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There are some Sons of Anarchy moments that will always stay with us: Opie saying, “I got this,” Clay locking eyes with Gemma through the blinds, and Tara smiling before she walked into that kitchen. Why? Because you don’t forget how you begged out loud to your TV to make what you knew was about to happen stop. Even though I was telling myself Gemma was going to kill Tara because she believed Tara had ratted on Jax, I must not have wanted to believe it because I burst into tears when Gemma took that large grill fork to Tara’s head. That’s when I conceded it was actually happening.

EW advocates every year for Maggie Siff to get an Emmy nomination, and I hope that scene in the park — when Tara was convinced Jax was going to kill her, but instead, he wanted to set her and the boys free — will cinch her one. It was flawless. The perfect amount of tears for someone scared but of such strong conviction. The perfect tone for someone who wasn’t saying hurtful things to be cruel but because she believed them to be true.

UPDATE: Siff talked about that scene in our burning questions post, which also includes tidbits from creator Kurt Sutter and Katey Sagal. For more insight, check out our postmortem interviews with Siff, Theo Rossi, Rockmond Dunbar, and Jimmy Smits. This is gonna hurt, but here we go…

We opened with Jax sitting in the graveyard, leaning on Opie’s tombstone. He was journaling and explaining to his sons that he writes so they’ll know him, but also because these pads are the one place he can be honest without fear of judgment. Ah, the poetry of Tara having started the season writing down all of Jax’s actions on those notepads so he would be judged an unfit parent when the time comes. He admitted he was terrified a great deal of the time — of what he’s done, what he’s doing, and what he might have to do. [Fitting cut to Juice, who was helping Tig and Chibs bring Bobby back from the cabin.] More than once this season, I’ve written that Jax should just stay in bed because his days are just one problem after the other. Turns out, Jax craves that terror. It’s that rush that gets him out of bed in the morning. He feels remorse for the acts of violence he’s committed, the planned and the spontaneous. But what brings him the most sorrow is how he’s learned to justify the behavior. [Fitting cut to Wendy, packing for rehab.] I love it when you can hear Kurt Sutter’s voice in Jax: “I always find a reason, a cause, a need that allows me the karmic lubrication to stuff my guilt into a savage compartment. I’ve become the thing, the one I hated.” [Fitting cut to Clay’s sad plot at the prison graveyard and only Unser being there to mourn him.] He spoke of the periods when he has to avoid looking into a mirror because of the self hate. [Fitting cut to Gemma doing dishes, trying to get something in her life clean.] Since’s Opie’s death, he seems to have lost his center, he said, along with love, camaraderie, freedom and all the things he wants from his life. [Fitting cut to Nero back on the street with the Byz-Lats.] Today would be a day they’d all remember: He wanted them to look back and know that he was speaking the truth in this entry — they are the most important thing to him and he would never hurt them or abandon them. [Fitting cut to Tara with the boys in the hotel room.] Everything he does is for them, he said.

Okay, how scared were you? Truthfully, it crossed my mind right away that Jax had realized the boys were better off with Tara and was preparing to turn himself in and “abandon them” to save her in a deal. But then he ran over that dove on the road, and well, that hope died.

NEXT: ‘Own Your Place’After Eli confirmed to the DA and ATF agent that Tara never came home, the DA assumed she was too smart to run. Would Jax really kill her if he found out she was considering a deal? The DA wanted to find out. At the clubhouse, we saw Happy playing with the white pitbull Tig have saved at the dogfights last season. (Was that supposed to give us hope again?) Brooke Putner, the daughter of the woman killed in the pile-up that resulted after Jax’s dad’s death, was at the clubhouse working off the damage to the facade. Gemma sent her with Chucky to get food (and to meet Brooke’s friend with the unfortunate nickname Kneepads Nina) so she could speak to Juice alone.

The idea of Jax allowing someone to “work off the damage” is sweet in Brooke’s case, and bad in Juice’s, which Gemma knew. He told her he didn’t want to die, he just doesn’t know how to live in the situation he’s in. She said she wouldn’t tell Jax about the overdose because he had enough on his plate. Juice told her he might have overshared on a few things with Nero, but Gemma assured Juice he hadn’t. (Of course, she wasn’t there when Juice told Nero about Jax ordering him to kill Darvany, and Nero hadn’t mentioned it yet because he’d seen Jax destroyed after learning Tara took the boys.) Gemma told Juice he had to decide what he wants: “Vulnerability is a liability. No place for it in this life. Trust me. I know.”

