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October 14, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT

Is it possible to go to prison and come away with a happy ending? Seems impossible, but Ian Gallagher just pulled it off.

As previously announced, Sunday’s “Face It, You’re Gorgeous” is Cameron Monaghan’s final Shameless episode, ending his nine-season run as the formerly red-haired, third Gallagher child, and it was a beautiful conclusion to his story (at least for now).

Considering the significance of the episode, the Shameless shameless rankings will take a week off, being replaced by a traditional recap that can do justice to Ian’s farewell and the show’s strong send-off.

Picking up weeks or months after Ian pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, he’s spending his last day of freedom moving his stuff up to the attic and telling his siblings that he just wants a normal day — except for a family White Castle dinner. So the rest of the Gallaghers go about their business: Debbie heads to work; Lip has a gig as a sober companion; Carl is working out with new lady friend Kelly; and Frank takes Liam to wait for the release of mental patient Ingrid (Katey Sagal), whom Pops is carrying a flame for after their crazed run-in last week.

Elsewhere, Fiona is preparing for a big move, committing to an expensive new apartment to share with Ford. But that plan suddenly looks less appealing when Max reveals that the retirement home they’re investing in together needs an influx of cash, approximately $25,000 each. Her attempt to pull out and get her original money back doesn’t work, so instead she pulls out of moving, which causes a heated argument with Ford.

Meanwhile, Ian decides that while he hangs around the Gallagher household, he should partake in the survival lessons that Kelly is giving Carl. And if these dangerous moves aren’t enough, Antonio, a friend of one of Ian’s followers from his last time in prison, comes by to give Ian a rundown on the facility where he’ll spend the next two years.

Next door, the Balls are spending their day watching Paw Patrol and trying to have sex, and it’s only trying because they’re interrupted by Sister Francis from their daughter’s school (remember, the twins are pretending to be one person). One of the girls brought a dildo to school for show and tell. As a result, Kev and V are called in to see the head priest, who has a dark sexual history of his own, making for the genius casting of Bob Saget. The talk from the father leads the Balls to decide that it’s time to get rid of their impressive collection of adult toys.

Across town, Lip is helping out Barney and covering for a few hours as the sober companion for Jen Wagner, played by Courteney Cox. Jen is a famous actress who is in town to speak at a stockholder’s meeting for the cosmetic company she represents, and they don’t want a repeat of her last commercial, which became a famous internet moment when she showed up drunk for filming. The two bond as Lip chases her around the city, doing everything he can to stop her from drinking, even tackling her and turning down her sexual bribery.

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