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Through eight seasons, Frank Gallagher has done too many horrid and deplorable things for me to even list. And somehow, he might have topped them all in “The Fugees” by punching a little girl straight in the face, knocking her out. What was my reaction? I died of laughter. Does that make me a bad person? No, it makes me a Shameless fan.

Pre-punch, Frank’s booming business is dealt its own blow when he gets lost in the Canadian woods, only to wind up, along with his refuge-seeking customers, forced to flee from a pair of mounties, who are able to catch the bickering duo of Frank and Rami. The two are handcuffed together and transported to jail. Frank’s attempts to bribe the mounties with money for Tim Hortons is unsuccessful, but luckily, the car crashes, leaving the mounties unconscious. This “gift from Allah” came in the hilarious form of a moose. Frank and Rami’s escape isn’t flawless though, as the men can’t agree on whether to run to or away from the U.S. border.

Back in Chicago, it’s a very romantic morning at the Gallagher house. Ian and Trevor spent the night together, which has Ian happy they’re a “thing again,” despite Trevor saying “the jury’s still out.” Meanwhile, down the hall, Lip and Eddie are engaging in some more rough sex. “You’re getting tougher, Gallagher,” she tells him. “You didn’t cry once.” It doesn’t seem to just be about sex anymore, as he asks if she wants to grab breakfast and she shares some details about her personal life.

The two eldest Gallagher boys might not be in a committed relationship, but they’re younger brother is, as Kassidi has basically moved in. And with Carl getting ready to head back to military school, she’s currently making an X-rated video scrapbook for him. “Everybody’s boning somebody but me?” asks Fiona, to which Liam responds, “Does a hickey count?” This doesn’t make her feel any better, and she adds that they better all be using protection since it’s already crowded enough.

Breakfast next door is being served with a side of dominance. After having mastered his dominant ways with V, Kev is prepping to take on Svetlana. “Dominance is in my DNA,” he proclaims. “It was hibernating inside of me, like a baby bear. But now, I’m woke, grown and grizzly.” He’s going to lay down the law by ordering Svetlana to wear a uniform and call him either “sir” or “Sir Ball.” His training worked well, as he easily takes back control of the bar from his feisty former throuple member. “Dominance,” declares Kevin. “Boom.”

Former NBA player and current ESPN broadcaster Jalen Rose often says, “Give the people what they want.” Well, apparently, what the people need is Ian Gallagher. His viral schooling of the gay conversion pastor has caught the attention of some local religious leaders, who support his message. “Why should we stop anybody from being exactly who God created us to be?,” Ian later says during a group session at the Youth Center. “We are living examples of God’s creation, Jesus’ love.” It’s clear that Ian feels good about the difference he’s making and it’s very clear that Trevor’s digging it too. They hook up in the office after Ian offers to be Trevor’s “motherf—ing defender.”

Carl may be headed back to military school, but Kassidi is trying to find ways to still see him and his “little soldier,” because she’s worried about the “military slut groupies.” They stop by the Alibi, where Carl seeks advice from Sir Ball, who suggests he make a romantic gesture (i.e., Kev once shaved his pubs into a V). Speaking of V, she chimes in to make sure Kassidi doesn’t get in the way of the progress Carl has made since enrolling in school. This causes Kassidi to storm out just as one of Svetlana’s former massage parlor girls strolls in. She’s gotten married to a rich man and has come to both reimburse and rub it in the face of Svetlana, who she says is now the “ugly bottom feeder.”

We go from the bar to the diner, so both we and Lip can get an update on Youens’ case (here’s the update: He’s still screwed). Lip’s meeting with his professor’s lawyer is interrupted by Charlie, who wants to thank him for not telling Sierra about how he knocked up another girl. Despite wanting to stay out of it, Lip can’t help but feel like he should tell her, so he seeks guidance from his big sister, comparing his situation to when Frank told Fiona about Sean’s drug use. She tells Lip that he shouldn’t say anything and then asks him if she should consider moving into her building’s empty apartment. “At least you know you won’t get evicted,” he cracks.

In desperate need of money, Debbie has started watching a dog named Toto, who seems to have a penchant for sniffing out drugs. This ability is immediately very handy considering Debbie has to come up with some quick cash to pay for her welding class. “I need this welding certificate so I can get a good job and make real money to make [Franny] proud of me,” she reveals to a school employee, “so I can stop feeling like I messed up my life by having her, because she makes my life better.” With her sex buddy Duran willing to move the product, Debbie takes Toto on the hunt for more drugs, and when he gives the signal, she uses her welding skills to break into cars and steal the product (at least she doesn’t have to worry about the owners calling the cops).

Frank and Rami are still on the run when they sneak into an unlocked cabin. (“It’s Canada, nobody locks their doors.”) After breaking free of the handcuffs that attached them, they notice a horse in the cabin and prepare to ride off on it when a little girl catches them. Frank’s verbal attempts to keep her quiet don’t work as she begins screaming, so he “accidentally” punches her in the face. “You’re so tiny,” he remarks as she lays on the ground. He and Rami then try to ride the horse, only to fall off, which leaves Rami injured. Because of that, they set up camp for the night, with Frank volunteering to take the first watch. How nice of him, right? Well, he did it so he could steal money from Rami’s wallet and head back to the U.S — although he didn’t go full “old Frank,” as he leaves one bill for his traveling partner. (Recap continues on next page)

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