Jax showed up at the clubhouse just before the DA and Eli did. Jax asked Gemma to tell Nero that he’d meet him at Diosa, and she gave the DA a lovely greeting on her way out: “Suck my white crack.” The DA wanted to speak with Jax alone, and the conversation that followed became CCH Pounder’s new best scene on the show. She asked Jax if he knew where Tara was. He said she took the boys on a little retreat. The DA said Tara missed their meeting, and she was hoping to find out if they’d be rescheduling. The DA sat down and asked Jax if he ever struggled with his need to be a good man. She guessed he struggles with it every day: What he is crashing with who he is. She said she knows how much Jax loves Tara and how much Tara loves him. Betrayal is a feeling that can only be matched by the maternal instinct of a mother to protect her young, she said. Jax wanted her to cut to the chase: “Whatever decisions happen here today, the outcome lands on you,” she told Jax. “Are you willing to let your family pay the price for your mistakes? Is that what a good man would do? Because if that happens, I promise you, son, it’s gonna destroy you and everything else you love. That’s not the law in me talking, that’s a flawed mother who made a lot of mistakes. You’re a husband and a father and a man before all of this,” she continued, motioning to his cut. “Own your place.” Charlie Hunnam is so great when it comes to those misty eyes — the moisture lets you know he hears what’s she saying but not what he’s going to do with it.

Jax went upstairs and reported to the club that the DA didn’t know where Tara was either. She hadn’t ratted but she was supposed to have a meet. They had to find her first… to convince her not to rat. (You can say it, Tiggy.) Juice asked what happens if they can’t convince her. “Then we do what we have to do,” Jax said. I gasped, thinking he meant they’d kill her. But in retrospect, I think he’d known from the opening graveyard scene that his Plan B was turning himself in. Perhaps inspired by Nero making that call earlier in the season. For now, they just had to find her. Jax knew she wouldn’t run with the boys and would stay close for Abel’s doctors. Juice suggested they look into the hospital administrator (guess they don’t know she’s on vacation). Jax wanted them to sit on Tara’s new lawyer to see if she contacted him. And Tig thought Barosky could ask the cops in his pocket to keep an eye out. Because Jax hadn’t been feeling enough terror that day, Marcus Alvarez showed up to see him…

NEXT: ‘Problems in Taco Nation?’They took a walk and Marcus expressed the concerns he vocalized to Nero last episode about Jax having given the Irish distribution to Marks. Jax said Alvarez should have seen SAMCRO leaving guns coming — every move he’s made pointed to it. But what about SAMCRO gunning down Lin’s crew? Jax told Marcus the Irish pissed off Lin, who took Happy, so he did what he had to do. Fine. But here’s the rub: Romeo has crushed the Lobos Sonora cartel, so the Mayans’ deal with Galindo is coming to an end. Marcus thinks Jax should have come to him with the gun deal. Jax said Marcus doesn’t have the reach or the contacts that Marks does, pure and simple. It may look like a power shift, but according to Jax, Marks has no desire to upset the balance in Oakland. So then why are the Mayans two weeks behind in receiving guns? Jax said he’d call August and get him his guns. Jax said Marcus should talk to August and hear that Oakland will be business as usual. Marcus said he wanted the meet that day — and he wanted Nero there because he trusts his judgment and he’s carving out a new relationship. Record scratch. Jax wanted to know why he’s just now hearing about the Mayans starting a charter in Stockton. Kudos to Marcus for feeding Jax’s line about how he should’ve seen it coming back to him. “Problems in Taco Nation?” Happy asked Jax after Marcus left. “Get me King Nero,” Jax snarled.

Tara called her lawyer and told him she was in Lodi thinking. She was ready to proceed but wanted to meet with him first to make sure the deal is everything the DA said it’d be. He was going to his office to pick up the documents, and she’d text him where to meet. My stomach flipped. Couldn’t that have been done over the phone, Tara? Why would such a smart lady not think her lawyer was being tailed? She went back inside, and Abel asked if she’d been talking to daddy. No, it’s the friend who’s helping them with their trip that may require multiple airplane rides, she said. She handled it quite nicely, telling Abel that she thought Thomas might be scared of all the new people they’d be meeting and would need his big brother. Abel hopped up on the bed to play with Thomas — who suddenly babbles! And of course, Juice and Bobby followed the lawyer when he left his office.

