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Episode 803

This really is going to be a rough ending for Fiona, huh?

As Emmy Rossum’s incredible nine-season run on Shameless hits the home stretch, her character’s arc just keeps getting darker and darker. Not only has her life crumbled apart, but she’s also now unknowingly ruining other people’s lives. And while she continues to spiral out of control, the baton has been passed to Lip as the responsible head of the family, a transition clearly in the works to set up a Rossom-less future.

So grab a beer, bail your sibling out of prison, and find out how shameless your favorite Gallagher was this week.

1. Fiona

“I’m just in a really f—ed up place. You ever been in a f—ed up place?” Fiona’s line to Jason aptly sums up her current status, as losing her job and getting arrested proves to be far from her rock bottom. We first find her passed out on top of a pizza box in some random hotel room with strangers scattered all around. On her way out, she steals some pills that she will soon sell on the corner to get Debbie off her back. And after already screwing up a lot of things in her own life, she moves on to Lip. Now, I’ll give her bit of a pass on the home check for Xan, because she was sleeping and had no idea that Debbie would be having a sensual water fight instead of watching her kid. But, I won’t give her a pass on Jason. Yes, she didn’t know he was in recovery, but maybe she should have. How about being invested in your brother’s life?! The episode ends with a furious Lip demanding that Fiona move out, a tense scene that hopefully gets her back on track.

2. Frank

It’s the Hobo Finals, and like Frank says, “You can’t ask LeBron James not to play in the playoffs.” And that’s essentially what Ingrid asks of him, trying to test his dedication to her. Well, he fails, both Ingrid and to win the Hobo Loco Man contest. I am conflicted here. Frank is allegedly doing all of this for Ingrid and his unborn children/grandchildren, but is he really though? After watching Frank Gallagher for nine years, it’s hard for me not to see a scenario where he wins that $50,000 and immediately blows it on booze and drugs. And he basically proves that in the end when Ingrid leaves him and he signs away his parental rights for $10,000. I don’t need to tell you never to change, Frank, because you never will.

3. Debbie

Debbie Gallagher, I expect better from you. Don’t get me wrong, your work keeping the Gallagher house safe and in order has been much appreciated, but that doesn’t give you the right to steal your little brother’s girlfriend! And using Showgirls to do it, smh.

4. Randy

Frank inspired you to travel the world and this is how you repay him?! Well, I guess you did actually end up paying him, so maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

5. Kev

This is uncharted territory of late for Mr. Ball. In season 9, he’s been a mainstay at the bottom of these rankings, thanks to his extreme dedication to the #MeToo movement, full embrace of foster son Santiago, and then helping Santiago reunite with his family. But tricking your wife into thinking you got a vasectomy when you didn’t is a no-no around these parts. Also, if you want to have a son so bad, here’s your weekly reminder that you already have one with V’s mom.

6. V

Yes, Kev shouldn’t have lied about going through with the vasectomy, but V also shouldn’t be forcing Kev to have a vasectomy and threatening to Lorena Bobbitt him! Or if you’re going to insist that he has one, then at least make sure he fulfills his dream of having a son by being a father to the son he already has with your mom (it bears repeating a second time).

7. Carl

Here Carl is, hard at work, earning some legitimate money, and he’s got to worry about his sister stealing his girlfriend. And here’s another annual reminder: Carl has a possibly dead wife who hasn’t been mentioned since the beginning of the season when she was, you know, possibly murdered.

8. Lip

Our guy is just trying to do right by everybody, whether it’s his siblings, Tami, Jason, or Xan. But it just keeps getting harder and harder to do so, and mostly through no fault of his own. So now he’s got a pregnant girlfriend, relapsed sponsee, spiraling sister, and Xan, whom he’s probably going to lose. Meanwhile, I just want our boy to go back to school!

What did you think? Are you prepared for a dark ending to Fiona’s story?

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