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The sensates are back, and they're on the hunt for Whispers.


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May 05, 2017 at 10:00 AM EDT

If there’s one disappointing thing about the season premiere of Sense8, it’s that it’s not particularly action packed. The plot just kind of meanders as we spend our time checking in on each character and getting a sense of what their life is like post-Iceland. That doesn’t make for a bad episode by any means, but it’s also not the peak version of the show.

With no real action, the episode has plenty of time for more meditative moments. For instance, Capheus has a lovely scene halfway through the episode, after his stirring speech about humanity has landed him a date with the reporter who was grilling him about Van Damme. Their intimate conversation sees Capheus taking the optimistic view of humanity versus Zakia’s more cynical view. She says she’s been hardened by what she’s seen in the world; Capheus believes that while social progress remains slow, it is still happening, and that it’s something to be grateful for.

Riley also shares a sweet moment with her father in Amsterdam. After it’s revealed that Whispers has been purposely misleading Will with fake clues as to his whereabouts, Riley sets out to get supplies from her father. That’s when we get yet another reveal: In turn, Riley and Will have been tricking Whispers. While Whispers is convinced he can hear the birds that tell him they’re still in Iceland, it turns out that it’s just an audio recording meant to throw him off their scent. In fact, Riley and Will are in Amsterdam, surviving on the food and medicine that Riley’s father brings in every now and again. I love watching Riley and her father interact, as they share a special bond that’s supportive and loving.

If there’s a more structured plot here, it’s the search for Whispers. Will knows he’s close, and the sensates get even closer when Nomi and Amanita visit the mother of the young girl who disappeared when Will was young, the one whose case his father took on. He’s always been able to see the young girl, Sarah; this meeting, years later, confirms that some of the BPO folks visited her. In fact, the sensates’ search for a “Dr. Matheson” leads them directly to Sarah. “Dr. Matheson” apparently tutored Sarah, as she was a gifted student. When Nomi and Amanita show the mother pictures though, it becomes clear something is very wrong. The man she identifies as “Dr. Matheson”? It’s Whispers.

That leads to the climactic, oh-so-satisfying final scene. The whole sensate team descends on Whispers, who is answering to his boss at BPO, a man named Croome. Whsipers is taken aback. He can’t believe they actually managed to track him down. He tries to hurry out of the office, but Will stops him. He gets right in his face and lays it all out: “We’re coming for you.” The hunt is on in season 2, and the stakes are already high.

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