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Everyone finds themselves on the brink of new money-making ventures

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October 31, 2016 at 04:09 AM EDT

Lip is ready to hack. While on another walk-and-talk with his boss, Lip is told what items to order for the new office space. He explains to Lip that yes, the company gets shut down every once in a while, but they budget for it; while the Feds can continue to go after them, there’s nothing illegal about fantasy sports and swiping credit cards.

This gets Lip’s gears turning. While he’s spending time setting up new user accounts in the company system, he sees just how easy it would be to hack into it and create a flow of cash to his own bank account. Lip gets in touch with his friend from college, Joaquin, to help him in this venture, and the two get to work.

Ian struggles with his feelings. Ian goes out with Trevor to another club, where they end up kissing. Trevor calls him out on it the next day and Ian plays coy, saying Trevor came on to him. Trevor says he understands if Ian doesn’t want to admit he likes a trans dude, and he can handle it if Ian just wants to be friends.

Later, Ian admits to Kev he feels really confused about things with Trevor. He finds Trevor attractive, but when it comes down to it, he doesn’t know if he can “suck a silicone c-ck.” So much is at play here for Ian. It’s an interesting story line to see him be so unaware of other types of sexuality and struggle with what he believes he’s ultimately attracted to.

Kev, V, and Svetlana talk adoption. While Svetlana was balancing The Alibi’s books, the conversation of adopting each other’s children comes up. This would give them a tax break (since Svetlana and V are married, and each have their own children) and they decide to apply. Kevin isn’t quite on board, though — he continues to feel like a third wheel to Svetlana and V’s marriage, regardless of where he falls sexually. Plus, adopting each other’s children would legally solidify them as a family, but not really for Kev (since he’s not legally married to V).

During this whole process, they apparently just found out they need to get their children vaccinated.

Carl doesn’t get in to military school. Despite Dom’s dad’s glowing recommendation, there was no room for Carl in the current military-school class. He tells Dom’s dad about this, and complains the remaining spots were reserved for “people of color.” Dom’s dad doesn’t want to hear Carl’s complaints about being white, but then offers to take him to a DNA testing facility to see if he has any black, Asian or Native American heritage that might qualify him for one of the “diversity” spots. It turns out Carl is 30-percent Native American, and he reapplies for one of the remaining spots.

What did you think about the many money-making ventures everyone got into this episode? How about Fiona’s latest antics with Ian, Lip, and V? Talk to me in the comments!

Honorable Mentions

  • “I guess you’re gonna have to date another sh-thead con artist to replace it for us.” —Lip, on how the Gallaghers should go about getting a new washing machine
  • “Oh, Flintstones livin’ up in here?” —Carl
  • “WE got tax returns?” —Kev
  • “Stick a sign with you and a baby in your arms, and just watch the middle-class pity roll in.” —Frank, encouraging Debbie to beg for money on the street
  • “Join the club. Nobody making a paycheck is getting paid what they’re worth.” —Chad, on Fiona’s complaints about her paycheck
  • “It’s so weird how we have to keep explaining our situation to people. It’s like they’ve never heard of a mé·nage à three.” —Kevin
  • “People of color, son. Don’t call them ‘colored people.’” —Dom’s dad
  • “I’ve been dealing with toddlers all day, talking about ABCs. Telling ‘em what sound a cow makes. It’s moo, motherf-cker. Its moo.” —Kev, further solidifying himself as my favorite character of season 7

Episode grade: B

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