Monica returns in time to help Debbie get Franny, and the thrupple goes to therapy
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Episode 803

Hurricane Monica returned to the South Side this week, much to everyone’s excitement. Plus, Fiona confronted a Yelper the way we all wish we could, Debbie got Franny back, and Svetlana did more shady stuff. Let’s dive into episode 9: “Ouraboros.”

In the first minute of this episode, we see Frank have essentially everyone’s reaction to Monica – “…Grrreattt.”

From the get-go Monica is on her, like, 500th apology tour, admitting again that she’s messed up with the rest of the Gallagher clan and wants to fix things. She goes from Gallagher to Gallagher trying to get them to care about her sudden return. No one really bites, except for Debbie, who is willing to accept Monica’s help in getting Franny back.

Debbie had been sleeping on Tanya’s lawn, next to a large sign that lets the neighborhood know kidnappers lived there. But she was otherwise helpless in getting Franny back and was waiting for their meeting with DCFS. When Debbie explains this to Monica, Monica storms over to Tanya’s with a bat, taking out windows, flowerpots, chairs, anything she can find outside of the house while yelling Debbie’s legal rights as a mother. Just then, Tanya returns from taking Franny for a walk, and Debbie and Monica manage to steal the stroller out of Tanya’s grasp and run off with Franny.

Grateful for this, Debbie offers for Monica to stay at her and Neil’s apartment. Monica spends the rest of the episode trying to get people to pay attention to her: Lip, Fiona, Ian, and especially Frank. Frank is actively avoiding/cursing her, while still obsessing about her to Etta.


Fiona has no chill

Fiona is excited about the grand re-re-opening of the Laundromat. She’s decided to keep the gigantic TV Etta ordered, and she bought some new washing machines on her credit card, too. She’s serving coffee and pie from Patsy’s to the customers and asking her employees to write positive Yelp reviews. At one point though, a Yelper named Jessie leaves a pretty naïve and nasty review, and this sits with Fiona for the rest of the day.

Fiona is also fighting off the urge to lose her s— about Monica. She insists she is staying calm and cool and will continue to ignore Monica, but Lip bets her $20 that Monica will eventually, as always, get under her skin.

NEXT: Down With Yelp

Fiona ends up taking out her anger at Monica on the Yelper, in one of the most epic takedowns Shameless has ever seen. A Patsy’s waitress’s let’s Fiona know that Jesse from Yelp was sitting at table 9, so Fiona leaves the Laundromat, sits down at the table with Jesse and her friend, and lets her have it:

“You know what, let me review Jesse for you, sir. Jesse is a condescending, entitled, privileged piece of hipster trash who thinks that she’s making the world a better place with her shitty opinions. But, really, she’s too much of a coward to bring her issues to the owner directly, so she’s got to tell the f–king Internet.”

Who would have guess that Fiona Gallagher would be the one to say what every business owner is probably thinking about Yelp? Later, Fiona hands Lip $20 and says she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Etta’s dementia continues to come in waves: sometimes she talks to and treats Frank like he’s her dead husband Wendell, other times she has no idea who Frank is or why he’s doing things for her. Frank is buying her food, managing her doctor’s visits, and generally keeping her happy, which he says is “a cheap price to pay for a warm bed, kind heart, and cable TV.” Frank? Is that even you?

Debbie gets her baby back

After Monica’s display of lunacy in smashing all of Tanya’s windows, she insists on attending the upcoming DCFS meeting, which will include Tanya, Derek’s mom, and Debbie. Derek’s mom is sticking with her story that Debbie “tricked” her son into getting Debbie pregnant, and she and Tanya attempt to defend themselves for literally kidnapping poor Franny.

Monica stumbles into the meeting like a bull in a china shop, and there’s a collective holding-of-the-breath just praying that Monica doesn’t do or say anything to screw this up any further. Thankfully she doesn’t and the DCFS rep decides that Debbie gets Franny.

Later, Debbie makes Sierra feel uncomfortable some more about still living in Neil’s house, and Debbie sweetly begs Fiona for a job at the Laundromat. She promises to do whatever Fiona asks, and it was kind of sweet to see these two actually help and support each other, for a minute.