At the summit Jax called with Alvarez and Marks, Jax asked Nero how long he’d known about the Mayans heading into Stockton. Nero said he’d just found out the day before and wasn’t keeping it from Jax. He doesn’t lie to friends. And then Nero asked Jax if he believed in karma and ever thought that maybe all the bad stuff happening to the mother of his children was because of some heinous thing he did to some other child’s mother. “Please don’t lie to me twice, Jax,” Nero said. He told Jax he knows what he had Juice due to Darvany and was angry that Jax had looked him in the eye that day, embraced him, and called him “brother” when he lied to him. Alvarez — who did time with Nero, we learned — showed up then to greet Nero, which gave Tig a chance to warn Jax that Marks wasn’t coming. Tyler’s handling all the street work now. Eek!

Tyler told Alvarez that nothing changes, and Marcus asked if that goes for Lin, too. As long as Lin stays in line, he gets to keep his territory, too, Tyler said. Jax reminded Marcus that the thing with Lin was about the Irish and Happy. Nero bristled when he heard Marcus say that Jax had killed Lin’s uncle and eight of his guys. How does that not hurt Oakland, Marcus asked. Tyler said he’d reached out to Lin to handle the blowback. Marcus shook hands to get the guns and asked Nero to stay behind with him. He told Nero the word is that Jax had the Chinese gunned down to impress the Irish and close the deal with Marks. Man, I knew we were in for another case of “Let me gun you down at the gun drop.” The Mayans handed over the money, which wasn’t money at all. Then they took out four Niners. Nero should have bought his relative’s farm, man.

NEXT: ‘It ain’t easy givin’ up the crown, boys’

For the first time, we got to see Barosky wearing an apron at his bakery. Yes! It was something I didn’t know that I absolutely needed to see. Jax was there to give him Tara’s info. He didn’t want any cops to pull her over and scare her; he just wanted to know where she was. Jax also gave Barosky a heads-up about the Mayans coming to the east side of Stockton. Barosky asked if the Mayans and Niners still had a beef. Jax said no. HAAAA. Rat came in for Jax, having received a call from Bobby saying Tara’s lawyer was sitting in a park in Lodi looking like he was waiting for someone. Jax knew Abel loved that park. I’m guessing it was the same one they’d stopped at when Tara was kidnapped in season 4, when Jax was going to drive her and the boys to Oregon. (How apropos that she’d think Jax was going to kill her there, and that he’d try to give back the life Clay tried to take from her there.) Jax left with Happy before Barosky told Chibs and Tig about the Niners gunned down in a junkyard outside of Oakland with fresh motorcycle tracks all around. Tig explained that the Mayans were pissed that they’d given Marks gun distribution. “It ain’t easy givin’ up the crown, boys. Every peasant and whore is gonna be fightin’ for your jewels.” Chibs said Charlie’s jewels were safe because this wouldn’t spill into Stockton. Charlie said that depends on where Nero lands on this. P.S. I assume we’ll be seeing more of Barosky next season with the action in Stockton, and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Nero was off siting down with Marcus, who seemed to genuinely understand why Nero didn’t want to be a part of the war brewing. He told Nero to hand the reins off to Fiasco and go get that farm and be happy with Gemma. That happy ending with someone doesn’t happen for too many guys like them. Marcus said he’d be sitting down with Lin at Lin’s place that night to break down Stockton and Oakland, where it’s sure to get bloody for a while. Again, Marcus is good with Nero getting out, so he could just send Fiasco.

Bobby and Juice watched “Mommie Dearest” pull in to meet with her lawyer at the park. The deal was good: She’d get immunity for Pamela Toric’s murder in exchange for the bullet and her testimony, which gave the DA and ATF a RICO case against SAMCRO. With tears in her eyes, she told her lawyer that she and the boys could be picked up at the Barnes Motel in Room 11. He left to go tell the DA; Tara stayed at the park. (Again, couldn’t the lawyer have just used a phone and stayed with Tara the whole time?)

