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November 07, 2016 at 04:05 PM EST

Frank Gets What’s Coming to Him

Frank is instructing all of his homeless brethren minions on how to be better beggars. When they go out to work the corners, he accepts new gifts (e.g. furniture) from local churches and organizations, and then resells them for money he mostly pockets. Frank has a nice stash of cash in his bedroom at the “homeless shelter” — as well as his own grill, steaks and food in a personal mini-fridge, and a closet full of drugs and alcohol, all to himself.

New Lip starts to ask where the money goes when they’re out working the streets, and Frank puts on a big show getting angry about being questioned. However, New Lip later overhears Debbie say Frank’s ripping everyone off and tells the others. When Frank returns to the shelter, the rest of his “family” have invaded his room and angrily throw him out a window.

Debbie’s Dinner

Debbie plans a dinner at Neil and Sierra’s house, where she’s been living. She doesn’t invite Fiona, but asks for Carl, Ian, and Lip to come. She planned to take this time to announce her and Neil’s engagement, but Sierra makes a comment about her and Lip disapproving of their relationship before Debbie has a chance.

Debbie goes on to defend herself, saying she and Neil have a really good situation and she’s more than happy to be Neil’s caretaker indefinitely. They seem to have struck up a nice partnership and she seems to really care for him — trying to help him be a bit more appropriate in social settings, making him dinners, getting him dressed. He also likes Franny/Harry and helps Debbie with her.

Later, Debbie looks to Frank and Fiona to sign the papers allowing her (as a minor) to get married. Frank refuses, but shockingly, Fiona obliges.

The Truth About Yvon

Svetlana’s motives become increasingly questionable by the week, and tonight was no different. Kev thought he saw Svetlana and her father, Yvon, having sex when Svetlana claimed she was going to the bank. After some further questioning and investigating, Svetlana admits to both Kevin and V that Yvon is not her father. He’s actually her husband from Russia. The plot thickens!

What Everyone Else Is Up To

Carl got a scholarship to military school, but is getting cold feet. He’s nervous about hazing, and later thought he had a chance to get back together with Dom when she kissed him out of the blue. Dom’s dad stayed on him about still going to school, though, and went as far as to take Carl to Dom’s new boyfriend’s house (dang, this girl is a real player!). After receiving some encouragement from Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, and Dom’s dad, Carl ultimately decides to attend the school. I’ll sure miss Carl and Dom’s dad’s scenes together, and I hope he’ll be back.

Ian is still struggling with his feelings for Trevor and can’t quite figure out how to act around him. After a hard day at work where a woman died in front of him, Ian felt like the only person he wanted to tell was Trevor, so he went to his apartment. They start to make out but realize they’re both “tops,” so sex wasn’t going to work. They laugh, but will this be the last we see of Trevor?

Were you surprised by Debbie’s engagement? Are you tired of Fiona and Lip’s bickering too? Weigh in in the comments! 

Honorable Mentions

  • The scene featuring Fiona, Ian and Lip enjoying her A/C unit, hanging out, and talking about the latest in their lives and sexcapades. It’s always fun to see them getting along like friends, and these actors have very real chemistry.
  • “You know she’s got gonorrhea, right?” —Carl to Dom’s new boyfriend
  • Just about everything Neil said this episode, including telling Fiona “You have a good ass, it makes up for your small tits!”
  • “Why you babble like someone who has stroke? Make sense, please.” —Svetlana to Kevin, when he approaches her about what he saw
  • “It was like…getting waterboarded, but in a fantastic way.” —Lip
  • “I singlehandedly solved the homeless problem in this country!” —Frank
  • “I want to grow up to be a man. I definitely can’t learn that from you.” —Carl to Frank
  • “Gallaghers are a lot of things, but no one says we back down from a challenge.” —Fiona

Episode grade: B-

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