Crane goes through the looking glass
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I have a confession to make: Over the midseason hiatus, I forgot that Betsy Ross was in Sleepy Hollow. I have another confession to make: I think I missed her. I found this week’s Obligatory Betsy Ross Tie-In downright charming in its obligatory-ness. Time really does heal all wounds, unless your partner explodes in a tree that might be a portal to the underworld and it’s been a month and you haven’t found her yet.

Crane is struggling. The lone Witness standing is determined to rescue his other half from wherever she might be, but he doesn’t know where that is, so he’s grasping at straws — and driving motorcycles off of bridges to escape a bunch of apocalyptic cultists. Remember when Crane was just a confused motorcycle passenger holding on to Abbie for dear life? They grow up so fast. But his recklessness does serve a purpose: He’s stolen a jug that, according to legend, Orpheus used to find Eurydice in Hades. Is Crane headed for a “don’t look back or she’s gone forever” moment of his own?

If he is, it’s not in his immediate future. Joe and Jenny, worried for their friend’s emotional stability, ask Crane to sit back and relax while they check out a new lead. Crane doesn’t really do either of those things. Instead, he takes the jug to Pandora’s tree, reciting a spell that leads absolutely nowhere — unless the spell’s desired effect is to summon our favorite FBI lurker, Sophie Foster, from the shadows. Sophie has been watching Crane at Reynolds’ request, and she wants to know what he’s doing talking to himself in a cave. (Later, she’ll tell Reynolds all of Crane’s favorite activities: “He looks through his books, walks in the woods, shouts at the sky.” Swipe right.)

As soon as Sophie and Crane make their exit, the jug starts to shake, and a face takes shape in the bark of Pandora’s tree. Fast-forward a few hours, and Crane’s lackluster attempt at defrosting lasagna (oh, honey) is interrupted by a noise upstairs. An invisible hand is scrawling the words “HELP ME CRANE” on a bedroom mirror; when he reaches toward it, an arm grabs his, branding him with a mark. Crane proceeds to move the mirror to a table and fall asleep with his face on the glass, and I just want to emphasize again how much I missed this show.

Across town, Sophie is witnessing a similar phenomenon. She calls Crane to accuse him of breaking into her place, but he obviously didn’t; when he shows up to help her out, they find that the marks branded into their arms are mirror images. As they hold them together, a smoky figure appears in a corner of the room, then flies right through Crane and floods him with images of Abbie. He assumes that the figure is a sign from his partner: She’s dying.

Sophie accepts the whole supernatural thing without much of a fight, because she just saw a smoke-person flying around in her living room and she’s not Dana Scully. The pair grab the nearest mirror from the Archives and set it up in the Masonic cell, then recite a spell and put their arms together. The mirror liquefies. Crane, tethered to Sophie on a rope, leaps through it, emerging a minute later with a demon in his arms. It was never Abbie summoning him after all; friends don’t burn their friends’ arms just because they’re trapped in another dimension. Great job, Crane. Sleepy Hollow really needed another demon loose on the streets.

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The demon wastes no time killing someone, and Sophie isn’t pleased. Crane knew this might happen, and he accepted the risk without telling her. He’s gotten reckless. And he’s about to get away with it, because whether Sophie likes it or not, Crane is her best shot at finding this demon. More than that, Crane is Sophie’s way into a world that she’s been looking for since her childhood. Her parents were archeologists who went missing on a dig at some Mayan ruins. Local workers swore they were taken by demonic forces, but Sophie never had any proof that they existed. She does now.

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Crane has already figured out what they’re dealing with: It’s a Japanese vengeance demon that feeds on desperation. When he cast the locator spell with the jug, the demon clued into him — and now it’s going after everyone who’s desperate to find Abbie, including Reynolds. Sophie and Crane speed off to Reynolds’ cabin and set up their trusty mirror, then lure the demon through it and smash the glass. Reynolds, who’s either out of earshot or is the world’s soundest sleeper, lives to ask questions another day.

Meanwhile, Jenny and Joe are off conducting their own investigation, searching for a map that can track supernatural creatures. Jenny’s old friend Randall was its last-known owner, so she cozies up to him in a club and picks his pocket, then traces the map to a storage locker. As soon as she and Joe have broken in, Randall shows up to reap the benefits. He confronts Jenny in the locker while his guys beat up Joe — and for 30 awful seconds after a gun goes off, it looks like Joe could be in trouble.

Lyndie Greenwood’s fear is pitch perfect as Jenny faces losing one of the last people she has left, but surprise! Joe was the one who fired the gun. (“Your guys are sleeping on the job out there. You should hire better guys.”) The close call leads Jenny to a confession that she didn’t plan to make: Joe is stupid. Why hasn’t he made a move on her since their Shard-inspired kiss? He’s a person she loves! At the word, Joe wastes no time striding across her trailer and kissing her like he means it. I am so here for this.

Joe and Jenny somehow stop making out long enough to make it over to the Archives, where Crane has pulled himself out of his month-long funk with the help of — who else?! — Flashback Betsy Ross. In 1776, Crane and Betsy watched the British hang Nathan Hale for treason. He was a terrible spy. But he was also their friend, and Crane wanted to help him, even though it would alert the Redcoats to their agenda. “Not all our partners will survive,” Betsy told him. “Sometimes you must accept that there aren’t going to be any miracles. The best you can do is continue your mission.”

Crane is definitely still holding out hope for a miracle, and he hasn’t given up on Abbie, but that last part resonates with him — he has to continue their mission. And Team Witness is about to be busy: The map reveals that Pandora is drawing supernatural creatures from across the globe to Sleepy Hollow, where she can use them to restore the Hidden One’s strength. Crane rallies the troops: “I believe if the lef-tenant were here, she would urge us to kick some demon ass.”

The lef-tenant is not here, but she is somewhere. Abbie wakes up in a surprisingly bright cave that looks to be Not of This World. I assume she’ll kick some demon ass there, too.

Doughnut Holes:

  • Here’s one for your fourth-grade history class bingo card: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”
  • “If that peculiar icthyic reference means I was duped, then yes, you are correct.”
  • Crane and Sophie have chemistry, and I do not mind it.
  • How has Crane not burned down the house yet? How has he fed himself? How is he still standing? I’m worried about him.
  • “Like you haven’t been handcuffed to a girl in a motel before.”
  • Totally platonic musings on partnership from Crane: “Someone who makes you more than you are simply by being by your side. Truly your better half.”
  • “If the lef-tenant were here, she would say something tough yet encouraging, of which I would wholeheartedly concur. She is very good at that.”

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