Clary finds the Mortal Cup and a love story
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It’s time to celebrate, Shadowhunters fans. After seven episodes of piecing together the missing clues that will lead to the Mortal Cup, Clary finally found it! The artifact was actually in her hands. I saw it with my own two eyes. Of course, there were a few bumps along the way. Nothing is ever easy when you have a band of shapeshifting demons trying to thwart your every move. Let’s start from the beginning:

Clary figures out that the Mortal Cup is literally inside her mother’s tarot cards. She’ll have to summon her fancy artwork magic in order to retrieve it from the drawing. It’s a good thing Luke confiscated most of the sentimental stuff from the apartment right after Jocelyn was abducted. The tarot cards are in his desk drawer at work. Jace and Clary follow him to the police station, but he insists on going in alone. Too many of Valentine’s men secretly work in law enforcement, and Clary’s bright red hair is not easily ignored.

Unfortunately, Luke wasn’t expecting Capt. Vargas to waltz up with a man from Internal Affairs instructing Luke to give up his badge and gun. He is now the prime suspect in two very suspicious murders. Just as Clary begins to worry that Luke is taking too long, Jace notices him through the walls of the glass building. He’s being escorted to an interrogation room. Jace reads the IA dude’s badge from across the parking lot. Need to see from far away? There’s a rune for that.

Clary and Jace glamour themselves to be invisible and sneak into the room just as the IA guy is leaving to get a cup of coffee. Luke pretends not to notice as Jace unplugs the camera. Luke fills them in on his unfortunate predicament. He tells Clary to run and grab the tarot cards and leave the murder investigation to him. Luke warns them both to not draw attention to themselves. Get in, get out, get back to the Institute.

Clary receives this advice as, “Slap Jace in the face and scream at him for cheating in front of Luke’s colleagues.” Everyone, including Capt. Vargas, gathers around to question why the fiery redhead is arguing with the dude in leather. Clary marches over to Luke’s desk to presumably borrow a key to his apartment. When she discovers an empty drawer, she asks the Captain why Luke’s stuff is gone. Internal Affairs boxed it up and took it to the evidence vault. Clary bonds with Capt. Vargas about the allure of bad boys as Jace is hauled out of the station.

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Across town, Simon realizes that he’s slowly going crazy. Or he’s turning into a vampire. Which is worse? Waking up in post-coital bliss with Maureen is certainly a great way to start your day, but things quickly go downhill when Maureen’s face turns into Clary’s face and he calls accidentally calls her Clary. AWKWARD. It was all very Ross and Rachel. Simon hops up from the bed, claiming he forgot something back at home. Maureen retorts, “My name?” as Simon retreats to his favorite coffee truck. When his java turns into blood, Simon is sure something isn’t quite right. I guess the double-garlic bagel didn’t trip any red flags for him? He calls Clary to vent.

Naturally Jace takes Clary’s phone and hangs up on him. Simon’s troubles are inconsequential when the Mortal Cup is in the police station and demons could figure this out at any moment. Reinforcements arrive in the form of an overtired Alec (someone slept at Magnus’ house last night) and a new and improved Izzy in a power suit. Poor Izzy packed away all of her sparkly, low-cut clothes with a picture of Meliorn into a trunk and shoved it under her bed. She’s all business now. She will no longer use her boobs to get what she wants. But she has no trouble forcing her brother to use his dazzling smile to swipe a security badge. Izzy heads to the electrical closet. One rune later, the police station experiences a power outage.

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Meanwhile, Luke and the Internal Affairs guy continue to go round after round. Luke is able to talk himself out of a murder but is instructed to stay in town. He walks into Capt. Vargas’ office to fill her in on the details. That’s when he finds her dead in a closet with a slit throat. Luke’s werewolf sidekick, Alaric, determines that her body is full of demon blood. The police station has definitely been compromised.

Through all of the power-outage commotion, Clary and Jace have managed to glamour their way into the evidence room. It would be great if they could see in the dark. Oh, right. There’s a rune for that, too. Jace burns one into Clary’s skin in the most seductive way possible. Then Clary finds Luke’s box in 30 seconds because this show is only an hour and we have to find the stupid cup before the episode ends. She finds the tarot card and is frustrated when she can’t magically reach into the drawing to retrieve the cup.

Clary and Jace rush outside to make their way back to the Institute. Clary runs into a little old lady who turns out to be a demon. Seraph blade to the chest! Take that, Grandma! The band of shadowhunters soon find themselves surrounded by demon cops. They take off to the underground tunnels. That’s exactly where I would have gone. Except not. Alec offers to stay at the entrance to hold off anyone or anything that might be following. But Izzy’s necklace begins pulsating. There are demons in the tunnel, too. They decide to spit up, which is NEVER a good idea. Jace begs Clary to run as far as she can.

Obviously she runs straight into a dead end hallway with demons chasing her. She reaches into the drawing and pulls out the Mortal Cup to use as a weapon. Simply waving it in front of them makes all the demons retreat. Hooray for convenience! She makes her way back to Jace as I scream for her to put the stupid cup back in the tarot card. Jace rushes up to make sure she’s not hurt and suggests that she give him the cup so he can keep it safe. Seraph blade to the chest! Whoa. Clary crosses her fingers, hoping that it’s actually a shapeshifter. It is! Take that leather-clad demon!

Clary’s not the only one who is seeing things. Simon’s hallucinations are in full force. So is his strength. Not only does he see Camille in his mirror, but he breaks his desk in half when his mom and sister accuse him of tripping out on drugs. Oh he’s trippin’ alright. Simon trips right on out the window and heads to the Hotel Dumort. His mission? He wants to talk to Raphael. Instead, he gets Camille. She assures him that he’s not turning into a vampire. He’s still human. Well, he was still human before Camille attacked him. Again. Poor Simon.

Back at the Institute, Jace barks orders to anyone who will listen. Clary’s life is in danger! She must be found! To his surprise, she swoops in with Alec. She explains how she got held up by a shapeshifter who looked just like him. As he praises her for kicking major butt, she interrupts with a passionate kiss right there in front of Alec, Izzy, and a dozen random shadowhunters. Their first kiss!

Not only did we get the Mortal Cup, but we got the love story too. Now they need a couple name. What do you think? Clace? Jary? We’ll definitely need to workshop these suggestions. Hit the comments section with your thoughts, and be sure to check out our behind-the-scenes look at that big kiss!

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