Tighten up, Lightwoods. Mommy Dearest is home...and she's not happy
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Let’s start this recap off with a spoiler: Everyone still wants the Mortal Cup, and no one knows where it is hidden. I’m starting to understand why Alec constantly broods. I’d be tired of the wild goose chase, too. I fully support his decision to lock away Clary’s oddball necklace. You know, the one that Valentine spoke through? Other than confirming that Clary’s mom is still alive, floating around unconscious in a magical bubble, nothing good can come from that piece of gumball machine jewelry. Lock it up, and throw away the key.

Clary confides in Izzy that she will do anything to save her mom. Jocelyn Fairchild is both mother and friend and Clary is willing to sacrifice everything to get her back. As if on cue, the anti-Jocelyn bursts through a portal in the form of Maryse Lightwood (Nicola Correia-Damude). She scoffs at Izzy’s hoochie outfit, rambles on about a “situation” that needs to be handled, and demands to see Golden Boy Jace. Look alive, children. Mommy’s home!

Maryse finds Jace training. She looks like a proud adopted mother. She wraps him in a warm embrace, just as Izzy explains to Clary that showdowhunters don’t hug. Awkward. Alec receives a lukewarm welcome, and it’s on to business. The seelies have mysteriously stopped communicating with the Clave. I understand that this sentence may sound like gibberish to some of you. Allow me to translate: The fairies and other branches of their folk are no longer checking in with the magical justice system. Mama Maryse needs to know why…

Izzy volunteers to drop in on her friend Meliorn. Maryse understands her daughter’s methods of “dropping in” on people and insists that Jace escort her. The Clave is counting on the Lightwoods, and she will not be disappointed. Jace asks Alec to keep an eye on Clary. When Alec shifts uncomfortably, Jace demands to know why he’s being such a weirdo. Alec mumbles something about seeing Jace’s face during the demon attack at Magnus’. Jace calmly explains that it’s no big deal — he loves Alec just like Alec loves him. For a hot second, Alec considers the font he would use on his-and-his towels, but Jace bursts that bubble by adding, “We’re parabatai. We’re like brothers. How can we not love each other?”

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Alec blows off some steam by helping Clary train. Clary wants to go investigate the loft to see if her mom left this mysterious box behind. It could have some clues to help locate Valentine or the elusive Mortal Cup. Alec starts on a monologue about the importance of rules before taking a phone call. Hello Magnus Bane! Apparently the warlock has the hots for the shadowhunter and wants to meet for a drink. Alec never smiles but does accept the offer. Then he turns around to find an empty room. Clary is gone.

Luckily he finds her just as she takes a call from Simon. She explains her plan, and Simon insists on coming to help. Clary ends the call and wonders aloud why Alec looks so miserable all the time. THANK YOU! Then she backpedals, conceding that she, too, would look miserable if she was in love with Jace who is not only straight, but practically his brother. BOOM! I did not see that coming! Alec responds with the ever-popular, “No, you’re in love with Jace.” It’s Clary’s turn to blush. I think they both would check the “yes” box if given the opportunity to be Jace’s boyfriend.

As Valentine is busy creating new Circle members, Jace and Izzy learn from Meliorn that the Fair Folk are in mourning the loss of several fallen fairies. Valentine killed them for their blood. Jace encourages Meliorn to remain faithful to the Accord (read: peace document). When the time comes, the seelies will want to be on the winning side with the shadowhunters.

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Across town, Clary hugs Simon in a back alley that is the shortcut to her mom’s loft. Clary thinks that Simon looks like a hot mess. He blames it on the flu then hops a brick wall like he’s a parkour aficionado. No one seems to think this is odd behavior. The trio reach the back fire escape, and for the first time, Clary is able to see the protective runes that cover the walls. Fun fact: Simon can see them, too. Alec thinks this is strange yet says nothing about it. Clary tries to open the locked door with brutal strength instead of using a fancy unlocking rune. It’s a good thing Simon is there to jerk it open. Again, THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF NORMAL.

If you remember, Jocelyn torched the place to cover up any evidence of Clary’s existence. It’s Simon who finds the fake floorboard where the mysterious box with the initials J.C. is hidden. Clary opens the box, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. That’s when Alec hears a noise. He commands Simon and Clary to stay where they are while he plays Robin Hood outside. Naturally the two best friends are kidnapped.

As suspected, Jace is livid. Even the parabatai tracking isn’t working. How will he ever find Clary? I don’t know about you, but I would have never guessed that a seedy Chinese food restaurant was a front for a werewolf hangout. I assume they chose the place for its inexpensive signature cocktails, sweet-and-sour chicken, and convenient location near the docks. Whatever the case, Clary is highly irritated that Luke’s partner, Alaric, is behind this bizarre behavior. Her frustration grows when he asks her for the Mortal Cup. Same song, second verse.

Tensions rise when the alpha wolf (in human form) threatens to kill Simon if Clary doesn’t tell him where the cup is located. She lies and tells him it’s back at the loft. While he sends some underlings to get it, Simon breaks free from his handcuffs (sure he does), rifles through a few lockers, and calls Clary’s phone. Jace answers, and Simon is able to piece enough information together to lead them to the rescue.

Simon also sets off the fire alarm, forcing the wolves to evacuate. The alpha shoves Clary in a shipping container. She uses her witchlight to draw a rune on the wall. Just as the lock melts away, Luke breaks open the door. Clary is not having it. She’s no damsel in distress and she certainly doesn’t want to be saved by a traitor like Luke. He hauls her over his shoulder, and Jace arrives just in time to sweep the leg Karate Kid style.

Izzy saves Simon from his cell, and they run to join the others. The gang’s all together again! It’s too bad they are surrounded by very angry werewolves. Just as the alpha attacks, another werewolf jumps into the scene. The two wolves scuffle back and forth. When the alpha dies, the other one rises as the new leader of the pack. Say hello to Alpha Luke! And his rocking body!

Clary begs Jace to help Luke. His wounds are significant, and there’s only one way to save him. He has to see a warlock. As luck would have it, they know one with cat eyes, a fabulous wardrobe, and a love for adventure. Can we assume that the price for healing one werewolf is a date with a certain bow-and-arrow-wielding shadowhunter? My bet is yes.

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