Clary finally finds her mom and discovers some interesting news
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I appreciate how the Shadowhunters writers get right to business at the beginning of an episode. They have a habit of ending each show with a juicy cliffhanger, so it’s nice to jump right back in where we left off the week before. Remember how Clary and Jace found his dad in a metal locker at Valentine’s old hideout? Meliorn said, “I can help you find your father.” Knowing that seelies can’t lie, was that generally directed toward Jace? Or are we to believe Clary’s Spidey-sense that something is off with Mr. Michael Wayland?

Before we can celebrate with a grand reunion, Jace needs medical attention from that pesky demon’s tentacle jab to his neck. Michael and Clary drag him to Jade Wolf, where Luke suppresses his desire to play 20 questions with an alive and kicking former member of the Circle. Who cares about the dying shadowhunter in front of him? Where’s Jocelyn? Michael explains that Valentine would never hurt her. He’s still in love. She’s safe somewhere. They will find her.

While Jace tries to not die in his father’s arms, Clary and Simon attempt to secure a few blood bags from Raphael the only way that seems logical — blackmail. Simon reports to Raphael that he heard some vamps talking about how Camille used to have subjugates, which are the human version of cocktail hour. Wouldn’t the Clave like to know about these ghastly people who basically punch a straw directly into their necks like a Capri Sun for vampires? Surely she kept human blood on ice somewhere, right? Simon will keep his mouth shut in exchange for a few bags. Raphael rolls his eyes, punches a code into a keypad, and sighs as a painting rises to reveal a refrigerator full of O-Negative.

The transfusion is a success. While Jace rests, Michael reminisces about how Clary reminds him of Jocelyn. She’s fearless, loving, and stubborn. Instead of defending herself, Clary settles into the truth of that statement. Michael knew Jocelyn was pregnant with Clary and never told Valentine no matter how much he tormented him. This puzzles Clary. Valentine thought her mother was dead. Why would he be asking about her? Michael changes the subject, suggesting Clary go check on Jace.

I’m so glad that Clary didn’t let it go. She tells Jace that something is definitely not right with his father. He’s been a loving, supportive man for the last hour. How can this be the same dude who broke the neck of his kid’s falcon? Jace defends Michael. How else was he supposed to learn to not let emotions get in the way of his training? Besides, finding Michael will definitely lead to Valentine, which will lead to Jocelyn. Clary smiles and asks Jace if he remembers anything from the other dimension. He doesn’t. She wonders out loud if what she felt over there for him was real. They had a good thing going in fantasy land! Jace responds with a very real, very aggressive kiss. Hey now.

Once Jace gains some strength, he joins the others just as Clary asks a very rational question: Why would Valentine tell a prisoner what he’s planning on doing? Michael has an answer. Valentine injected him with downworlder blood as an experiment. Little by little, he developed enhanced hearing and vision. He learned that Valentine was moving his base of operation closer to the Institute in an old smallpox hospital called Renwick’s. Jace bolts up and vows to scout the location. Clary gives him a look. He needs rest. She will scout with Luke. End of story.

Jace isn’t the only one who has been benched. Izzy is on trial for treason, and there’s nothing Alec can do to stop it. In fact, the high inquisitor with major cleavage just arrived with a silent brother in tow. The trial begins this evening! Alec rushes over to Magnus Bane. Shadowhunters do that a lot on this show. Alec wants Magnus to be Izzy’s defense attorney. This warlock is 300 years old. Surely he secured a law degree in the last few centuries, right? Magnus agrees to do it. His price? He wants Alec pro bono. Pitiful innuendo aside, Alec refuses and trades his bow and quiver for Magnus’ services. We have an accord.

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Mangus’ defense lasts 20 seconds. He basically admits that Izzy is guilty of helping someone. What the Clave really wants is the Mortal Cup, and Izzy is the scapegoat. He thinks the case should be dismissed. Lydia counters Izzy with vague questions. Madame Inquisitor is irritated that the Lightwoods don’t care that Valentine is out there and could use the Mortal Cup to raise crop of rogue shadowhunters. Izzy defends herself. Shadowhunters are part angel, but they are part mundane too. There is a compassionate side. They can’t turn on each other. That’s what Valentine wants.

Magnus calls Lydia to the stand. She parrots back, “The law is hard, but it’s the law,” as the high inquisitor smiles. Then Lydia adds, “But that doesn’t make it right.” She praises Izzy’s compassion and her love for Alec. She even commends Magnus on a job well done. She thinks that the case is nonsense and withdraws all charges. Hooray! The celebrations are cut short when the inquisitor announces that Izzy is guilty. She also admits that the Clave does want the Mortal Cup and that she will trade Izzy’s freedom for it. If not, Izzy will be stripped of her runes and exiled forever.

As Jace spars with his father, he explains that Clary has the Mortal Cup and their life has been nothing short of dangerous since they found it. It’s the reason his parabatai bond with Alec is weak. Daddy Wayland has a different idea. Jace is weak because of Clary. He thinks his son is too attached to the fiery redhead. But he can see that he loves her. He’ll concede. Now let’s go kill some demons!

When Luke and Clary scouted Renwick’s earlier, there were too many demons to count. Now there aren’t any outside. Michael claims this is Valentine’s plan. He knows Clary has the cup, and he knows that she’ll use it to control the demons so she can save her mother. Michael may have just emerged from a life in a locker, but he wasn’t born yesterday. As the guys are attacked by bad dudes, Clary scoots inside to face Big Bad Val with nothing but a seraph blade and a cup in a tarot card.

Luke stays behind to handle the baddies as Jace and Michael run in to help Clary. They find her staring at her mother’s listless body floating in that annoying green orb. Demons silhouette all of the windows, clawing their way inside. Jace begs Clary to use the cup before it’s too late. She magics it out of the card, holds it up, and shouts (in a British accent?), “Demons! I command you! Fight Valentine!”

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Nothing happens. Michael asks for the cup, and Clary gives it to him. He immediately cuts a rune in his forearm and morphs into Valentine. Of course. Valentine commands for the demons to attack his enemies!

Nothing happens. Snap! Clary glamoured a fake Mortal Cup! She presents the real one from her bag and commands the demons to leave. They do. Jace goes in for the kill, but Valentine panics. He wasn’t pretending to be Jace’s father. HE IS HIS FATHER.

Jace looks like he’s going to hurl. Probably because he can still taste Clary’s Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker on his tongue. He reminds Jace that he’s weak, invites him to join forces, and then jumps through a portal. Luke rushes in at that moment to maneuver Jocelyn out of Renwick’s. Jace and Clary stare at each other.

Back at the Institute, Clary gives Lydia the cup, and Izzy is free. Jace and Alec have it out. Then Jace falls into a insecurity spiral of sorts in front of his girlfriend/sister. He owns his weakness. He should have killed Valentine. Clary understands. He can’t kill his father. He gives her a weary look. Right back at you, kid. Ugh.

Luke fills Simon in on the fake Michael Wayland news. Simon grins when Luke mentions Jocelyn. He knows that the werewolf is still in love with her. Simon shares a few details about his lost love and how there’s nothing he can do about it because a blond, warrior stands in his way. Luke offers some interesting news: Jace and Clary are brother and sister.

Mazel tov to all the Climon shippers! P.S. Do we need a better name? Help me out if we do.

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