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The sensates reunite to celebrate their birthdays

December 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST


Everyone’s favorite fighter is in solitary confinement and continuously earning herself more time in there. Of course, being a sensate, at no point is she truly alone — as one of the others either pays her a visit or vice versa. This allows us to see different sides to the characters as they show off their commonalities and differences. The stoic Wolfgang offers to help her get air, while Capheus expresses his gratitude and makes her smile in return.

She eventually gets herself a new lawyer, Mr. Lee, who is convinced the law has failed and wants to do everything he can to help her. Only the court refuses to retry her without her father’s word to authenticate the documents, and because he’s been murdered, it seems like Sun will be in there for a while. So, poor Sun tells her lawyer to put the Lee in “leave” and go — but not before threatening her brother.

When her birthday arrives, one of her friends in prison bribes a guard to see her because she doesn’t want Sun to be alone on her big day. In a really sweet moment, she presents the former businesswoman and current badass with a drawing of her and her dog, which Sun puts up on the wall.

She later gets visited by a “lawyer” again, only it’s a bunch of guys in suits. Luckily, everyone is present to give her backup, though it doesn’t take a great detective (no offense, Will) to know these guys are clearly lying. Sun doesn’t fight them right away and instead draws upon the others’ skills — some (Lito’s ability to bluff) more useful than others (Riley calling for help). When that doesn’t work, she administers a Sun-patented beatdown and throws in some of Wolfgang’s down-and-dirty street-fighter tactics for good measure. It’s enough to make Capheus say, “Van Damn!” Unfortunately, that doesn’t answer the question of who sent these goons.

Another prison buddy eventually visits Sun, handing her a new uniform and telling her to stop making more trouble or else she’ll never get out. It seems she takes this advice to heart, as we see Sun returning to her old cell and embracing her prison family.

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Will and Riley

Riley is taking care of Will, but the former cop is having a very hard time. He’s not only developed a heroin addiction to cope with Whispers visiting him in his mind, but he’s also begun seeing Angelica, their sensate mother, in his dreams. She tells him she, too, developed a drug problem to avoid Whispers before eventually killing herself to escape.

Later, Will realizes he can visit Whispers back and sees him with his daughter. That’s where he runs into Jonas — who’s also visiting — and learns Whispers, himself a sensate, takes pills that act as blockers to keep his mind safe. His cluster is since dead, Jonas explains, but Whispers still talks to them in his sleep. He and Will then discuss BPO, the company hunting sensates (“They’re afraid of us”), and Jonas warns Will there are other hunters out there.

Will tells Jonas he’s been seeing Angelica and some kind of cabin, which the older sensate explains is one of her real memories — sensate births transfer “sense experience and memory.” Therefore, a bit of her “consciousness” exists in all of them. However, he also notes they weren’t her first cluster.

Some time later, when it’s their birthday, Riley brings Will to a cabin her friend owns — the same one supplying them with drugs — and they take a bath together.

Unfortunately, Whispers eventually finds and visits Will. When Will tries to hide where he is, the older man says he doesn’t care where Will is, but rather how he is. Will then taps into his own cop skills and deduces Whispers has a wife (wedding-band tan line) and was put on leave following the events in Iceland. That’s when Whispers threatens Will’s dad and mentions how Riley reminds him of Angelica. Back in the real world, Riley is administering some heroin to help Will escape. He passes out.

With a little help from Nomi, Will is able to contact his dad, who’s relieved to hear from him…since it’s THANKSGIVING. (At this point I, like Will, have also lost all sense of time.) It turns out government agents inquiring about Will have been saying stuff about him. I wonder if it’s Quantico-related. In any case, his dad gets upset and asks him to come home.

And he really should have gone. When it’s Christmas and he and Riley are ice-skating on a frozen pond, Whispers visits him and shares that he’s with Will’s dad, who appears to be drunk and prone to possibly making a mistake. Will’s father says he simply wants Will to return home, and that’s what he ends up hearing as he passes out, once more, in a heroin-induced haze.


Felix is still in the hospital, with Wolfgang visiting and talking to him regularly. He tells him he’s messed up something good. I assume he’s referring to how he wasn’t able to patch up his relationship with Kala at the end of last season, based on the fact they keep visiting each other but not saying anything.

This keeps happening, of course. Like on their shared birthday, Wolfgang sees Kala dancing with Rajan. Their eyes meet yet again, and this time, the look on their faces is enough to make me want to reach into the screen and force them to actually talk it out. But TV doesn’t work like that, so we must suffer through this some more. Wolfgang uses a dating app and hooks up with a girl, which Kala happens to walk in on.

However, Wolfie’s dealing with some non-heartbreak-related stuff as well. Aunt Elke and her consigliere, Fischer, pay him a visit and say that because his uncle and cousin paid for their crimes, she’s not going to put a hit out on him. She just needs him to take his uncle’s place to prevent a war between all the other territories, because there’s now a power vacuum. Wolfgang turns it down and leaves.

Back at the hospital, Felix wakes up. He and Wolfgang return to the store before going out to grab a drink. At the bar, a group of men buys Wolfgang a drink, presumably in relation to this incoming territory war. When both friends return to Wolfgang’s place, he sees the toothpick he left as a marker has fallen out, meaning someone is in his apartment. So, Wolfie does the obvious thing and summersaults in like a badass.

There, he’s greeted by Volker Bhom — one of the territory bosses — and his bodyguard. He offers Wolfgang money, power, and women, which results in this amazing exchange:

Volker: “You could own this city.”
Wolfgang: “If I was interested, it would already be mine.”

Later, when Wolfgang is silently drinking by himself, Kala shows up having never seen snow. They flirt a little and Kala points out there’s something good and beautiful inside him, just like she has something dark in her. He tells her they’re perfect for each other. (I agree vehemently.) Sadly, she thinks they’ve changed. (I take out my charts and graphs illustrating otherwise.) But Wolfgang asks, what if he doesn’t want to? They almost kiss but have a snowball fight instead, which is interrupted when Felix brings over some girls.

On New Year’s Eve, Felix and Wolfgang attend Volker’s party and run into Fischer, who warns them the war has already started. He tells Wolfgang to hide, but Wolfgang doesn’t believe him. A little while later, Fischer is shot by Volker’s men and Felix and Wolfgang are forced to hide. He tells his cousin to leave, but Felix refuses. They split up, with Wolfgang hiding behind some cars, but eventually he’s pinned.

That’s when Sun shows up and helps him kick some butt this time. Once he’s done, he looks up and sees the others have also arrived — including Kala, who looks concerned about Wolfgang’s current situation.

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