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Episode 803

Over nine seasons, Shameless has never been afraid to mock/satirize political and social issues. Hell, just this season they already touched on the #MeToo movement and the election process. And now, via little Liam and poor Santiago, it’s time to touch on the border wall, by building a border wall.

It’s clearly a typical Shameless episode and I haven’t even mentioned banging a semi-girlfriend’s sister and applying for welfare in order to invest in Bitcoin. So grab a beer, bail your sibling out of prison, and find out how shameless your favorite Gallagher was this week.

1. Ford

Just go buy some new tools, scumbag!

2. Fiona

Would it be tough to ask for a sweet, happy goodbye for our girl Fiona? Because with five episodes left in the season and Emmy Rossum’s time on Shameless coming to an end, Fiona is still a mess. I mean, she’s drinking everywhere: the shower, train, work, Ford’s front yard. She’s also freaking out on a lot of people, whether they are on the train, at the diner, or teaching her how to box. It’s rough to watch her go through this dark period of her life, but the saddest scene is when she returns home to join her youngest brother locked out on the deck. “You’re never going to screw over women are you?” she asks Liam. At first, he’s unsure, saying he doesn’t yet know if he’s into women, before eventually promising. A touching moment amidst a string of drunk ones.

3. Lip

Lip’s jealousy gets the best of him when Tami’s soldier ex Boone, whom her family loves, comes back to town for the 10K they run in her late mother’s honor. Despite beating Boone in the race, he can’t forget his history with Tami, leading him to hook up with her sister Cory on a dumpster. A truly trash decision. He does immediately come clean to Tami. After some resistance, they both agree that they are done with Boone and Cory, so they agree not to mess with them again. Sounds like someone is exclusive!

4. Liam

Power dictator Debbie doesn’t want to hear your pathetic excuses for why you aren’t contributing to the squirrel fund, like that you aren’t even 10 years old yet. So Liam needs to make money fast and, thankfully, he learned Spanish at his private school, so he’s able to communicate with Santiago. Kev and V’s foster son takes a break from cleaning to help Liam earn money, with his plan requiring bricks from a construction site. The idea? For Liam to sell bricks to literally build a border wall to keep illegals out of the South Side, starting with Santiago, who is tied to the fence behind said wall. The wall ends up paying for itself and turns quite the profit (no one show this episode to Trump).

5. Debbie

Speaking of powerful leaders, Debbie is still being crazy strict with the power usage in the house and demands for contributions from the rest of the family. And changing the locks probably wasn’t free. Plus, she locked Liam and Fiona out for not paying up but I don’t see Franny pitching in!

6. Ingrid

My vision board has Ingrid as the new mom to the current and upcoming Gallagher children. They do have a type.

7. Frank

In the young life of “The Shameless shameless rankings,” this is by far the lowest that Frank has found himself, as he’s usually a top two lock. But, he’s a man on a mission and that mission is to support his impending new family. He starts by moving Ingrid into the Gallagher household and sharing the news with his “practice family,” who, with good reason, are skeptical of him supporting six kids. “Well, you are alive,” he argues. “Do you know how many parents murder their children? But you have all blossomed into massively flawed humans because I have allowed you to.” Determined to prove them wrong, he goes to apply for welfare again, hoping they fund him early so he can invest in Bitcoin. With that plan quickly nixed, he sets his sights on becoming the “Hobo Loco Man,” the face of a new undrinkable alcoholic beverage that tests well with homeless people. Has Frank turned a corner? Hard to say, because the last time we thought so he ended up spreading STDs around Liam’s school and hiding from the police in a port-a-potty.

8. Kev and V

Our favorite couple really does go above and beyond to reunite Santiago with his family, traveling all the way to Gary, Ind., to search for his uncle, all despite the young boy’s impressive knuckleball pitch. But their good intentions backfire when they visit The Border Wall (a restaurant, not the one keeping Santiago out) and find Santiago’s uncle, only to inadvertently send the cops after the undocumented immigrant. At least he got away while Kev cheered him on.

9. Carl

Our little Carl is growing up. First, he’s done stealing scooters (not by choice, but still), and second, convinced that he’s a bad influence, he decides to stop seeing Kelly. It’s not his fault that she’s a badass woman who now knows what she wants and refuses to lose out on Carl or Annapolis.

What did you think? Do you miss Entrepreneur Fiona? How many kids will Ingrid and Frank have?

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