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One thing most firefighters understand is that sometimes the flaming structure is too far gone. You have to sit back and let it burn. They are trained to keep some distance. But for some, that’s just not an option.

Jack is in charge of disaster protocol with Seattle Police. Ryan shows up with his partner and Jack seethes when his arch nemesis asks why Andy isn’t conducting the meeting since she is the Chief on Duty. Jack gloats, knowing that Andy is at the hospital with her dad, while Ryan volleys one back commenting, “She didn’t mention anything about his health when we were together the other day.”

Solid burn, Ryan.

Jack and Ryan get into a bro argument but are cut-off when the fire alarm goes off. Just as Jack is scrambling to leave, Ryan gets a call to go to the same fire. Both guys hustle to the site and we all wonder if the two points of Andy’s love triangle will be forced to work together to save lives. My money is on yes.

What I didn’t expect was for Ryan to become Mr. Invincible by running into the burning restaurant to help pull people out. This ticks Jack off for a few reasons. 1.) That’s hella brave. 2.) He doesn’t have an oxygen mask on. This doesn’t stop Ryan.

Soon, Jack calls for everyone to get out, predicting that the building is going to collapse. All they can do now is watch it burn to the ground. This would be a boring episode if the lady with a baby wasn’t on the second floor balcony screaming for help.

That’s right. LADY WITH A BABY. Jack hops up onto the ladder so they can swing it around to the balcony. It moves with the speed of a decrepit turtle. This frustrates Ryan and everyone else standing around watching the flames get closer and closer to mama and Baby Jacob.

Ryan calls for the mom to drop her baby and I shout, “WHAT IN THE WORLD, RYAN?” The lady says, “uh, no” and Ryan explains that once Jack (eventually) gets to her, she will have to jump onto the ladder. She can’t do that with a baby in her arms. All she has to do is drop the baby and he will catch him. DO IT. DO IT NOW.

So she does and ABC goes to commercial. Of course. Two minutes later, Baby Jacob is still flying through the air, slow motion style, and into the loving, muscular arms of Ryan. Mama flings herself in the loving, muscular arms of Jack. Everyone lives.

For Maya, her brother is keeping his distance. Even though Maya and Herrera offer free hepatitis shots to the group of homeless people living in tents under the bridge, Mason wants nothing to do with his sister. He’s choosing to live the way he lives and has even found ways to be an artist. Maya receives the message loud and clear, ignores it completely, and later gives Mason some logical items (blanket, soup) and frivolous gifts (brushes, paint). He draws a beautiful mural on the bridge and then disappears without a word. Perhaps this family structure is too far gone.

Remember little old lady Edith and her handsome grandson Grant? Well, Grant frequents the same yoga studio as Travis and just happens to carry around business cards in his gym shorts. He asks Travis on a date, but Travis halfway ghosts him. Sure, there was a fire that got in the way of their plans, but Travis is still hesitant to start something up with Hot Grant. Why? Because he doesn’t want Grant to worry about him dying. He doesn’t want anyone to worry. Therefore, he doesn’t date. This is the definition of sitting back in the safe zone. Grant walks him through a two-week scenario of how dating would look in his world and it sounds so good that Travis and I both decide we’d like to have breakfast with Grant. (Recap continues on next page)

Bless her heart, Victoria is still afraid of fire. Maya and Travis run her through some drills where she has to put out a bunch of flaming torches. She’s great at first, but then she starts to crumble. She rushes out of the circle and lays into Maya for pushing her too hard. Later, when the team has done all they can do for a strip mall that is burning to the ground, Victoria gets close to the flames. She feels the heat. She watches as it burns. It looks like she might be back in the game.

Chief Herrera
When we last left Herrera, he was asking someone at Grey Sloan Hospital to page Dr. Bailey. It looks like Herrera is having trouble with his meds, but since he’s a stubborn mule, he leaves the hospital when Bailey threatens to admit him. Miller and Warren double team him and haul him right back to the hospital with Andy behind them.

Chief Herrera is a little too chatty in the hospital room and lets it slip that Warren has been in quite the dangerous situations, including the awful electrocution. Bailey has to pretend she knows what he’s talking about. She is not pleased with her husband and demands that he stop protecting her from his burdens at work. If he feels the burn, she wants to feel the burn, too. Warren agrees, but who knows if he will actually share with her in the future, even though the “I’m A Little Teapot” story would be a fabulous icebreaker at parties.

Andy is anxious that Station 19 will give her pity eyes since she’s in last place in the race for new fire chief. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have to worry about that since her dad is in the hospital. They fight back and forth the entire episode. Especially when Bailey suggests a more aggressive treatment for his cancer.

Warren ends up giving Andy the exact same pep talk that Meredith gave her in the first episode. Something about getting her game face on. Herrera asks for space. Andy refuses to give it to him. Why is this such a big deal?

Because Andy promised her mom before she died that she would take care of her dad. Andy gets emotional and so does Herrera. Then he passes out and all the alarms sound. Someone help the Chief!

It turns out that he had an allergic reaction to the new medicine. Sadly, this is going to the the case every time. Andy is annoyed but Herrera insists they keep going. Because he will have Andy with him every step of the way. Way to bridge the gap, guys!

Andy goes home and Ryan comes busting in, shaking from the adrenaline of catching a baby from the second floor. He recognizes that he doesn’t want to stay away from the fire anymore. He wants to get close because he likes it.

Just so you know, Andy is the fire in this metaphor. There was a passionate kiss, the ripping of clothes, and the insinuation that things are about to get hot and heavy with these two.

Let the record show that I approve.

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