Lito mourns his career while Wolfgang fights for his life.
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Sometimes I like to imagine Lana Wachowski and Miguel Ángel Silvestre enjoying a glass of red wine on the balcony after a long day of shooting in Mexico City. “I’ve got a good one for you,” Lana will smile, snapping for a production assistant to hand her tomorrow’s costumes. Miguel will cock his head as she pulls out any number of looks that no mortal man could pull off — a star-spangled Speedo, a backward mesh tank top, and, in this case, a pajama onesie that fits in all the right places — and they’ll laugh together and clink glasses, confident in the knowledge that Miguel is no mortal man, but a sex alien sent down to grace our screens in the most spectacular garb imaginable.

After two exciting episodes, “All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet” sees many of our cluster kind of hanging out in their evening wear, which — let’s be clear here — I have no problem with whatsoever. And while Lito, Sun, Kala and Capheus deal with their little dramas while wearing the most adorable little lingerie, it seems that the other sensates are stuck dealing with more confusing and convoluted villain subplots. I’ve watched the episode twice and still don’t really know what’s going on. But why be bothered with details when Max Riemelt is naked?

I was convinced that we’d have to deal with the showdown at Whispers’ mansion for most of the episode, but the final fight is delayed once again with the return of Jonas. Apparently, even though he took a bone saw to the head, he’s still at large. The mysterious chairman of BPO (we’re getting into Buffy Initiative territory here…be worried) seems to want Jonas alive as leverage against Whispers. While Dr. Milton may be the key to turning sensates into zombie assassins, he’s apparently a liability, and Jonas is BPO’s last fallback for stopping him. The entire cluster — like me — is confused, and rather than strike, they watch Milton and his family leave on a helicopter.

With that out of the way, we can return to the sweet stuff. Down in the Mexico City sex condo, Lito interrupts Dani and Hernando’s morning of frozen margaritas with a Jenna Maroney-level meltdown. He even pulls out a pint of ice cream — a sin for someone so vain. “How many gay action stars are there?” he asks, dejected. The other two pretty much roll their eyes. Finding no relief from his chosen family, he pays visits to his psychic relatives for attention.

When Lito hits up Sun, who is now crashing at a Love Motel, he receives a prickly reception Without his Instagram followers, he has nothing. But she’s got it far worse. “What do I have?” she asks. “My parents are dead, my only brother will kill me if I don’t kill him first. If anyone should be laying on the bed crying, it should be me.” But Lito doesn’t move. “Maybe that’s why I’m here, Sun,” he says, offering her a hand to cry with him. They each grab a cat pillow and cuddle, and we are reminded why this show rules.

Capheus receives a surprise in his sleep as well when the former Superpower Gang Boss shows up with a gun and wakes up his former nemesis. I know I’m supposed to be scared of this gun- and machete-wielding lunatic, but all I can focus on is Toby Onwumere in his little boxer shorts.

It seems that the newly political Capheus has been ruffling feathers, and with Shepard Fairey-style graffiti of the local hero with the word “courage” all over the streets, even the Boss Man of the mob has his eyes on Van Damme. But he leaves with a warning, and Capheus has to worry about what’s to come.

A nervous Kala starts paying unsolicited visits to her cluster buddies as well. As Will starts to crack open his heroin stash, she stops him to ask for advice about Rajan. Let’s just try to ignore the fact that a main character of this show may be addicted to heroin with no real repercussions and try to focus on Kala’s love triangle. She’s considering telling Rajan everything because she knows something’s up with him after he shows up at home with a bloody nose. But does she even care that much about Rajan’s dirty dealings? “Do you want to tell him because you’re in love with someone else?” Will asks, totally reading her. She doesn’t tell Rajan, who seems to be completely imploding. While wearing her own Robyn Fenty-inspired evening look, she catches him on a very shady phone call. But it doesn’t seem to bother her too much. She’d rather have a psychic cuddle session with Wolfgang on the roof.

Of course, Wolfgang has plenty of his own problems in Berlin. Felix has had it with his shady nightclub tenure, Fuchs knows that Lila plans to double-cross him, and Wolfy just wants to chill in a sauna. Can’t we just let Max Riemelt be naked and happy for once? But it seems that Lila’s offer of an alliance — whether it’s a trap or ultimatum — is too tempting for him to refuse, and he plans on ending it on his own.

But Wolfgang’s psychic siblings won’t let him walk in there without backup. Nomi, who is about to go to her sister’s rehearsal dinner, has to put a pin in her speech-giving anxiety and help the gang come up with a plan. But she’s taken out of the game when she trips on her heel and concusses herself. It’s likely that she’ll miss her sister’s big day, and play into her father’s reading that she’s a black hole of selfishness. For now, Amanita and Bug take the reins for the group’s hacker.

Neets facetimes with Riley and Diego in Chicago in an attempt to get eyes on Wolfgang’s meeting in the restaurant. I was delighted for Neets to see another of Nomi’s cluster in the flesh. She’s earned it. Poor Diego watches as Riley hacks into Interpol, and Bug sends a ping to all of Fuchs’ men in the restaurant. Now Wolfgang knows whom he’s up against.

While doing her usual psychic striptease with Wolfgang over white wine, Lila offers him one last chance to join her in taking over Berlin. It’s still unclear how Fuchs plays into the city’s underworld and what Lila would actually do if she were in charge, and after so much focus on the fringe dealings of BPO, I found myself struggling to remember Wolfgang’s subplot here. Anyway, it seems that Lila wants to make Berlin a sensate sanctuary city, and she’s willing to go full Magneto to assert authority over its sapiens residents. But Wolfgang doesn’t want to rule over anyone — he just wants to chill. “This is Berlin. These are my people. And we go to our knees for no one.”

Suddenly and with the stupefying spectacle of all those Mr. Smiths in the Matrix movies, we see two clusters rise, flexing and ready to go off. “Bring it, bitch,” Kala says, in one of the series’ most delicious lines, and throws Lila’s Neapolitan wine into the candle, causing a fire and a gunfight. But with Sun (also in fabulous underwear) and Will on Wolfgang’s side, he’s able to easily dispatch Lila’s men.

After a classic Wachowski gunfight, the two badasses face off hand to hand, and we watch as their respective clusters take every hit. But before Wolfgang can finally defeat Lila, the cops show up, and she pulls an Anne Hathaway in The Dark Knight Rises and plays the victim. Wolfgang’s on the run.

“All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet” may have been the season’s toughest episode to get through, but after São Paulo Pride and Sun’s glorious cemetery tête-á-teête with Hot Detective, it may be the cooldown we needed. Now that Wolfgang has had his mobster moment, we can hopefully return to the meatier material of the season. At least we got some good cuddling.

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