The sensates reunite to celebrate their birthdays

By Nivea Serrao
December 23, 2016 at 12:00 PM EST
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Can you believe it’s been more than a year since Sense8 last graced our collective screens?

Well, it would seem like the show can’t, either — it pulls a page from the Gilmore playbook and, in course of a two-hour Christmas special, tries its hardest to tell us “What’s Up” with our beloved sensates since we last saw them.

Of course, this being Sense8, it’s at once a whole lot of information and nothing at all. In other words, it’s perfectly Sense8-ional. So, let’s begin.

Lito and Hernando

Father Tomas Hernando is busy teaching his art history class when he discovers Joaquin (Dani’s ex) has kept his word: Images of him and Lito having sex are all over the Internet and easily available for his students to find. One pupil in particular, who somehow has access to the class projector from his phone, pulls up a photo and snarks, “Is this art, Mr. Fuentes?” before calling it porn.

Ever the consummate professional, Hernando turns this into a teaching moment. He points out viewers will always see what they want to see — if you consider this porn, you’re looking for this to be porn…which, in turn, says a lot about you. He ends the lecture declaring, “Art is love made public.” (And I drop the mic he’s not holding for him.)

Lito meets him after class and the two steel themselves to go back out into the world, an outed couple.

As it happens, all they feared has come true. When they arrive home, they can’t stand to get out of the car because of the paparazzi. Lito’s ensuing emotions are strong enough to cause the other “sensates” to pay him a visit (and to hear Nomi and Amanita call him a “drama queen”). It’s a sad moment as each sensate shares his emotion, with Nomi feeling guilty for potentially pushing him into this and Kala sharing in his anger that Lito’s not allowed to simply love who he wants to love.

Eventually, Dani — who has been hiding in the backseat this entire time — suggests he and Hernando come to her place. When Lito consults his agent, manager, and lawyer, they all say he should lie and go back into the closet. But Lito declares he’s tired of hiding who he is. To which his lawyer points out, “The audience is not legally entitled to the truth.” LOL.

When Lito and Hernando return to their place later, they find their passcode doesn’t work and the security guard won’t let them in. Lito tries to break down the front door, but when he fails, Wolfgang shows up and hotwires the keypad. Upon entering the apartment they find it cleared of everything, save for a letter stating the pair has been evicted for being “immoral.”

For Christmas, they decide to go visit Lito’s mom, whom he still hasn’t talked to about recent events. He, Hernando, and Dani enter with trepidation. And while she launches into a monologue about how her “friends” aren’t there for her (showing where Lito got some of his acting chops), she quickly reveals she not only doesn’t care, but she’s known all along.

With that out of the way, they eat and get to know each other. Lito’s mother invites Hernando for New Year’s Eve, but Lito reveals that’s when Hernando’s parents were killed in an accident. This is followed by Dani’s tearful admission that this her best Christmas ever, and she didn’t even spend it with family. To this, Lito’s mother tells her she’s always welcome at her house.On New Year’s Eve, Lito and Hernando make their way to the cemetery to sweep Hernando’s parents’ graves and leave flowers, with Hernando declaring that being with Lito makes him feel as loved as when they were alive. Aww…

On New Year’s Eve, Lito and Hernando make their way to the cemetery to sweep Hernando’s parents’ graves and leave flowers, with Hernando declaring that being with Lito makes him feel as loved as when they were alive. Aww…

Murray Close

Nomi and Amanita

Nomi is in hiding and putting her tech skills to good use as she dodges an Agent Bendix, who is not only harassing Amanita at her bookstore job but also monitoring the couple’s texts to each other — he doesn’t believe they’re not in contact. However, it would seem his surveillance skills are not up to par. Nomi actually has cameras placed inside the store (giving her a perfect view of her girlfriend), along with a receiver inside Amanita’s ear so they’re in constant communication. It should feel a bit much, but it’s actually quite sweet given the circumstances.

In their spare time, they both read up on people who’ve displayed psychic abilities throughout history, pausing for a bit to discuss how hot Lito and Hernando are. A worried Nomi pays the other couple a brief visit to see how they’re doing and finds them safe and happy with Dani, doing each other’s nails and watching Legally Blonde.

