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October 08, 2014 at 03:23 AM EDT

After this hour, do you have any idea where this season is headed? Jax finally gets a chance to kill Lin, and Lin gets arrested before he can finish the job. Now SAMCRO is gunning down Triad members in the street not caring who sees. Juice, meanwhile, has a gun on Gemma, who was prepared to murder him. Jarry knows definitively through Unser that the Chinese and SAMCRO are in a war, but she also has feelings for Chibs and wants to protect SAMCRO (at least for now). Jax is kissing Wendy’s cheek. Oh, and Abel is going stir crazy with a hammer. Let’s dig in.

The Diosa Aftermath: How numb do you have to be to sit on a couch with the slumped over bodies of slaughtered escorts and Johns? Ask Jax, because that’s where he opens the episode. He can look across blood-splattered Diosa and see Colette on the floor. Knowing actress Kim Dickens is in the No. 1 movie in the country now (she’s the lead detective in Gone Girl) is comforting. A visibly shaken Bobby—remember he doesn’t like excessive violence, even though he’s been a part of some recently—tells Jax that Happy is phoning everyone and telling them to get to Red Woody, which will be on lockdown. No one’s heard from West (we know he’s dead).

Nero wants answers, but Jax isn’t ready to give them yet. God bless Nero’s cardigan: He buttons it before walking out of Diosa to go tell the Stockton girls about Barosky about the massacre—he wants to be civilized. You can tell he wants to talk more to Jax, but he stops himself. Does he think Jax won’t tell him the truth anyway, or is it that Nero knows he can’t handle the truth in that moment? From Jax’s cigarette smoke to jittery Gemma’s we go. She has to delay Operation Drive Juice to Oregon once she hears from Happy (though she tells Juice the drama at Diosa is just “whores will be whores”). They’ll leave in the morning, she tells Juice, and gives him weed to smoke. Cut to towel-wearing Chibs at Jarry’s sharing a joint with her. She’s also fresh from the shower, so they did it. (Yay.) He hears from Happy and tells her she might want to get dressed, too.

Poor Jarry, two weeks on the job and she’s in the record books for having the worst massacre ever in her quadrant. Jarry knows Diosa is retribution for something and that if she doesn’t find answers, the Feds will. She asks Unser to decide which side of the table he’s sitting on and then goes into the kitchen to have a talk with Jax as we get another shot of Colette’s face. Director Peter Weller clearly knows she’s the only one in that massacre we know/care about. Jarry tries to start soft with Jax: She tells him she’s been doing this for a while with guys a lot more dangerous than his MC. (Is she still underestimating Jax?) She knows how to do her job within outlaw code, but if he doesn’t bend with her and deliver intel somehow, this case will crack wide open and neither of them will walk away whole. Jax nods to her, but when she leaves, he runs his finger through the flame of his lighter. Up until now, we’ve been watching Jax on a lit trail of gasoline—now he’s ready for the explosion.

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