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December 17, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST

Youens’ trial has begun, and right off the bat, it’s not looking good. The old lady whose house he crashed through like the Kool-Aid Man is testifying with a neck brace. “I’m going to jail…for the rest of my life,” Youens whispers to Lip. Brad’s up next and he doesn’t exactly help the cause, since he somehow manages not to lie or tell the truth.

When court returns from break, Lip takes the stand and does his best to help his mentor. “I wouldn’t be alive without him,” he says, sharing how Youens paid for him to go to rehab. “Please give him the chance that he gave to me.” Lip might have really made a difference in the judge and jury’s decision, but we’ll never know, because Youens is clearly drunk when he attempts to testify.

Rule No. 1 of a protest: Don’t leave. Ian must have skipped that chapter of the protest handbook, as he heads off for work. Fiona takes this opportunity to bribe the kids to leave too with pizza and cash, and when they do so, she brings in workers to clear the lot. Later, Ian and Trevor return to find everything and everyone gone. “I just want this to be over,” Fiona tells her brother. “I don’t care anymore, I just want to fix this.” She’s not all talk, considering she found another possible building for them and got Margo to agree to hook them up. Trevor’s interested; Ian’s not. “What the f— is wrong with you?” asks Fiona, suggesting he’s off his meds. That doesn’t sit well with Ian, who responds, “I’m just f—ing angry,” as he storms off.

Oh yeah, we should probably check in with Debbie. Well, she almost lost her job over her recent no-show due to the fact that she was in prison (that would have been a waste of her one phone call). She’s allowed to stay but has to work on her attitude, which proves difficult when she comes across the aptly named Dr. Dick. After a few run-ins, including the jerk breaking the gate, Debbie uses her newly acquired welding skills to weld his sports car to a dumpster. While she knows this will get her fired, Debbie thinks it was worth it — and I agree.

Back at the Ball sex dungeon, Kevin finally learns the trick to unleashing his dominating side is being pissed about what V does wrong around the house. “You never buy stamps,” he yells as they have sex.

Frank’s rude awakening at the current career landscape sends him to the Alibi, seeking solace in his old friend — alcohol. “The system is f—ed,” he rants before he’s interrupted by an Iraq native who’s being deported and unsuccessfully attempted to flee to Canada. This gives Frank the entrepreneur an idea, which only gets more profitable when other patrons offer money in exchange for bringing them medicines from across the border. Decked out in full Canadian gear, Frank heads off for his inaugural run.

Carl’s ransom video has been sent, so it’s time for the drop. Cassidy’s dad leaves the money at the train station in a briefcase, which was totally unnecessary as it’s only one stack of cash. He follows Carl, demanding to know where his daughter is. Carl’s refusal to answer doesn’t bother him since he says she’s always doing this. Upon his return home, Carl tries to let her go, but Cassidy wants to stay. “This is like Stockholm syndrome, but only for real,” the rich girl declares, adding that she’s sick of parties on Diddy’s yacht (same!). If Carl wasn’t already inclined to keep her in the basement, then he definitely is after she goes down on him.

Predictably, Youens’ court performance landed him in prison. Lip pays his professor a visit and wants to know how you even get booze at a courthouse. “I’m a drunk, Lip,” Youens responds. “Drunks can always get booze.” This enrages Lip, who screams, “You don’t think I wanted a drink? I want a f—ing drink so f—ing bad I’m worried my head might explode.” Youens says he never asked for help, prompting Lip to ask, “Do you care about anything?” His mentor responds, “I chose booze a long time ago. You don’t like what you see, don’t look.” Lip might be hit hard by this, but in positive news, Jeremy Allen White continues to kill this arc.

Fiona isn’t the only one worried about Ian. He returns home to find Trevor waiting for him with news that he signed the lease on the other building and that he’s worried Ian isn’t taking care of himself. Like with Fiona, Ian’s not very receptive to the opinion. He’s equally standoffish when Fiona comes into his room later to once again try to make amends. “I want things to be okay between us,” she shares. According to him, things are okay, but he does make mention of “larger concerns to consider.” The combination of that comment and his chilly demeanor surely leaves Fiona and viewers concerned about his current state.

The most shameless character of the week: He may be a solider in training, but that hasn’t stopped Carl from selling crack and holding drug addicts against their will. And now he’s officially added a fake kidnapping to his résumé.

What did you think? Is the beginning of the end of good Frank? Are you worried about Ian?

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