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Kevin deals with a health scare, while Lip faces his guilty conscience


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November 12, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST

It’s time for Kevin’s biopsy, and when he wakes up, he and V aren’t feeling great about his prognosis. In a sweet moment, they sing Boyz II Men together as they wait for the doctor to update them. Dear God and Shameless writers, you better not take this lovable dummy from us! And the results are…benign! Wait, someone tell Kevin that this is good news because he thinks he’s dying. Thankfully, V explains it to him.

No cancer and he has the Alibi back? Everything’s coming up Kevin. Now wearing a “F— Cancer” shirt, he celebrates by buying a round for the bar, which includes Debbie. Kind of crazy that she’s now the Gallagher who most often frequents the Alibi. With Derek’s mom watching Franny, Neal FaceTimes Debbie to ask for a sponge bath. Sorry Neal, she’s too busy getting hickeys and shampoo jobs from handsome beauty students. But Debbie’s nursing school friend, in need of a new patient, doesn’t have a problem volunteering to help Neal.

Another day, another difficult time getting rent from her tenants for Fiona. The old lady is making more fake dog noises; Crystal, the mom with a bunch of kids, makes a run for it; the druggies do pay up, but they put the check on their door with needles. Despite Nessa’s insistence that she should kick out Crystal, Fiona gives her another chance by asking for half of the rent now with a plan to pay the rest. Crystal agrees, giving her a check for one cent, addressed to a nasty man that I really shouldn’t print.

Just because Frank is on the straight and narrow doesn’t mean he can’t give mischievous advice, such as suggesting Lip “dangle a carrot” in front of Charlie. Lip does just that by ordering a “special pizza” for his romantic rival. What is a “special pizza?” Well, it’s a delicious-looking pie that happens to have a bag of cocaine resting on top of it. Upon delivery, Charlie looks rightfully nervous.

Carl has finally sold Ian’s meth, so what will he do with the money? A better hot tub? Pay his ex-boyfriend’s electricity bill? Nope, he’s getting a tattoo of Monica, who the tattoo artist thought was his girlfriend. “Bro, you should have told me that before I started working on those titties,” the artist says to Ian. Well, that’s not ideal. After everyone at home admires the fresh ink, Ian notices that Carl gave Monica’s jacket to a random girl for “a couple beers and a blowie.” Never change, Carl. He found it in their mom’s storage unit, which the brothers go to the next day. The trip down homeless memory lane is interrupted by Monica’s drug-dealing ex, who understandably wants his meth back. Speed must be in the Gallagher genes, because Ian and Carl are able to outrun him.

Speaking of meth, Debbie used her “inheritance” on welding equipment, and it’s already paying dividends when Debbie takes down Crystal’s steel door. “You f—ed with the wrong girl,” Fiona declares as she leaves an eviction notice. And the old lady had better watch out, because Fiona says she’s next, adding in some of her own barking noises for intimidation purposes.

Taking Brad’s advice, Lip is back at a meeting, but he’s shocked to also see Charlie there. Sierra’s ex, who doesn’t see Lip, tells the group about the cocaine, which he hasn’t yet done. Upon hearing this, Lip leaves, going to Charlie’s apartment, where he breaks in and dumps the drugs down the sink. Only one problem — he gets attacked by Charlie’s dog on the way back out the window. No good deed goes unpunished. Lip and his bloody leg limp into the diner to meet Brad. They’re soon joined by Charlie, who’s holding Lip’s fidget spinner. Busted. Actually, maybe not, since Charlie just thinks Lip heard the story and broke in to help him out. I smell a new bromance!

The most shameless character of the week: I know he dumped them, but Lip sent drugs to a recovering drug addict. That’s a step past shameless.

What did you think? When does Frank break bad? How excited are you that Shameless has been renewed for season 9?

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