Unser showed up at Gemma’s to take Wendy to rehab. It was his turn to bristle when Gemma coldly said Jax would do what needs to be done if Tara runs. But then, Gemma won him back with a kiss on the cheek after he said he went to Clay’s burial. She told him she loves him and doesn’t know what she’d do without him. (Lord, do not let Unser die now, I thought. But if he had, Tara would be alive, right?) Wendy didn’t want to go to rehab until she knew Abel was safe, but they told her she was of no use to Abel until she was straightened out again, anyway. Gemma said she’d see Wendy on family day. “Oh Jesus Christ, it’s terrifying. You’re my family,” Wendy said. Line of the night! “Yes, we are,” Gemma said, kissing her cheek. (And maybe, if they’d let Wendy stay, Gemma wouldn’t have been drinking and getting high or Wendy could’ve talked her out of killing Tara. So painful to think of the what ifs.)

Gemma went to Diosa to see Nero, and Unser and Wendy finished their coffee. Wendy said they would have to stop by her place to pick up more things and so she could tell her landlord she was going on “vacation.” Unser asked if she wanted him to call her girl, and Wendy said no. But that was really just a segue into Unser’s personal life. His wife’s in Boca hooked up with a guy who has a boat (a boat!). They toasted “to the bitches we hate,” and Wendy asked why he was still in Charming if his clock was ticking. Unser said it’s the only place where someone still loves him. Wendy said she and Jax were just drinking buddies who had great sex. Gemma pushed for the wedding because she wanted grandkids. Still, she’d always felt safe with Jax, but now she’s afraid that’s gone. Please, that was gone a loooong time ago, Wendy. (And yet, sitting in rehab, Wendy would end up in the best mental state of anyone this season. And Jax would make the mother of one of his children feel safe again. The pain. The pain.)

NEXT: ‘They will suffer with this’

Oh god, I almost puked when I saw the frightened look on Tara’s face in the park when Abel yelled, “Daddy!” and ran to him. Jax was there with Bobby, Juice, and Happy. That was scary. Jax took Thomas out of Tara’s arms, and that was so beautifully acted: Struggling would have scared Thomas, but she didn’t want to give him up. Jax told Tara to sit down and handed Thomas off to Juice. Jax sat down, and Tara asked him what he’s going to do. He said he needed to talk to her. “I know you think you need to do this, but I can’t let you. You know that,” Jax said. “Please don’t… hurt me in front of the kids,” she said. Jax didn’t want that. Tara said there was no other ending. God, this scene was good. Again, if Maggie Siff doesn’t get an Emmy nomination, finally, I will throw my laptop through my TV.

With tears running down her face, but still speaking clearly, she said she’s sacrificed everything for Jax and tried to see things the way Jax does but she can’t. All she sees are the lies and violence and how they’ve changed him into a monster. “I’ll go if I have to, at least I know I tried to save them from becoming what you are,” she said. Again, she wasn’t saying any of this out of spite; it was just the truth. He said he never forced his life on her and she came back to him, remember. She is a part of what he is. (True: Killing Agent Kohn in season 1 for her was when Jax started justifying kills, too. And he told her repeatedly she should leave, but she wanted to stay.) “That was my mistake,” Tara said, “thinking our love, our bond, was stronger than the pull of your history, but it’s not.” That’s also true: Jax promised he was going to pull the boys out of this and break the cycle. She feels the pain he wakes up with every day, she said, and now he’s condemning his sons to the same torture. “They will suffer with this,” she said, crying harder. “Can you let me say goodbye to them before you take me?” He grabbed her arm: “I’m not going to hurt you,” he said. “I’m not going to hurt them… You don’t have to run. Not anymore.” What is she supposed to do? “Just be a good mother,” Jax said. “Save our boys.” I believed Jax. If he was lying to her, I thought, I would never like him again. UPDATE: I’m sure I’ll be thinking of things for the next week that I could add to this recap, but I do think it’s worth noting that this scene makes you appreciate the Venus Van Dam episode this season: Hearing those things Tara said to Jax, like Alice had spoken to Venus, Jax could have killed her if that conversation had started earlier in the season. And by the way, that was probably the longest conversation Tara and Jax had all season. That’s crazy when you think about it — how slowly they opened back up to each other. How real it felt when they got there.

Over at Diosa, Gemma and Nero got into a fight because he didn’t want to talk with her about his complicated day. Their communication, the best part of their relationship, is gone. He asked her if she’d leave with him right then and there. Leave Stockton and Charming, Jax, and the club behind. She couldn’t make that choice. Nero said he had to. I gasped again. “What are you sayin’? Jesus Christ, are you dumping me?” she said, almost seeming to stumble. Then she recovered. “Son of a b—.” Nero tried to stop her from opening the door but she snapped, “Get off of me, a–hole.” She stormed out. (If Nero had been with her, he never would have let her kill Tara.)

