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Back at the office, some bearded I.T. guy is annoying everyone with his app that’s teaching him French. I mean, props to the guy for trying to learn another language, but, um, you work at Langley. Shouldn’t you already know French? (I clearly have possibly unreasonably high standards for government employees who work anywhere near analysts/classified intel.) Charlie, who is not in the mood for this today, tells the guy to turn that shit down before she tosses it down the burn-chute.

So, what’s on the agenda for potential book-inclusion today? Sheikh Hakam, some international gangster type, is hanging with other terrorist types in Manila. Boring, deems Charlie. Next! Well, Mo has info about that smallpox issue in Panama. The Department of Defense detected it as they were sniffing around for nuclear damage from the quake. Back-of-book info though, unless there’s a development.

In the Oval, as President Payton and Chief of Staff David Patrick wait to begin the morning briefing, an unscheduled appointment pops by. It’s Senator Kyle Green, whom the president is reluctant to see. Seems they have history, and Constance is quick to take credit for the senator’s entire résumé. Turns out, Senator Green was on the committee that commissioned an investigation into the convoy attack in Kabul that killed Aaron. The report is going to committee this week, and the senator tells Constance, “There is something in that report that could hurt you, gravely.” Regardless of whatever their falling out was, she doesn’t want the president to be blindsided by bad news regarding her son’s death. “I can’t speak to the substance of the report,” the senator teases, “but assume the worst.”

During the briefing, Charlie brings up the possibility of smallpox in Panama. Oh yeah, that’s totally real, the president tells her. CIA Director Navarro started saying something about the smallpox being there because of an abandoned research hospital, blah blah bioweapons research, blah blah I have no idea what else because I got lost in his beautiful eyes. Basically, the smallpox is American. We left it there. Good job, us. Charlie and Navarro do the walk-and-talk out of the Oval (finally! There is life in the White House!), and he says some things and Charlie recites a Peter Piper Picked a Peck line about a “president of a country with a potential pandemic sitting in the middle of a Panamanian slum.” Request for the end-of-season bloopers reel: I’d like to know how many takes that took.

On the seventh floor, the briefers are grabbing a lunch of salad and taquitos—Charlie’s signature bribe for getting her team to work overtime. Looks like they have a mission: recover those vials of smallpox. Restricted access, agency eyes only. This sounds like a job for… you guessed it! Jack Dawkins! Yes!

David stops by the president and first gentleman’s lunch to chat about that little meeting with Senator Green. Constance’s husband, Marshall, is pretty succinct in his feelings about the senator: “Just a friendly visit, lacking any and all ulterior motive, I’m sure.” (That’s a classy bit of shade there, Marshall. I like you, Mr. First Gentleman. I like you a lot.) David wants to look into what’s going on, and POTUS approves his snooping.

Meanwhile, Charlie is briefing everyone’s favorite man in the field, Jack Dawkins. This mission isn’t happening and no one can know about this, she tells him. Leave no footprints at all. Welp, now we know this operation isn’t going to go exactly as planned. Dammit! Be safe, dear Jack Dawkins, as you rush off to your preferred method of transportation (a helicopter, duh!).

Where, you might ask, has Nick been all day? Why, stalking someone, of course. He pops up in this guy’s home after dark, just seconds after his wife heads off to bed. Turns out, the guy was a guard on Midnight City. “Why are you taking pictures of people you don’t know on a boat that doesn’t exist?” Nick asks him. For the money, obviously. He took the pictures and sold them to the Creig Group. Judging by Nick’s face, this is bad news.

Charlie meets a woman in the parking garage, a friend who Syd sent. She installs an infiltration program on Charlie’s phone, which gives her access to the external mic of the person sending the texts. Looks like she should be able to get to the bottom of this texter problem soonish! Unfortunately, Nick shows up to dampen the mood with the news that the guard sold the photos to the Creig Group. Are they a PMC, asks Charlie. Ha! As if, replies Nick. “Calling Creig a private military company is like comparing a stealth bomber to a paper airplane,” he informs her. They are in deep shit.

NEXT: Which news will be worse? More intel on the Creig Group, or what’s in that Kabul report?

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