However, she and Amanita aren’t safe for too long, as Bendix figures out they’re hiding at a women’s shelter and pays them a visit. Luckily, their friend sends them a signal allowing them to hide behind a chest of drawers. He searches the room and even threatens to pull the shelter’s funding, but their friend isn’t cowed and lies easily about their whereabouts. (Side note: If Bendix really wanted to find Nomi and suspected Amanita was meeting with her, wouldn’t he simply follow her for a day? It’s not like they’re being too careful.)

Nonetheless, Nomi and Amanita take it as a sign they should hide somewhere else; they don’t want the other women to lose their home. As a last-ditch effort, they go visit Nomi’s friend, Bug. While there, Nomi updates a visiting Sun about what her brother’s been saying in the news.

A little while later, Nomi and Amanita decide to keep their Christmas traditions, but with Bug this time. After attending a choir performance at which all the other sensates show up, the happy couple visits Amanita’s three dads, who invite them to stay.

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Will and Riley

Riley is taking care of Will, but the former cop is having a very hard time. He’s not only developed a heroin addiction to cope with Whispers visiting him in his mind, but he’s also begun seeing Angelica, their sensate mother, in his dreams. She tells him she, too, developed a drug problem to avoid Whispers before eventually killing herself to escape.

Later, Will realizes he can visit Whispers back and sees him with his daughter. That’s where he runs into Jonas — who’s also visiting — and learns Whispers, himself a sensate, takes pills that act as blockers to keep his mind safe. His cluster is since dead, Jonas explains, but Whispers still talks to them in his sleep. He and Will then discuss BPO, the company hunting sensates (“They’re afraid of us”), and Jonas warns Will there are other hunters out there.

Will tells Jonas he’s been seeing Angelica and some kind of cabin, which the older sensate explains is one of her real memories — sensate births transfer “sense experience and memory.” Therefore, a bit of her “consciousness” exists in all of them. However, he also notes they weren’t her first cluster.

Some time later, when it’s their birthday, Riley brings Will to a cabin her friend owns — the same one supplying them with drugs — and they take a bath together.

Unfortunately, Whispers eventually finds and visits Will. When Will tries to hide where he is, the older man says he doesn’t care where Will is, but rather how he is. Will then taps into his own cop skills and deduces Whispers has a wife (wedding-band tan line) and was put on leave following the events in Iceland. That’s when Whispers threatens Will’s dad and mentions how Riley reminds him of Angelica. Back in the real world, Riley is administering some heroin to help Will escape. He passes out.

With a little help from Nomi, Will is able to contact his dad, who’s relieved to hear from him…since it’s THANKSGIVING. (At this point I, like Will, have also lost all sense of time.) It turns out government agents inquiring about Will have been saying stuff about him. I wonder if it’s Quantico-related. In any case, his dad gets upset and asks him to come home.

And he really should have gone. When it’s Christmas and he and Riley are ice-skating on a frozen pond, Whispers visits him and shares that he’s with Will’s dad, who appears to be drunk and prone to possibly making a mistake. Will’s father says he simply wants Will to return home, and that’s what he ends up hearing as he passes out, once more, in a heroin-induced haze.


Sense8 is at its best when the sensates are actually interacting with each other and sharing not just obvious skills, but life advice, too. Like in the case of Kala and Sun, or even Nomi and Lito. And this time around, there was plenty of said sharing — especially an extended birthday-dance sequence that saw everyone participate in each other’s birthday celebrations. Though it didn’t result in a mass sing-along, it did underscore the fact they all took their first breath at the same time. (As the show loves reminding us.)

Of course, it wouldn’t be Sense8 if there weren’t an eight-person orgy. And even in a two-hour Christmas special, it managed to fit it in. Only this time, it seemed like every member of the group was definitely participating — though this also seemed to highlight the idea of “birthday sex,” which multiple characters and couples brought up in their own individual story lines.

Overall, it was nice to see our beloved sensates again and progress a bit in terms of the larger threat and the series’ mythology. Thankfully, we will be getting more answers when the show returns for a full second season in May.

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