NEXT: ‘I love you’When the DA, Eli, and the ATF agent showed up at Tara’s hotel room, Jax was sitting inside on a chair with his legs crossed calmly. That was an awesome reveal. They asked to speak to the DA alone. “This is me, owning my place,” he told the DA. His plan: He would turn himself in as the source of the KG-9 used in the school shooting. Just him. Not his club. The DA would drop all charges against Tara. Without a RICO case, the DA couldn’t’ protect Tara. Jax said she wouldn’t need it — no one would hurt her or the boys, Jax said, and Tara was free to take them anywhere she wants. Jax said he was going to the clubhouse to spend time with his boys, then he’d turn himself in at his house at 6 p.m. that night. The DA accepted that. She said she’d leave Roosevelt posted outside the room.

Honestly, when Jax turned around to hear Tara say, “Thank you,” I thought there was a 30 percent chance he was going to kill her. “I love you,” he said. It went up to 40 percent. She went to him. “I love you,” she said, for the first time this season. It was excruciating to see his hand pass by his knife on the way to clutching her arm. 45 percent. They kissed. His hands went up to her neck. 50 percent. When his hands dropped to her waist and they stopped the kiss and smiled ever so slightly before dropping to the bed, I went down to 0 percent. That smile reminded me of when they finally got alone time after he got out of jail in the season 4 premiere. I was happy, but there’s no way Jax is in prison for the final season of Sons of Anarchy, I thought, and we still had a lot of finale left.

At the clubhouse, Jax told Chibs and Bobby his plan. With Jax’s history, these charges for possession and conspiracy, parole violations, and priors, Jax estimated he’s looking at a 25-year sentence and could be out in seven to 10. Jax said he’s good with that. He’ll get to see his boys grow, and he assumed things “with brown” would calm down. They didn’t tell him about the Mayans slaughtering the Niners, because he didn’t need that stress. Jax passed the gavel to Bobby, who didn’t want it at first. But Jax insisted that with Bobby leading and Chibs at his side, the club had a chance. He told him to get Cara Cara and T-M back on track and SAMCRO would be fine. Chibs was okay with Bobby leading. There’s one more thing, Jax said: He told them he was wrong about Juice. He can’t be trusted. He told Chibs to bring Bobby up to speed. Jax left to go downstairs to be with his boys. Chibs said they’d look after his family — whatever Tara wants, Jax said, they support it. Jax said he loved Chibs and Bobby so much. I got a little teary. Little did I know.

Unser arrived at Gemma’s after dropping off Wendy and told drunk, high Gemma that he got a call from Tara’s lawyer to pull police archives from Charming. They’re arresting Jax, he said. He assumed that meant Tara made a deal. Unser wasn’t going to let Gemma drive anywhere. He’d blocked her car in anyway. Of course, we’d seen him put down his keys when he entered the house, and so had Gemma. She told him she was feeling light-headed and asked him to get her heart pills in her bathroom. She grabbed his keys and left. I decided then she was going to kill Tara. And also that ex-cop Unser should’ve known better. Love blinds you. If only he’d kept his damn keys on him. OR SOMEONE HAD THOUGHT TO CALL GEMMA AND TELL HER WHAT WAS HAPPENING.

NEXT: ‘You betrayed me’

When we watched Brooke kiss Jax goodbye on the cheek and thank him before leaving the clubhouse, I had the feeling Gemma might hit her on the street. I had to press pause and prepare emotionally. Unser came in to tell Jax that Gemma had taken his truck. (Perhaps Unser should also have said Gemma thinks Tara ratted!) Juice said he’d go look for her, and Jax walked him outside. Juice told Jax he was going to miss him and hugged him. Jax practically snarled as he kissed Juice’s neck and said, “You betrayed me.” Jax walked back inside. Juice left. Painful.

When Tara got to Jax’s house, she saw Unser’s truck parked outside. She and Eli assumed it was him, of course, inside. Eli said he knows it’s a sad day for Tara and her family, but he’s glad it turned out this way. They entered the house and yelled for Wayne. When he didn’t answer, they assumed he was off helping Jax. Eli said he’d wait outside for DA Patterson, and Tara offered him a sweet, “Thank you.” I pressed pause again. I didn’t want this to happen.

