As the field narrows, some finalists still fail to impress

By Breia Brissey
Updated July 29, 2010 at 07:55 AM EDT
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Before I dive into last night’s dancing, I’ll say I know you all are already missing the ever-so-talented Kate Ward. This week, I’m taking on recapping duties, so let’s hear it for our mutual love of So You Think You Can Dance. Onward!

Last week, I was just as shocked as the rest of you when our judges decided to eliminate, uh, no one. Uncle Nigel said he was just as surprised as everyone else. Doubtful. This week, I was equally surprised when I learned that there were no injuries. (Well, except Jose’s minor groin injury. Ouch!) The So You Think You Can Dance gods have finally given our dancers a break. But I still curse them for taking away Alex Freakin’ Wong. Too soon, too soon.

One more thing before I get to the actual dancing: I thought Cat looked absolutely adorable in her dress. If there is any way for me to switch career paths and become Cat Deeley when I grow up, then I choose that.

Kent and Anya started off the night with a Jean-Marc Généreux cha cha. Kent came out snapping and twisting like one of West Side Story‘s Jets. Overall, it was a very Kent performance, down to his cute little face. (Seriously. I melted a little over his post-dance close up.) Mia criticized him for being to ”crunchy” which Cat thankfully tried to decipher for us. I’m still not completely sure of its definition, but a valiant effort by Cat, nonetheless.

Next, Robert and Kathryn took on a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine. Nigel talked about how much Robert has grown throughout the competition, and I have to agree. Each week, I like him more and more. And his partnership with Kathryn was simply beautiful. Guest judge Toni Redpath said she wanted to be the one dancing with Robert, and I couldn’t blame her — I was ready to rewind, jump through the screen, and dance Kathryn’s part. (Of course I have absolutely zero dancing skills. Jumping through the television screen would be the least of my worries in that dream.) At the beginning of the season, I tossed Robert aside as a non-contender, but he’s proven he deserves to be here. And then as if to say, ”yes, Breia, I do deserve to be here,” he dominated his Bollywood routine with Billy. Actually, they both did. And it was one of the best SYTYCD Bollywood routines, second only to Katee and Joshua’s memorable performance in season 4.

Speaking of Billy, I feel like his days might be numbered. But before he leaves, I must say ”Billy, I love you’,’ a la Hugh Grant in Two Weeks Notice. His Stacey Tookey contemporary routine with Ade knocked my socks off, and I wasn’t even wearing any. Mia called it ”sheer perfection,” and three out of the four judges gave it a standing ovation. That’s a job well done on So You Think You Can Dance.

NEXT: Shankman learns a lesson

Last night Adam Shankman learned a lesson in why live TV is so much fun! Adéchické and Courtney tackled a Tyce Diorio (which in Cat’s British accent totally sounds like ‘tasty Oreo,’ right?) jazz routine, which Adam called ”balls-out dancing.” Ooops. That just happened. But don’t worry, Adam. I have it on good authority that worse things have happened on live television. Just ask Janet Jackson. But Adam was right: The routine was great, and Adéchické is in it to win it. And after last night, I might be willing to admit that if he won it all, I’d be perfectly content.

But that was before his dance with Lauren. During their foxtrot, I became aware that I felt uncomfortably hot. Maybe Adéchické and Lauren really were giving me a fever. I was really impressed until I realized the non air-conditioned apartment I was sitting in had induced my hot flash. It definitely wasn’t their dancing. I expected so much more from two of my favorite dancers. Instead, all I got was a little sweaty and disappointed. The judges weren’t overly impressed either, and they criticized the two for their lacking ballroom technique. I hope this misstep (ha) doesn’t send them to the bottom three, because I would be completely heartbroken if Adéchické or Lauren leaves.

But Lauren’s solo reminded me what a brilliant dancer she is. It literally gave me goosebumps. Unfortunately, her Tyce Diorio Broadway routine didn’t live up to expectations. I blame her awesome solo for setting the bar too high. The routine did bring us Uncle Nigel’s gem of mistakenly calling SYTYCD American Idol. (Just tell us who the new judges are already!)

And this brings me to Jose. All I have to say about Jose is… no way. This one completely boggles my mind. Never in the history of So You Think You Can Dance has someone with as limited technical skill made it this far. And with each week, it just becomes increasingly obvious that Jose’s exit is long overdue. So when he stepped into his hip-hop ‘comfort’ zone (hardy har, Cat) all I could do was groan. His time has come to say goodbye. Barring a move in his solo in which his arm moved independent from the rest of his body, (he’s talented in his own b-boy style), Jose gave two weak performances. Although the judges seemed to think he held his own with Kent in their Broadway routine, Nigel finally admitted that it might be his last week here. (Did you hear that sound, too? I think it was the hallelujah chorus.) Jose was outshined by all-star Comfort and Kent, and if he’s not sent home tonight, prepare to read quite the rant in my next post. If everyone continues to be dramatic about his cute smile, then I can be dramatic about his overdue exit.

So who do you think is going to get cut? You know how I feel about Jose, but I’m not sure who should join him. I like everyone else too much. Do you think Lauren can recover from a so-so night? She hasn’t been in the bottom three yet. And are Billy Bell’s days truly numbered? And last, but certainly not least, does anyone else hear ‘tasty Oreo’ when Tyce’s name is mentioned by Cat?

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