Lip gets lit

After the results of the appeal case, Lip went back to the bottle, hard. He’s pouring liquor into his coffee at Patsy’s, waking up and taking swigs from the bottle, spending hours at the Alibi. Professor Yuens calls Lip to tell him he feels terrible about the whole debacle with the university appeals court, and for some reason wants to continue to help Lip as much as he can. He says he got Lip another interview at a paid internship, and that he needs to take the call at 6 a.m. Lip is again hesitant (god forbid his ego be any further bruised), but says he’ll think about it. Ultimately, he misses the phone call.

Later, Sierra stops ignoring Lip at work for a minute to tell him about the apartment she just put in a deposit for. When she starts moving her and Lucas’ things in, Lip is already there trying to fix her pipes/make things right between them and get back in her good graces. However, Sierra can smell the alcohol on him. She tells him to back off, and that she doesn’t want to be his fixer. She insists he gets out and gets help.

NEXT: What everyone else was up to

Kev is still crashing in the Gallagher household, when he has the idea to go on a talk show to work through the issues with V and Svetlana. Since his plans of being on Steve Harvey or Maury won’t come to fruition fast enough, he convinces V (and V convinces Svetlana) to go to couples counseling. Kev is clear about all of this fears and insecurities he’s having in their “thrupple,” and V and Svetlana do the same. Svetlana claims she doesn’t show love the way V and Kev do, but that she shows love by “doing.”

After their session, Kev feels like a million bucks, while V and Svetlana feel exhausted. Kev is gracious they agreed to do it. Then the Alibi’s liquor distributor comes in with a new type of tequila Kev and V weren’t familiar with. It turns out that Svetlana hired a new distributor, changed their orders, and somehow now owns The Alibi. Kev, V, and the entire Shameless audience stare at her in confusion. So much for trust, huh?

Finally we have Ian. Ian is hesitant to be too responsive to Monica, or to let Trevor meet her, but he invites her out with them anyway. Trevor and Ian can’t get into their chosen bar, so Ian suggests another, but Trevor won’t go to a bar where he has to show his ID. They argue over this, just in time for Monica to show up and insert herself into the drama. Ian keeps harassing Trevor over not wanting to show his ID, which Trevor eventually admits is due to the fact that his ID is old and has a photo of him before his transition.

Ian is embarrassed and takes his anger out on Monica. Then Trevor and Monica beg Ian to stay, but he leaves. Later, Trevor and Ian both apologize, and Trevor admits he would be happy to never spend more time with Monica. They laugh and make up.

BUT THEN, THE SEASON’S BIGGEST BOMBSHELL HITS. Fiona and Lip are outside of the Gallagher house when a detective approaches, looking for Ian. Ian comes outside, confused as to why a detective would be looking for him. The detective asks Ian if he knows Mickey Milkovich because he recently escaped from prison!

Could this be our return to Gallavich? What will this mean for Trevor? How does Svetlana now own the Alibi? And when will Etta’s dementia really cause everything to go up in smoke? (We all know it’s coming). Let us know what you thought about episode 9 in the comments!

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Back off b—, before I knock those cheap extensions right off your head.” —Monica to Tanya
  • “Go make the rich kids feel bad.” —Frank sending Liam to school
  • “It’s like the only time you see this kind of thing is on Maury… Should we do that?” —Kev on his relationship situation
  • “F–king, Monica.” —Ian, to Fiona and Lip, who were just saying the same thing
  • “Monica takes up a lot of room. Emotionally.” —Debbie, trying to get Sierra out of the house.
  • “I was up all night Googling ‘thrupples.’ Very exciting.” – Kev, V, and Svetlana’s therapist
  • “That line about the clueless South Side chick, that was hilarious!” —Fiona, to her angry Yelper, Jesse

    “..Who are you?” —Jesse

    “The clueless South Side chick, hi.” —Fiona

  • “I grew up in Jersey so. That’s a whole can of Aquanet.” —Trevor, showing Ian his ID

Episode grade: B+

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