Tara took a moment to look at her living room, and she smiled. I paused again. No. This can’t happen now. She heard a noise in another room and thought it was Wayne… it was Gemma. Tara sensed Gemma was out of her mind and tried to run, but Gemma hit her in the stomach with an iron. (Karma for Tara accusing Gemma of kicking her in the stomach.) Gemma smacked her twice, knocked her head into the counter by the sink, and shoved her head into the water where Gemma was getting ready to do more dishes. Since Tara wasn’t drowning quickly enough, Gemma grabbed the large grill fork and STABBED TARA IN THE HEAD WITH IT SIX TIMES until Tara stopped moving. I burst into tears. Did you? It was so brutal. It had to be, after Opie’s death. It wasn’t premeditated; Gemma didn’t know Tara would be at the house. It was a crime of passion and possible insanity. Juice showed up outside the house and told Eli that Gemma had taken Unser’s truck. They heard a commotion, and Eli went running inside.

Tara was dead on the ground, and Gemma was sitting beside her body mumbling that it had to be done. She said she had to work to do. Gemma said Tara did this — she made a deal and betrayed Jax. No, Eli said, Tara didn’t rat. Jax gave himself up to protect her and keep her safe. MAYBE IF SOMEONE HAD TAKEN THE TIME TO TELL GEMMA OR UNSER THIS. Eli went to call it in, and SURPRISE, he got shot twice in the back by Juice. (Did Eli really run that much faster than Juice, or had Juice been standing there the whole time?) The sound of the blood squishing out the front of his chest… Gemma looked up at Juice, shaking. He reached out his hand and nodded. She got up and cried. I liked the way she stood close to him but didn’t touch him. Juice wasn’t capable of comforting anyone now. He’s dead inside. She thought vulnerability was a weakness, so how could she ask for comfort?

The end montage began. Jax kissed his boys goodbye outside the clubhouse and told Chibs that Tara would come pick them up after he goes. Jax hugged the guys goodbye. God bless Happy, he was crying. Jax told Tig, “We’re all good.” Ah. Bobby managed a smile, but Chibs was sobbing, too. “You’ll be okay, brother. Love you my, brother,” he told Jax. They kissed each other on the cheek and I lost it again. Jax wiped away tears and walked off. We saw Wendy in rehab. Unser was smoking when Gemma returned with his truck looking like hell and broke down hugging him. She could be vulnerable with him. He’s seen her there before. He loves her unconditionally. Or does he? I don’t think she told him what had just happened. How will he react? Remember, it was in his truck driving her home after she’d been arrested for Tara’s miscarriage that he tried to tell her there were two paths she could take… Chibs held Thomas at the clubhouse as Chucky entertained Abel with one of his hands that he’d taken off. Tig’s dog licked Tig’s face. No, stop trying to cheer me up!

I was hoping Jax and the authorities would get to the house at the same time. I didn’t want Jax blamed for Tara’s and Eli’s deaths. (Would Juice say he’d killed them, I wondered.) Fiasco and Nero both showed up at Alvarez’s meeting with Lin. Unser rubbed Gemma’s head as she rested it in his lap. Juice dumped the evidence in a couple of dumpsters — the iron, the grill fork, clothes. We saw the Homeless Woman. My question: How far away were those dumpsters? Was he trying to frame Jax? That would be karma. Or was he just getting rid of evidence?

Jax got home and called out, “Babe?” He smiled at being able to call her that and mean it again, even though he was facing jail time. When he saw Eli’s legs on the floor, he drew his gun. He saw them both dead. He dropped his gun on the floor. You knew he would, and you screamed at him not to. He went to Tara, sobbing and red-faced, and held her. He touched her face and kissed her. Patterson and two men came in and saw the scene. She heard Jax say, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” as he held Tara. She saw the gun. In a place the real killer never would have left it (just like how Eli had found Clay’s gun used to kill Pope). Jax cried out. I wanted to hurt someone.

So, many questions. Will the DA think Jax killed Tara and Eli even though Jax was decimated? Will Gemma come forward if Jax is accused? Who gets the boys if Jax is arrested — Gemma? What happens to those notepads Tara wrote with all of Jax’s bad deeds in them? Where does Juice go now. Theories? Go!

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