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Fiona is fierce; Ian is single; Frank does something stupid again

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October 10, 2016 at 06:35 PM EDT

Shameless’ second episode was all about a very fierce Fiona and some serious brotherly bonding. Plus, Kevin realized some of the consequences of having two wives. Let’s recap “Swipe, F—, Leave.”

Fiona picks up where the last episode left off – trying to get into her bedroom, which Frank has nailed shut from the inside. When she eventually breaks it down, she starts collecting his things in trashbags, while promising to V that she “won’t let Frank get to her.” Frank has climbed out of a window at this point and made his way to the kitchen, where he’s vowing to “disinherit” all of his children save Liam and “take back the Gallagher name.” Fiona gives him his bags and swears to have the doors padlocked, then gets on her oddly merry way to work.

At Patsy’s, Fiona’s employees continue to change their shifts at will, often leaving her screwed. She’s getting increasingly frustrated with her manager position, and the responsibilities (and lack of extra pay) it entails. So she heads to the “Chad’s” office, the owner of Patsy’s Pies. She informs them that she wants to quit her job as manager and take a waitress position again, which she finds to be less trouble and more lucrative.

The owner of Patsy’s realizes what Lip has already figured out: Patsy’s isn’t in great financial shape. They suggest just closing Patsy’s instead, since at this point it’s losing the company money, but Fiona insists she still needs the job. So they give Fiona the option of basically hiring a new staff — as long as she doesn’t cost them anything else and keeps the place afloat.

Fiona gladly takes this opportunity, and puts a “help wanted” sign in the window of Patsy’s, where she quickly hires three new (younger, more pleasant) waitresses and fires the waitresses who’ve been changing their shifts.

One of the new waitresses invites Fiona to go out after work, insisting that she bring Lip to the club with them. While there, Fiona is introduced to Tinder — where, as her new employee describes, she does not have to date or even talk to these guys. She’s able to simply “swipe, f—, and leave.”

Fiona immediately loves this newfound freedom and independence, especially in her refusal to confront her disaster of a wedding from last season.

Father of the Year once again

In his quest to “disinherit his children,” Frank takes Liam to help him find some demolition workers for a “home masonry project.” He hires three men whom he has build walls at the top of both staircases in the Gallagher house, rendering the second floor virtually inaccessible. He, Liam, and a woman they’ve picked up at The Alibi Room use a ladder to climb in and out of the window on the second floor while the rest of the Gallaghers sleep in various places in the living room. Lip and Ian have the brilliant idea of cutting off the water supply to the second floor. This leaves Frank without running water, resulting in him (excuse me while I puke as I write this) choosing to clean himself with dirty water from the toilet (I mean where do the writers come up with these things.)

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