?
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The tiniest flame can build and build into something raging if given a fuel source. Suddenly your minor flicker is a full-blown inferno and you have no idea how devastation is looking you the face. Firefighters deal with this scenario on a regular basis. Ninety percent of the time it’s an actual fire. The other 10 percent is straight up Shondaland drama.

Andi and Jack are bickering about bills, boots, and steak dinners. What else is new? Andi wants Jack to stop playing the “fun dad” role. Fighting leads to more fighting which inevitably leads to sexual tension. Andi shouts, “Stop arguing with me!” Jack smiles, agrees, and stops the argument by sticking his tongue down her throat.

I’m sensing a pattern with Andi, but I’ll allow it since Jack is so darn handsome. Something else to note: The Captain’s bunk room is another convenient place to make out, along with the hose room. Good to know if you should ever find yourself in a fire station with someone’s tongue down your throat.

Andi and Jack find it titillating to yell and slam doors in each other’s faces as their fellow teammates look on. Victoria and Maya find it odd that Andi was in such a bad mood before, but now she’s tossing apples around at the grocery store like she’s a Latina version of LeBron. They begin to have an intervention right there in the produce section, but are interrupted by a barrage of beepers. FIRE TIME.

The team races to a brand new bed-and-breakfast run by two sisters who seem to hate each other. One asks if Miller can please refrain from using axes or water. Sure thing, lady. They’ve been trained to just talk the fire into dissipating on its own. No problem.

The good news is that the “fire” is a teeny, tiny flame on the stove. It’s currently consuming an oven mit and the heat-hungry guys are disappointed that it only takes one squeeze of the extinguisher to eliminate the danger.

Back at the station, Andi picks a fight with Jack, complaining that he didn’t follow protocol in the field. He follows her into the captain’s office claiming, “I’ll do what needs to be done!” Then, he “does what needs to be done.” That’s code for sex. Did you get that?

Miller is in the early stages of trying to figure out how to “do what needs to be done” with JJ, but he doesn’t know how long one should wait. Emily Post didn’t cover this in her latest etiquette book, so he goes to the wise old man in the office. And Captain Herrera suggests he keep on walking into the other room to ask someone else. He’s not giving advice on how to use your firefighter status as a pickup line.

Although something tells me Captain Herrera was a pretty man back in the day. I bet he saved a kitten from a tree or two in exchange for a phone number.

Speaking of imaginary saving, Warren finds Victoria practicing her firefighting skills with a simulation video game. Supposedly the participant can feel heat and the production of the game is extremely realistic. He catches Victoria freaking out and throwing the headpiece on the floor. She ignores his laughter and storms from the room. Could someone be experiencing a little PTSD from a certain blue fire?

Across town, Montgomery and Maya head back to the assisted living center. Remember Mr. Page and how he accidentally got his boys stuck in the shower chair a few episodes back? Well, his PYT Edith is having issues now and I just love that Station 19 has a weekly call to the old folks home. Her shoulder is messed up and Montgomery is livid that her grandson isn’t taking care of her better. Edith shuts him up when she informs the good medic that she hasn’t told her grandson about her ailments.

Montgomery complains on the way home to Maya. He thinks that everyone should have someone in their lives who cares for them unconditionally. Maya nods her head in a distracted way and then immediately looks for Andi when she gets back to the station. She has no idea that Andi is currently tangled up in the sheets with Jack, babbling on about how no one can discover them together. (Recap continues on next page)

Maya tells everyone that she has to leave on an errand. She heads to the police station and meets Ryan there. Maya peeks into a room and finds her brother Mason sleeping it off on a bench. Ryan caught him shoplifting art supplies, which is odd. Ryan also lets Maya know that he recognizes Mason from the streets.

Maya shuts that talk down with one single look. Her brother is NOT homeless. It’s been a year since she’s seen him, but he does not live on the street. Ryan’s eyes do all sorts of weird things to both of our insides and she gives him an awkward hug, thanking him for calling her. There was definitely some sort of vibe going on. Maya leaves the police station and knocks on Andi’s door. Then she see’s Jack’s uniform, the one with GIBSON written across the front, and waltzes out of the office in a huff.

Rookie mistake, Lieutenant Gibson.

The next morning, the fire bell rings and everyone scatters, including Andi, who scrambles to find her clothes. Guess what? There’s another fire at the bed and breakfast, but this time, it’s legitimate smoke and significant flames. One sister has made it out, but the other is trapped inside.

As the team charges into the establishment, Victoria panics. Warren is the only one who notices and for a hot second (no pun intended), I thought he was going to sing “I’m a Little Teapot” with her again right there in front of everyone. Instead, he escorts her out of the room while Maya puts out the fire. Still no sign of the sister.

They do hear explosions, though. It seems there’s a gas leak that is causing wine bottles to burst, sending glass flying everywhere. Naturally, the sister is on the other side of those whizzing shards. Now I can clearly see a window behind her, but Andi does not bust through that and drag the sister straight outside. Heavens no. She is a strong female character developed by Shonda Rhimes, by golly, and she will run straight through flying glass to save her victim.

Once Andi gets there, the poor lady is dealing with smoke inhalation and a rather large shard of pinot grigio protruding from her thigh. Ouch. Andi hoists her up and hauls her back through the wine room. Victory!

Not so fast. Sister swallowed some glass and can’t breathe. Maya takes action and continues to perform CPR as all the others look on and shake their heads in defeat. Let it be known that I want Maya as my medic, because the previous non-breathing woman begins to breathe and all is right with the world.

Only it isn’t all right with some. Maya ignores Andi’s accolades for a job well done. And when her friend presses Maya to tell her what is wrong with her odd behavior, we see a beautifully coiffed Maya sitting on a nice green lawn telling the story of her drug addicted brother.

Get this: She’s telling the story to Ryan. This love triangle just turned into a square. Or a new triangle minus Jack. Whatever. My point is that Maya is totally going to fall for Ryan.

This sweet guy offers to keep an eye on Mason because Ryan is the epitome of a good man. Additionally, the Captain helps Miller with an excuse to talk to JJ because he’s the epitome of a gentleman. Montgomery meets Edith’s grandson and helps her explain her medical needs because he has integrity. And Warren is ripped a new one when he offers to help Victoria with her fire fears because she is scared to death.

Do you see the flames fanning? I do.

Finally, Andi figures it’s appropriate to once again clock some sexy time with Jack. He puts on the brakes. Why the sudden change of heart, Jack?

When he saw the sisters reunite, sobbing that they could never live without the other, Jack knew he felt the same way about Andi. He also knows that she doesn’t feel the same toward him. Andi admits it because family, in her eyes, is Station 19. Family in Jack’s eyes, is a big fat diamond ring on Andi’s finger and her uniform that will one day read GIBSON, just like his.

Jack doesn’t want to delay the inevitable. It’s been fun, be he can’t do this anymore. His flame is about to explode if something doesn’t happen soon. Andi unbuttons his shirt and asks him if he wants to keep spending time with her?

His look is stern. So is her father’s. Hey, Captain Herrera! Pay no attention to your scantily-clad daughter and fellow shirtless lieutenant. And thanks for helping to extinguish that flame of lust with a big old bucket of disappointment so it doesn’t get out of control again.

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